Choosing the Best Large Format Printing Company

How do you go about choosing the best large format printing company? As businesses prioritize impactful marketing and advertising techniques, the printing industry is gaining increasing popularity. Producing brochures, banners, and leaflets has become essential for companies and brands to acquire more visitors and develop a bigger client base. While printed media is critical, most businesses do not have in-house printing units. They usually source their printing requirements from third-party providers.

Best Large Format Printing Company

Making a banner isn’t easy and requires expertise and skills that come from training and experience. Printing companies like Automation Graphics can deliver the printing results you desire, helping you capture the public’s attention.

While most companies can provide different printing services, a few can ace large format prints. Therefore, it’s important to make the right decision when picking a large format printing company. Read on for tips on choosing the best printing services for large format printing.

But First, What is Large Format Print?

As the name implies, large format printing exists to produce printed media larger than the standard size. Examples and uses of large format print include banners, posters, wall hangings, and billboards.

It involves making the impression of branding graphics and marketing illustrations on different materials, including paper, vinyl, and textile. Unlike other commercial and promotional printing services, large format printing uses a roll of print media instead of a single sheet. Typically, the entire roll helps make a finished picture once the printing process is complete.

A large format printer is around 10 to 15 times bigger than regular printers. Producing huge posters and banners, the visual results of large format printing techniques play a vital role in gaining brand recognition.

Factors to Consider for Picking the Best Large Format Printing Service

Below are some necessary factors to consider when finding a printing service for your large format banners, posters, or billboards.

Printing Width

While large format prints are bigger than standard options, the ‘large’ here refers to different sizes. Confirming how wide of a banner they can produce is the first question you should ask any larger format printing company. Generally, they should provide prints wider than 5 meters.


Your printing service provider should have all the necessary equipment for large format printing. Additionally, ensure that they maintain their machinery and follow printing standards and regulations.

Industries They Work in

A printing service that has worked in the same niche as your business can do a much better job than one that hasn’t. You can trust a printing firm that has provided services to complete similar projects as yours. Such a print provider is likely to give you a hassle-free experience.

If They Provide Installation

Many companies offer prints but not an installation service. Whether or not you want to pick such a service depends entirely on your preference. If they don’t offer installation services, you’ll need to find another service to hang up your poster or banner.

Best Large Format Printing Company New York City


Large format printing is possible on a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, and metal. If you have a particular preference for certain materials, it is best to discuss it before hiring a printing company.

That said, choose your materials wisely. For example, paper may not be a good option for prolonged outdoor installations, despite its affordability and easy availability.

Best Large Format Printing Company: Conclusion

The right printing services provider can help develop captivating printed media to attract potential customers. Large format prints enhance brand recognition within the general public and build brand loyalty among customers.

However, choosing the best printing service for your business can be challenging. Automation Graphics provides excellent large format services at an affordable price. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with one of our experts.

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