Types of Printing

What are the most popular different types of printing? Printing involves impressing figures, designs, and letters on a substrate like paper or vinyl. Wood, fabric, and cardboard are also widely used. In fact, the oldest printing techniques used wood and fabric to make impressions. Continue reading to learn about different types of printing methods your business can use.

Types of Printing

Printing has been around since 220 AD, and it continues to evolve as new printing methods come and go. Businesses often find it confusing to find the right printing techniques for brochures, leaflets, etc. After all, each printing method has different needs and purposes.

Through our knowledge and expertise in the industry, we’ve laid down some of the most common types of printing for you.

Screen Printing

Suited for: posters, banners, fabrics

Screen printing is one of the oldest yet highly popular printing techniques. This form of printing involves using a mesh for transferring an image.

Typically, screen printing needs a screen (stencil) to press ink and print an image. Screen printing experts create the screen by stretching out the mesh. Then, they force layers of ink onto the screen to create an impression. The screen contains stencil holes that allow ink to pass through.

Offset Printing

Suited for: wood, fabric, canvas, paper, stationary and more

Offset or ‘litho’ printing is a standard printing technique in most industries. Businesses can use the popular offset lithography method for various projects.

Whether you want to print a brochure or fabric banner, this printing technique can deliver desirable results. While offset printing is most suitable for mass production, such as magazines and leaflets, it requires a painstakingly long setup process and high-maintenance equipment.

Offset printing involves transferring an image to aluminum plates. Then, the image is transferred from the metal plates onto a rubber sheet, also known as a ‘blanket.’ In the last step, it is rolled onto paper.

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Suited for: labels, packaging, wallpapers, wraps

Flexography is similar to letter printing, but it’s a more modern version.

This type of printing uses specialist equipment, including a series of cylinders and flexible relief plates. With the plates mounted on the cylinders, it is possible to create an image on uneven surfaces.

The flexible relief plates contain the raised image or message you want to print. The machinery causes the plates to rotate at high speeds while the substrate or print media passes through. This is how the test is printed onto the medium.

Flexographic printing is a quick-drying method that uses semi-liquid inks, making it a suitable technique for long print runs.

Large Format Printing

Suited for: lamination, posters, vinyl banners, billboards, wallpapers

As the name implies, large format printing exists to print on wider, longer substrate rolls.

Businesses involved in the marketing industry prefer this printing technique for its maximum width (typically more than eighteen inches). Banner and billboard advertisements are some of the top uses and examples of large format printing.

Instead of individual sheets, large format printing uses large print rolls to transfer designs, images, and text. The sheet rolls together produce one large sheet you can use for advertisement purposes.

It is your best printing option if you want to make a huge impact on customers. Large format printing also helps with brand recognition and loyalty. It can be digital or non-digital but usually requires more complicated machines.

Most Popular Types of Printing: Conclusion

Running a business comes with enough challenges, but printing should not be one of them! Finding supplies and picking the best printing method for your business is not easy and often takes more time than planned. While managing promotional or commercial printing is difficult, Automation Graphics can help.

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