Most Popular Types of Commercial Printing

What are the most popular types of commercial printing? Maintaining a single type of printing format or technique will make it difficult for customers to differentiate between brands and businesses. The use of different types of commercial printing techniques and formats allows businesses to present themselves in the most appropriate style in front of customers and potential users. Today, there are countless types of commercial printing thanks to advancing technology and recent developments. But although the printing industry has seen impressive development, several enterprises find it difficult to come across the right commercial printing company.

What are the most popular types of commercial printing?

Before we talk about one of the best companies addressing people’s printing needs and requirements, let’s discuss the most popular commercial printing types.

LED UV Printing

LED UV printing is all about a better form of the lithography printing format. It involves instantly drying ink that also improves the final print color while reducing ink absorption. Such advanced technology has surely turned the printing industry around and stirred up demand for better printing projects and items. The use of LED UV printing enables printing companies to produce eye catching printing items and wholly vivid colors. If your preference involves seeing eye catching colors and vibrant textures, you can go with LED UV printing rather than any other printing technique and/or technology.

There are also several additional benefits to using LED UV printing in comparison to lithography. Before we get into those benefits, it’s worth mentioning that such differences don’t make the offset lithography printing format unviable. With LED UV printing, you get a faster turnaround and a greater reduction in blemishes and markings. This technology also utilizes less power in terms of electricity and manual operations. Since you don’t need to use spray powder for coating via LED UV printing, you can paint a larger range of materials through this technology.

Traditional printing technology utilized spray powder coating to set the ink into the material for final results. However, with LED UV printing, the technology is different. You don’t require spray powder coating but rather a UV lighting to help cure the ink onto the material. The absorption is quick and efficient, with amazing final results. The technology is based on automatic on off functions. Plus, the use of UV light reduces the time and power it usually takes through print drying technology.

LED UV lighting primarily helps with high quality material production and printing. It uses multiple color variances and improves quality on a massive scale. It’s best for luxury marketing such as leaflets, posters, magazines, and catalogs.

Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography or litho printing is one of the most commonly used printing techniques and technology. It’s widely regarded as the staple of the commercial printing industry. Most of the best printing companies in the industry offer offset printing techniques and services. Due to simple and cost effective printing operations, many printing companies offer litho printing to commercial businesses in New York City and elsewhere. The cost effective feature is one of the main reasons why most businesses opt for offset litho printing.

While it’s suitable for large scale printing tasks, it works on the oil water principle, i.e., immiscible liquids. The process begins with the edging of art and text onto aluminum plates that are loaded on a plate cylinder. The cylinder helps dampen the non image area with water while applying the image area with oil based ink. The inked portion of the aluminum plates then moves to the “blanket,” which is a rubber cylinder. Just as the paper passes around the blanket, the image is transferred onto the paper. Hence the name “offset.” Rather than directly applying the image information to the paper, offset lithography printing uses aluminum plate edging and transfer.

Popular types of commercial printing

The real reason this technology is so popular in the commercial printing space is cost effectiveness. Whether you print 10,000 copies or 100,000 copies, you don’t get a distinct difference in cost. It’s also among some of the most versatile printing options out there.

Large Format Printing

This printing technique allows businesses to leave a big impression on competition, customers, and potential viewers. The main reason most businesses opt for this printing technique is the ability to print large size materials. This allows businesses to gain more exposure in public viewership. Despite the presence of countless commercial printing techniques and technologies, you should go for large format printing when you want to print out large size materials.

The printing process is quite similar to digital printing, but the results are relatively bigger. For full color and uncompromising quality in large size posters and other types of printed materials, large format printing is the right option for you.

Most Popular Types of Commercial Printing: Conclusion

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