All About Trifold Brochure Printing

Read on to learn about trifold brochure printing. All graphic designers know how hard it is to satisfy clients needing a great brochure design. Because they demand a unique brochure, meeting requirements can be challenging. This happens especially when they want more content but demand a smaller size and lower prices. You may wonder how you can manage all the requirements with a two-fold brochure or a single-sided flyer. Well, the simple solution to all these challenges is to offer trifold brochures. These brochures are stylish yet compact in size. Plus when you will offer samples of this brochure to your client, they will consider it for their projects. By providing trifold brochures to your customers, you help them avoid significant marketing expenses. Here’s why they’re important:

Why are Trifold Brochures Important?

Many clients prefer single-sided flyers, which, as you already know, have few options. But, how can you convince your customers? More importantly, you may have a hard time adjusting all their information on a single page. Similarly, adding different sections on such flyers can be challenging. Clients do not understand the technical details that surround branding. They just want the job done in an easy and budget-friendly way. What you can do is offer a variety of options, including a tri-folded brochure. Now, let them compare the pros and cons of all the options. Educate them as to why a tri-fold brochure is essential. Once they understand the convenience and power of a tri-fold brochure in terms of money and other benefits, they will never go back to a single-sided flyer. But why should you suggest a tri-fold brochure to your customers?

Trifold Brochure Printing tri fold

Well, the first reason is that these brochures use lesser materials. As a result, you and your customers both can save a lot of money. Sometimes, a tri-fold brochure can be expensive, but that depends on the material and how much content you’re looking to add.

Benefits of TriFold Brochures

Still not sure how you can convince your clients to opt for tri-fold brochures? Check out the following benefits.

1.     More Information

One of the major benefits of suggesting a tri-fold brochure is that this option has six sides. That means that you can include more information taking less space. Because it uses both sides of the paper, you have enough room to add plenty of detail. You do not have to force the elements and texts to include everything on a single page. Imagine offering four times more space to your audience than a standard one-sided flyer. Since you’re working with more space, you can easily adjust charts, images, and text to make the brochure look more attractive. Also, after you fold the brochure it will shrink down to a third of the total size of the paper. Imagine how much of a convenience that can be for end customers!

2.     Easy to Carry

The reason why these brochures are called tri-fold is that you can smoothly make it a three-panel leaflet. This means that each side will be one-third of an A4 paper. That way, your clients can easily deliver messages to their customers. Also, your client’s customers can fit these promotional leaflets into their back pockets and carry them along. However, this is not possible with a single-sided flyer. When the customers cannot fit the flyer into their pocket, they will either throw it away or fold it, which affects the quality. Your clients don’t want that happening. Because these options are easy to carry and include plenty of information, many restaurants are using them.

Best Trifold Brochure Printing Tri Fold

3.     Divided Sections

As you can include plenty of information in a trifold brochure, you can also make space for a list of products and services. This makes this option ideal for businesses offering a wide variety of products. For instance, hair salons and takeaway restaurants will find this option beneficial. You can include different sections on each side and divide the information based on types such as price points, benefits, services, products, and additional information. You can also divide sections in a poster or flyer but with a trifold brochure, you do not have to do this manually. Also, the information will have separate spaces, so things don’t look crowded.

Trifold Brochure Printing: Conclusion

Trifold brochures are perfect marketing tools for your customers. The format and size of these brochures are convenient, and potential customers can easily carry them along. If you want to create tri-fold brochures for your clients, you need a professional printing company. Collaborate with Automation Graphics and enhance your business with customer satisfaction. We offer one of the best printing solutions in the market for your business growth. We can also provide samples for tri-fold and other types of brochures so you can take orders from your clients.

If you have any queries about a printing project requiring tri-fold brochures, give us a call at 646-205-3037 for a free consultation.

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