High Quality Sticker Printing

High Quality sticker printing is among the most popular and trending types of printables businesses use for creative works and many other applications. Sticker printing has significantly evolved now that printing companies have introduced different types of stickers that are generally very attractive in appearance. You can get different shapes and sizes of stickers by choosing the right sticker printing company. If you plan to get a set of stickers for a specific purpose, you must first know the different sticker printing methods and types available.

Stickers may seem like something casual, but they are quite effective when it comes to marketing a specific brand, event, or product. These are the most attractive forms of advertising, and you should get them instantly if you plan to sell or create something. To learn more about sticker printing and the best printers in town, read further below!

High quality sticker printing NYC

Different Types of Quality Sticker Printing

There are different types of sticker printing available. This provides more variety in the types of stickers you can print for your business. Some types aren’t as popular as the rest, so you can select one as per your preferences. Mentioned below are the different types of sticker printing:

1.     Letterpress

Letterpress sticker printing is an old form of printing technique that many printing shops use even today. This method uses an inked elevated surface that you push onto any type of sticker material. Once you push, you will notice all the graphics and designs appear on your sticker. This method is best to make stickers in small quantities, especially designs that don’t require a broad color scheme.

2.     Offset

You could also opt for offset printing or your stickers, but this is a slightly outdated printing method. This printing style involves transferring ink onto the desired choice of paper from a rubber or platter cylinder. One of the best things about this printing method is that it offers a variety of color choices, so you don’t have to limit the number of colors you want to include on your stickers.

3.     Digitalized

One of the most popular and efficient printing methods is digitalized sticker printing.  This method provides high-quality stickers with better residual and appearance. In this method, the printing team doesn’t have to make discs for the ink to transfer onto the paper as it happens automatically. The ink directly appears on the paper instead of having to distribute it around the chosen sheet. Digital sticker printing may not be the best option to produce stickers in large quantities. Rather, it works well to print a smaller amount for small businesses or personal use.

4.     Flexographic

Flexography is a fast printing method and is often how large businesses produce larger quantities in a short time. This printing method involves using a master print to get graphics onto sticker paper. The platter then folds onto the printing paper, creating beautiful, vibrant stickers as a result. This method is quite common and is one of the best ways to achieve high-quality stickers.

5.     Screen Printing

Screen printing stickers involves the use of synthetic screens to print graphics on any type of sticker sheet. This process is very simple and familiar, but not the best to produce a large number of stickers. Screen printing involves a very repetitive process. The machine splashes ink through a screen and onto a surface. It does this for every color with a stencil. This process is quite lengthy and may take a lot of time to complete. If you want your stickers on an urgent basis, this method is probably the last one you should opt for.

Best quality sticker printing NYC

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Printing Company for High Quality Stickers

Suppose you need stickers for business purposes or to boost a new campaign that you have high hopes for. In that case, choosing a professional printing company for your stickers is a great choice. Besides receiving professional help, you get high-quality, attractive stickers. With the right design and impeccable quality, they can work wonders for your specific product launch or campaign.

Most printing companies cater to all types of stickers in different shapes and sizes. They also have some of the best designs to advise you, in case you need stickers on an urgent basis in high quantities. Printing companies will help you do that within no time.

High Quality Sticker Printing: Final Thoughts

These were the different sticker printing methods and what they have to offer you. Now that you’re aware of them, you should consider the best method for your sticker-printing requirements. You can do so by getting in touch with an experienced printing company.

If you’re in search of the most experienced sticker printers in NYC, contact Automation Graphics for high-quality stickers, friendly service, and top-notch printing advice and consultation.

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