Bifold Brochure Printing: How to Design Yours

What are some pointers on how to successfully manage a bifold brochure printing project? In today’s digital age, you may assume that brochures are no longer relevant in the marketing industry. Well, think again because physical marketing materials are still as effective today as they were years ago.

In fact, brochures are among the best marketing strategies, offering promising results. For that reason, they are common in corporate use, and small local businesses use brochures to attract new and potential customers.

Bifold Brochure Printing

Furthermore, brochures are a great way to promote new services and products by a company. If you’re a startup, you can use brochures to raise brand awareness and describe what your business aims to do. That way, you can virtually get in touch with your target audience and develop brand recognition.

What is a Bifold Brochure?

Bifold brochures typically comprise four panels, including two internal panels and a back and front cover each. As the name implies, a bifold brochure features two folds.

If you want, you can turn a bifold brochure into a booklet by adding an extension. This additional section usually makes a brochure look like a smaller version of a magazine because of the multiple pages.

While bifold brochures may contain several pages, they are made with a single sheet of paper. The multiple folds, however, allow you to divide your brochure into sections. Brands can place images, text, and other visuals in these folded sections.

Identify Your Objective

Before hiring a credible printing service like Automation Graphics, you should know the objective of your bi-fold brochure. So, have a clear-cut idea of what purpose you intend to serve with your brochure. Are you looking to promote an event, product, or service? Having a single objective is ideal.

Know Your Target Audience

Brochures act as a communication medium between a business and its target audience. Therefore, knowing the group of people you want to target is imperative. Only then can you correctly convey your message and see results. Knowing your target audience will help you choose the right design and visuals to grab attention and persuade.

Stand Out from Competition

Thoroughly examining competitors in the industry is essential before finalizing the design for your bifold brochure. Exclusivity and uniqueness are top qualities that attract most consumers.

So, make sure that your brochure stands out from that of the competition. The goal is to create something that is true to itself yet looks different from other materials on the rack.

Avoid being Extra

Business owners and digital creators are often extremely excited when designing a brochure. While there is nothing wrong with that, overexcitement can cause you to use over-the-top fonts and other fancy elements such as punny language.

Remember, your bifold brochure should be compelling and unique, yet formal and organized. So, avoid using more than two font styles and slang or complicated vocabulary.

Professional Bifold Brochure Printing Info

Add a CTA

A brochure is incomplete without a proper call to action, or CTA, at the end. Not only will such a mistake eliminate the purpose of your bifold brochure, but not adding a CTA also leaves readers hanging. It’s likely that they won’t feel satisfied and will experience a sense of confusion.

Adding a call-to-action will give your audience a proper ending and compel them to take action.

Bifold Brochure Printing: Conclusion

Bifold brochures are one of the top corporate marketing materials, even in today’s digitalized world. Their unique design engages the audience and is often an additional marketing tool along with digital marketing campaigns. Producing bifold brochures offers many perks for small and big enterprises.

If you’re looking for a reliable printing service provider, Automation Graphics can help. We are a third-party print service provider that helps small local businesses and startups develop a solid customer base. You can contact us through email or call at (646) 205-3037 for further guidance.


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