What Is Large Format Printing?

What is the best large format printing? Like every sector in the world, the printing industry is booming as well. Multiple types of printing services are available, and settling on one to make your next banner is as challenging as you think. However, in this massive printing industry, large format printing is gaining a lot of attention. It produces a high-quality result similar to that of offset printing.

Despite being a popular printing style, people do not know much about it. Large format printing is a popular printing style that businesses use to create large banners and signs. You might see them all around your city. Since it is cost-effective, numerous businesses use it to promote and market themselves.

In this article, let’s go over large format printing in detail. How do printers make these massive banners, why they’re better, and why businesses use it as a primary method of advertisement? Let us dive into the article.

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What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a banner-making process. In the process, the professional uses massive equipment to print the design or the graphics on to a massive piece of paper, polyester, or any material you desire.

The size of the large format printer is ten to fifteen times bigger than a printer you can find around your house. It is a large unit for commercial use only. You need a trained professional to do this job. In most cases, the printer is capable of printing out an eighteen to hundred-inch width piece in one go.

The large format printing technique has become very popular in a short amount of time. The technology is only 25 years old. Before this, people were inclined to offset printing. Even though offset printing produces a high-quality product, its process is relatively more labor-intensive and requires a longer time to produce.

However, since 25 years of its discovery, large format printing has changed a lot. The change may be of inks, design of the machine, technology, substrates, and much more.

Major uses of Large Format Printing

This method is becoming more and more common now. However, the most common use you can see of large format printing is in advertising. Massive brands use these banners to marketing a single product or their entire business. Large format printing is sustainable because you can get them water-resistant materials like polyester and vinyl.

Large format printing advertisements are usually massive in size. They range between 18 inches to a whopping 100 inches. For this reason, they are perfect for making live size advertisements that the public can easily read out from a distance.

These advertisements visually look better than other banner styles. The designs don’t require stitching to stand out; it is one plain beautiful picture.

In fact, large format printing is also becoming popular amongst automobile enthusiasts. These forms are very sustainable, and you can easily make car wraps from them. On the other hand, it is an easy and safe way to customize your car and make it look cool.


Giving you an exact figure will be unfair to you. After all, there are multiple kinds of large format printing jobs that provide you with different products. As a result, all printers change differently for various reasons.

Nonetheless, a large format printing project includes various costs that you need to keep in mind before hiring anyone to do the job. The highest cost will be of the material. So you should wonder what kind of material do you need for your project? The other major cost involves machinery and the amount of time required to do the job. The next will be the labor cost. The final cost will be that of putting up the advertisement.

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In the city, they are most famous for their quick service and providing customers with a final product within a few days. They have several huge businesses as part of their clientele because they are very reliable.

They provide you with various offset printing, large format printing, and presentation-making services, along with printing event materials. On the other hand, they support specialty printing facilities like foil stamping, letterpress, and engraving.

What is large format printing? | 2020-2021

Final Feedback

A large-format banner is the best option for advertising all kinds of businesses. With passing time, its technology is undergoing various changes and developments. These upgrades are only making its process faster, and the products more reliable and robust.


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