What Commercial Printing Services Do Some Print Shops Provide?

Commercial printing services involve printing a wide range of different products in very large quantities. A commercial print shop can help you print items that often require many copies, such as catalogs, newsletters, magazines, books, and posters.

A commercial printer will transfer the artwork to the item you want to print. You need a professional commercial printer for such high volume printing. This article will help you understand the different services a commercial print shop provides:

Services Commercial Print Shops Offer

1.     Quality Control before Printing

When visiting a commercial print shop, they can either ask you to share a new print or use the existing one you already shared. Before printing, they will carefully check the quality of the design you want them to print. They will inspect and redesign all aspects of that design. This includes checking the color, style, size, shape, and alignment. After all, they aim to offer the highest quality products to their customers. A professional printer will commence the process with the prepress technique. During this process, they will examine the print design and adjust it according to your needs.

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2.     Quality Control while Printing

Once they are sure about the design quality, they will begin the printing process. When printing, they check materials such as ink and paper to ensure that everything is perfect for a great print. After the pre-printing process, they will check the quality through test prints. If the test print quality is not satisfactory, they adjust the settings. A supervisor will approve the quality to confirm that the testing quality is of the highest caliber. After quality assurance, they will begin the printing process. They will inspect the quality of the print until they hand over the final item. If they find an issue during the process, they stop the printing machine and fix any discrepancies.

3.     Quality Control after Printing

After printing the material, they will carefully complete other aspects of the process, such as catalog binding and brochure folding. To provide optimal quality of finished items, they bind brochures and fold them. A professional commercial printer does not compromise on quality. Therefore, they maintain a high standard so you receive a final product that aligns with your requirements.

Types of Commercial Printing

Here are some common printing options that work well with commercial printing services:

1.     Offset Printing

A commercial print shop, such as Automation Graphics, offers optimal quality products. With this technique, the printer has complete control throughout the process. This option provides a clearer picture, vibrant colors, and high-end materials. Traditionally printing shops used printing plates and ink for the process. But, as technology took over the printing industry, better machines are available for offset printing. This printing technique is more expensive and time-consuming than digital printing.

2.     Digital Printing

Because this technique uses the latest technology, it’s the fastest way to get high-quality prints. The print quality is quite similar to offset printing but comparatively cheaper and faster. If you’re getting more than 1,500 prints, digital printing is your best bet to stay within budget and get your prints on time. Digital printing also offers on-demand printing services. In this type of printing option, the commercial printing shop will save a copy of your previous project and print it whenever you need them again. That way, you can save storage and avoid backorders.

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3.     Large Format

This type of printing option is a perfect solution for massive prints. You can use these commercial prints for POS, display prints, or wide format printing. It’s a great technique to print on any size and material. Because this type of printing option requires larger dimensions, you need a printer with proper experience and specialized equipment. Many businesses and marketing agencies use this type of printing option for banners and billboards. These prints are versatile and offer amazing visual appeal for businesses.

4.     LED UV

Many businesses also prefer LED UV printing to market their brands and products. The technology used in the printing process allows vivid and sharper colors. Because this commercial printing does not include any anti-set off powder or sealing coat, the final result has an original touch. This printing type is an ideal option to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. You can also print on different materials with this method, including mugs, key chains, and handbooks.

Services of Commercial Print Shops: Conclusion

If you’re in need of high volume, high quality printed materials, then you will need to choose an experienced commercial print shop. A printer with market knowledge and the ability to print high volume quickly and accurately can guide you through all the options and help you choose the best options to meet your needs. Before choosing a printer, you should confirm the type of technology they use. If you don’t consider the printer’s experience, equipment, techniques and time to delivery, you may not receive satisfactory results. Therefore, carefully analyze different print shops to choose the best commercial printing service.

Automation Graphics offers optimal solutions for your high quality, high volume commercial printing needs. We have a highly qualified team with years of experience in all forms of commercial printing.

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