High Quality Printing: What to Look For?

What makes for high quality printing services? When you’re running a business, you need printing services for one purpose or another. Nowadays, getting high-quality prints has become much easier and feasible than it was a century ago. Back then, there weren’t enough printing stores.

Now, you will come across countless print shops in your area. But the high quantity doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. Hence, you’ll want to be sure that you’re going to a reliable print shop for great services. You can’t compromise on print quality, especially if you’re printing out a large order. No matter what kinds of prints you need, quality is a must, even if it’s a simple brochure

For this, you will have to find the best print shops around you. It can get a bit confusing when choosing one shop, especially when so many options are available. The first thing you need to see in a print shop is the quality of the prints. To know what makes up a high-quality printing shop and what you should look for, read further below.

High Quality Printing

Services & Equipment That a High Quality Printing Shop Should Have

1.     High-Quality Printing Machines

With the introduction of so many printing techniques, especially digital printing, which is more used than other printing methods, a print store should have it all. Almost every product goes through a printing process, from banners to clothes to signs; hence your print store should have the right machinery to print anything you like. Large format printing helps get you all the bulky prints, so make sure your print store is familiar with this printing style.

2.     Graphics Software

Graphic designing is a very important stage of printing, and the printing team handles most of it. You must check if your print store uses advanced software with the right tools and features so that you can incorporate any unique design on a specific print you want. Your print store should also have alternative software if, by chance, one stops working.

3.     Offers Lamination Services

Lamination is the icing on the cake for all your prints and is an important step that every print store should offer. If your business requires a specific document or bookmarks, you might want to run it through lamination. You can check with your printing store if they have a working lamination system. When your trusted print shop offers lamination services, you can opt for them instantly whenever needed.

Sometimes you can’t really decide beforehand what you need in your prints, and once they’re ready, you feel like adding some last-minute features to improve the outlook. Knowing that a specific print offers such services ensures that you receive high-quality prints.

4.     Binding Equipment

Binding is another important step of the printing process, and most print shops offer it. But what makes a qualitative print store is one that offers different types of binding services. Your print store should have a variety of binders like wire, thermal, and comb binders. This gives you more choice and helps you create an image in your mind of what will look best if you’re printing books or booklets. Variety is an important feature to look for in a high-quality print shop.

High Quality Printing Services

5.     Advanced Color Technology

Nowadays, with prints, it’s all about how color appears, especially if it’s for promotional purposes. Hence, the print shop you’re going for should update everything with the latest color technology so that you have access to any and every color for your printable materials. Advanced color technology is a quick way to get vibrant colors on prints. Of course, this depends on how professional the print shop team is in handling color technology. Without proper training, they may find it challenging,

6.     Fast Recovery Period

At times, things can go wrong, and your prints don’t turn out as you planned. Here, you may not approve of the final product. In such situations, be sure that your printing team can resolve the issue within a few minutes.  For this, your print shop should have the right technology, such as auto sheet clearing, as this helps clear off any damages within seconds and doesn’t stop the printing process for long. This way, you know that productivity won’t stop, and you can receive all your prints on time.

High quality Printing: Final Words

Print shops offer a large variety of services nowadays. But to get high quality prints, you have to make sure you go to the right print shop. For the best printing services in NYC, contact us at Automation Graphics and consult with our expert team for guidance and assistance.

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