Best Business Card Printing Types

What are the best business card printing types? Business cards are all about the impression you want to make. These tactile marketing tools tell your brand’s story and convey its message as concisely and clearly as possible. You can impart your company’s perspective, specialty, and forte to the public through business cards.

Best Business Card Printing Types

As for function, business cards get passed on from one person to another, so they must feel and look appealing. An appropriate design and printing of business cards can prove significant for a company’s subsequent success.

While most businesses have business cards, they overlook the process of creating an impactful one. Choosing a professional printing service like Automation Graphics is essential if you want your cards to make an impression.

Types of Business Card Printing

Do you want to design business cards that level up your brand’s marketing game? In that case, picking the most appropriate printing type is paramount. When you’re searching for the best printing type for your brand, it’s important to know that there’s a wide variety of options on the market.

The following printing techniques for business cards make the most impact and suit most business styles.

Laser Cutting

Lately, laser and die cutting are gaining popularity as printing techniques for business cards.

The simplest form of die-cutting involves cutting business cards into different shapes for uniqueness. On the other hand, laser cutting is a printing process that uses a laser to cut through paper.

It is a unique printing method to help your brand stand out.

Varnish/Spot UV Printing

Vanish or spot UV printing is one of the most popular business card styles.

This printing technique is excellent if you want to keep your cards simple while ensuring that they leave an impact on the audience. Varnish and spot UV printing give business cards a luxurious feel, so they don’t necessarily look plain. This printing method gives business cards a glossy or matte finish.

Varnishing allows you to give the entire card a silk or matte coating, whereas spot UV adds the same effect to specific areas. Besides adding a texture, varnishing and spot UV printing also improve the durability of card stock.

Best Business Card Printing Types NYC

Embossing/ Debossing

Embossing and debossing are unique printing techniques that add a unique texture to your business cards.

Emboss and deboss printing uses heat instead of foil or ink for written text and illustrations. Embossing gives business cards a 3D texture in which the text is raised above the surface. Meanwhile, debossing makes it, so the text is beneath the surface of the card, creating a visual effect. The text, Illustrations, and logos do stick out but are indented.

Foil Printing

Another printing technique that works best with business cards is the foil printing method.

Foil printing is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their typography and logos. This printing technique is all about adding extra shine. It gives your business cards a unique and fashionable look without being overwhelming.

The foil printing technique involves using a heated die to press colored foil onto paper or another medium.

Best Business Card Printing Types: Conclusion

Business cards are critical for brand representation among the public, clients, and competitors.

It is an essential marketing tool that provides contact information such as title, owner’s name, address, contact number, website, etc.

Careful design and quality of business cards significantly impact how others perceive and view your business. For that reason, leaving the job to professionals is a good idea. Automation Graphics provides excellent printing services at an affordable price. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with our experts.

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