Large Poster Printing: All About Large Format Printing

Do you need info on how to do large poster printing for yourself or a business? Companies in various industries, especially in marketing and advertising, need leaflets, brochures, magazines, and posters. They help attract consumers and develop a large customer base.

While it is easy to print on smaller print media with specific equipment, posters and banners give businesses a hard time. If you’re a business owner dealing with large print media, you may already know that producing posters isn’t easy. Not to mention, you might not have the right tools and equipment for large poster printing.

Large Poster Printing

Many business owners struggle to manage printing projects and maintain other operations at the same time. A printing service provider like Automation Graphics can provide the latest printing services for your brand or company.

What is Large Format Printing?

The large format printing technique is booming in popularity as many manufacturing companies like Epson, Canon, and HP use it. Usage of the widely-used printing method has skyrocketed within the last few decades, especially in the past ten to fifteen years.

This type of printing includes wall hangings, banners, and posters for graphical advertisement and other purposes. Large format printing is an excellent marketing tool that allows businesses and brands to leave a huge impact on potential and existing customers, competition, and the general public.

While you can use other commercial printing techniques to create posters, large format printing has the most significant impression. It is your go-to option for printing large materials like posters and banners. Large format printing is also the most suitable printing method for image driven posters

It involves using large nozzles to lay toner on printing media. Then, the ink is applied directly to avoid an unauthentic look and feel. Much like digital printing, it is ideal for full-color images and texts.

Who Can Provide Large Format Printing for Your Posters?

Most brands do not have in-house printing units, while some bigger firms may have a few on hand options. Nevertheless, large format printing is not easy to manage on your own as a business.

And so, you will need to source your printing services from a credible printing service provider. Reaching out to a specialist printing firm for large format printing is your best option. Automation Graphics provides large format printing for small and large-scale businesses.

We are a third party service provider that helps enterprises with their printing projects. We have all the necessary equipment in top notch condition, as well as the skills and expertise needed for professional large format printing.

What Materials Can We Print on?

Various materials can serve as substrates for large format printing, such as posters, banners, etc. Here are some common materials for this type of printing.


Paper is easily available and makes a suitable print media for large format printing. However, it is not a durable material if you’re looking for prolonged outdoor installation.


Vinyl is a flexible print substrate, available in various finishes. It is also affordable and versatile and easy to cut in any shape.


Many large format print providers offer textile and fabric printing.

Wood, Metal, and Others

Although uncommon, large format printing is also available for rigid materials like aluminum sheets and wood.

Best Large Poster Printing NYC

Large Poster Printing: Conclusion

Producing large posters is a tricky task that requires extensive training and skills for printing. Leaving it to professionals is ideal as they can deliver outstanding results.

Located in New York City and in business for over 25 years, Automation Graphics Inc. provides excellent large format and other printing services at low prices. Our team is quick and efficient and ensures to meet all your requirements. You can contact us by email, or call at (646) 205-3037 to speak with our experts.

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