Printing Expensive Vs. Affordable Wedding Invitations

What are the differences between printing expensive vs. affordable wedding invitations? Do you want to print affordable wedding invitations without compromising quality? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will find some wedding invitation options according to your budget. Printing type is the major factor that influences the price of the wedding invitation. Thus, you need to consider it when selecting the wedding invitation options. Here are some printing options based on costs:

Printing Expensive Vs Affordable Wedding Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations

Digital printing, white ink printing, and thermography are some budget-friendly printing options for wedding invitations:

1.     Digital Printing

Digital printing or flat printing is a cost-effective printing option. This option includes direct ink printing on the paper material. With this printing option, you can print anything on the material at a reasonable cost. Digital printing is popular as it allows you to print on any material. However, there are different machines for different materials. If you want a colorful wedding invitation, this would be the perfect option. This is a flexible printing technique that offers wide options.

2.     White Ink Printing

White ink printing is another budget-friendly option to print wedding invitations. But, you need a special white ink cartridge or tank to print these wedding invitation types. This option is more expensive than digital printing but cost-effective than other options such as letterpress or foil stamping. This is a rare printing option for wedding invitations. White ink printing will enhance darker colors and improve the aesthetics of your invitations and envelopes.

3.     Thermography

If you prefer texture wedding invitation, you can choose thermography. Thermography involves raised ink printing process that creates texture on the surface. So, when you run your fingers over you feel embossing. This printing option is similar to digital printing. But, you can feel the texture when you touch the print. That‘s the only difference between digital and thermography printing options.

Like digital printing, this printing type includes a wide range of colors and prints as well. If you love the textured feel of digital printing, you should go with this option. Since this printing option is a combination of two techniques, you will find it a bit expensive. But comparatively, thermography is more reasonable than expensive options such as foil stamping.

Expensive Wedding Invitations

Foil stamping and letterpress are two expensive wedding invitation options:

1.     Foil Stamping

Have you ever seen metallic elements on wedding invitations? If yes, then that’s probably the foil stamping option. Foil stamping is an expensive printing option that includes stationery items. You can choose from a wide range of colors for foil stamping. But, copper, rose gold, white, and gold are common options.

2.     Letterpress

Letterpress is a traditional method to print wedding invitations. In this process, the printing company uses a plate to print on the paper. This is an expensive printing technique. When you consider letterpress, the printing service will charge you for the plate as well.

A professional printing service will design and press the paper with it for printing. When the plate presses on the paper, it leaves ink. People choose super thick paper for letterpress. This is the most expensive printing technique for wedding invitations. If you want attractive invitations, this is an incredible option.

Printing Expensive vs Affordable Wedding Invitations NYC

Why Consider Professional Printing Services to Print Wedding Invitations?

When it comes to printing wedding invitations, you should always rely on professional printing services. An expert team with extensive years of experience will make your invitations more special. Since an experienced printing company is printing for extensive years, they can make exceptional wedding invitations that will make your wedding more special.

Furthermore, a professional team will reduce the cost of your wedding invitation prints. Because they have the right tools and equipment, you don’t have to purchase them yourself. For instance, if you want to print a wedding invitation all alone, you need to purchase the right printer, ink, as well as create the design. Even if you purchase these items, you won’t get accurate prints due to a lack of experience. Many professional printing services offer discounts that reduce wedding invitation costs, saving you a significant amount.

Printing Expensive Vs. Affordable Wedding Invitations: Conclusion

Do you want to design a special wedding invitation to make your wedding day memorable? If yes, then you should consult a professional printing company. A printing company will help you choose the right materials and prints according to your budget and preferences. They have years of experience in the field.

If you want to consult a printing service in New York, you can contact Automation Graphics. At Automation Graphics, we print high quality wedding invitations at a reasonable price. Besides the above options, we offer other reasonable options as well. If you want more information about wedding invitations, you can contact us at 646-205-3037.

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