Custom Business Cards: Different Types & Styles

Custom business cards have made quite a comeback thanks to different printing and designing techniques available. With these techniques, you receive high-end business cards. Business cards play a vital role in portraying your company as reliable and relevant. This is one of the reasons you should want eye-catching and attractive business cards. They are sure to leave a good impression as soon as you give them to someone.

Business cards may not seem like a big deal, and that’s why many people don’t put in much effort when designing them. You may realize the importance of eye-catching design when giving your business cards to others. Seeing others take a second to admire your business card is sure to make you feel good. To get the best custom business cards, finding a reputable printing company is essential. But first, you have to decide on a design and look for your business card. To help you out, here are some types and styles of different business cards.

Custom Business Cards-Types Styles

Types of Custom Business Cards

1.     Custom Matte Business Cards

Matte business cards give an attractive, eye-catching look without having to put too much effort into the design. The matte texture offers a professional, no-nonsense appeal. This type of card comes in various sizes, helping you showcase details on your design clearly. It makes an impact if you add a short statement such as a motto. It gives out a robust glaring feature, making it easier for the person to read. This card also leaves you with a minimalist finish, and you can design it with personalized details.

2.     Standard Custom Business Cards

If it’s your first time printing business cards, you’re probably looking for a safe idea before exploring any creative options. If that’s the case, opt for a standard business card design. This type of business card includes your company’s identity and is usually on a small rectangular piece. You can always adjust the size according to your liking and what you want to include on the card.

This type of paper is non-coated and leaves a very simple standard card look. These types of cards are easier to create, and you can print them in no time. If you don’t want to put in too much effort to design your business card or are afraid that it won’t turn out right, start off with a standard business card.

3.     Customized Gloss Business Cards

Gloss business cards give out a unique look, so colors appear more vibrant. This is a great choice if your company or brand’s message is one of luxury. In this card, you can include elements such as pictures and unique fonts, which will stand out on your gloss card. The best part about this type of business card is that it lasts longer. As a result, your clients and customers can clearly read contact details much later after getting your card.

The downside of this type of card is that it’s not as readable as other business card types. This is because of the glossy finish that leaves a shiny look on the cards. Sometimes, a glare can keep customers from reading details correctly. When designing, pay close attention to the fonts and size so that you achieve clear readability.

Custom Business Cards Printing

4.     Premium Custom Business Cards

Premium business cards are the perfect way for your business to leave a good impression on clients and other potential customers. These cards come in different styles and designs, depending on your budget. What makes these cards ‘premium’ is the material as well as the designs.

You can opt for whatever size you want, from a square-shaped look to any unique shape that matches your business’s theme. You can choose any color and print it on a gloss or matte sheet. Regardless of the design you incorporate on your premium business cards, it will give a modernized and sleek look.

5.     Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards help keep up a classy look of a professional, luxurious brand or business. These cards highlight your logo or company name on the card. It does so by raising the surface of the paper your brand name is printed. When you touch the card, it will leave you with a unique feel that customers can relate only to your business. Creating a unique identity for your business with this type of business card is what you need.


It’s time you get your business out there and inform people about it through unique business cards. Make sure to go through all the types and choose one that suits your business the best. For great printable business cards, contact Automation Graphics. We provide you with high-quality, luxurious business cards, incorporating all your preferences and likes.



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