Trifold Brochures: A Marketing Tool for Your Business

Are trifold brochures an important part of marketing a business? It is fair to say that the internet dominates different aspects of the world as it takes over various industries. Rapid digitalization has transformed the marketing and advertising industries.

Trifold Brochures Marketing Tool | Printer NYC

Although more businesses are switching towards internet marketing and digital advertisements, printed marketing materials are just as effective. After all, physical media can engage the public in more ways than their digital counterparts.

For that reason, many small and large scale businesses use printed advertising to enhance brand recognition and attract potential consumers/clients. Not only is it effective, but printed marketing is also pretty affordable.

Businesses have various options within this particular genre of marketing, and a trifold brochure is an effective one. It stands out from other marketing choices and provides amazing benefits.

Do You Need This Tangible Tool?

Many small businesses and startups may think that brochures are an additional, unnecessary expense. While they are typically costlier than flyers and postcards, brochures, particularly trifold brochures, can benefit local businesses a lot more.

For example, a trifold brochure offers the opportunity to showcase your products, services, or brand. Whether you’re running a startup or looking to expand your business, visual communication is imperative. A trifold brochure makes it easy to get in touch with your target audience virtually.

Who Can Help Produce Trifold Brochures?

A well designed brochure can level up your business’ marketing game without much hassle, time, or investment. Trifold brochures are interactive yet professional marketing materials that you can use to communicate with potential and existing customers in an organized and formal manner.

On the flip side, a poorly designed trifold brochure can mean incurring a loss. After all, they’re expensive to print, so it’s natural that you would want your trifold brochures to deliver results. The following factors can help create an impressive and compelling trifold brochure.

  • Colors
  • Font size
  • Font type
  • Size
  • Pages
  • Graphics
  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Crispness
  • Images and illustrations

But, how can you create the perfect trifold brochure for your business? Thanks to the easy availability of computers and printers, it is normal to feel tempted to create in-house brochures. However, such practices can lead to poor quality results that make a bad impression on customers.

Sourcing your trifold brochure printing services from a credible printing service like Automation Graphics is ideal. A specialist printing firm like ours can help create unique brochures for enterprises. We have the necessary skills, expertise, equipment, and experience in commercial printing.

Trifold Brochures Printer NYC

Benefits of Choosing Trifold Brochures

Here are some perks of choosing trifold brochures for marketing your business.

Promote a Large Amount of Information in One Piece

Trifold brochures are compact documents that allow you to include substantial information, such as text and images. The flexibility is ideal for businesses looking to share product information with prospects.

Easy to Carry

A trifold brochure folds into a small booklet or flyer and easily fits in the pocket. Chances are that the recipient will keep the brochure and take it home instead of forgetting it somewhere.

Allow Sections

A trifold brochure is excellent if your company provides a wide range of products or services. This printed piece allows you to divide your content into panel sections. So, you can compartmentalize your products into different categories within the brochure.

Trifold Brochures: Conclusion

Trifold brochures are one of the best print marketing materials for small local businesses and startups. Although more expensive than flyers and postcards, trifold brochures help professionally promote your products and services.

However, it is best to avoid making in-house brochures and leave the task to the professionals. Located in New York, Automation Graphics is a third party print service provider that can help. Our expert team uses unique skills, expertise, and high-quality equipment to deliver quality prints.

Leave us a query by email, or call us o talk to one of our professionals about your project.

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