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The Art of Business Card Printing: Making a Lasting Impression

In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of business card printing and how they can help you forge meaningful connections in the business world. In the digital age, where our smartphones and email accounts seem to dominate the way we exchange contact information, the humble business card still holds its ground as a powerful tool for making a lasting impression. When designed thoughtfully and printed with precision, a business card can be a tangible representation of your brand that lingers in the memory long after the initial meeting.

Art of Business Card Printing

Art of Business Card Printing

Why Business Cards Still Matter

In an era where technology is king, you might question the relevance of business cards. However, they remain essential for several compelling reasons:

Tangible Connection: Business cards provide a tangible connection in a digital world. Exchanging physical cards during a face-to-face meeting creates a memorable moment.

Professionalism: A well-designed business card conveys professionalism and attention to detail, signaling your commitment to your business and your brand.
Accessibility: Not everyone you meet will have immediate access to their digital devices. A business card ensures they have your contact information readily available.

Elements of a Memorable Business Card

Creating a business card that leaves a lasting impression involves a careful balance of various elements:

Design: Your business card’s design should be visually appealing and aligned with your brand’s identity. It should prominently feature your company logo, name, and contact information.

Paper Quality: The choice of paper stock matters. Opt for high-quality paper that feels substantial in hand. The tactile experience of touching your card should convey quality.

Typography: Use legible fonts that match your brand’s style. Cluttered or illegible text can turn off potential contacts.

Color Palette: Consistency is key. Use colors that are part of your brand’s identity to reinforce recognition.

Finishing Touches: Consider finishing options like embossing, foiling, or spot UV coating to add sophistication and uniqueness to your card.

Making Your Business Card Stand Out

To make your business card truly stand out, consider these additional tips:

Unique Shapes: Explore non-traditional card shapes that align with your brand. A die-cut or folded card can create intrigue.

Storytelling: Use the back of the card to tell a brief brand story or highlight a unique selling point. Engage your recipient’s curiosity.

Call to Action: Include a clear call to action, such as visiting your website or following you on social media. Give the recipient a reason to connect further.

Use of Technology: Incorporate QR codes or augmented reality elements for an interactive experience. Show that your brand is forward-thinking.

Automation Graphics: Your Business Card Printing Partner

At Automation Graphics Inc. in New York City, we understand the significance of business cards in making a lasting impression. Our expertise in high-quality business card printing ensures that your cards not only meet but exceed your expectations. We offer a range of customization options, including paper stocks, finishes, and unique design elements, allowing you to create business cards that truly represent your brand.

A well-designed and professionally printed business card can help you make a lasting impression and set the stage for meaningful connections. Contact Automation Graphics Inc. today to explore our business card printing services and start making memorable impressions with your cards.

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The Importance of High-Quality Business Cards for Networking and Branding

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of high-quality business cards for networking and branding, and how Automation Graphics Inc. can help you create high-quality business cards that reflect your brand’s visual identity and messaging. Business cards are a powerful marketing tool that can help you establish connections, promote your brand, and communicate your professional identity. However, not all business cards are created equal, and the quality of your business cards can have a significant impact on how they are perceived by others.

Business Cards for Networking and Branding

The Importance of Business Cards for Networking and Branding

Business cards are a vital tool for networking and branding, as they allow you to establish connections with potential customers, partners, and industry professionals. Business cards also provide a tangible representation of your brand’s visual identity and messaging, making them a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products and services.

The Importance of High-Quality Business Cards

The quality of your business cards can have a significant impact on how they are perceived by others. High-quality business cards reflect a professional image and can help to establish trust and credibility with potential customers and partners. Conversely, low-quality business cards can create a negative impression and may lead to missed opportunities.

What Makes a High-Quality Business Card?

A high-quality business card should meet the following criteria:

  • Paper quality: High-quality business cards should be printed on thick, high-quality paper that reflects a professional image.
  • Design: The design of your business card should be eye-catching and reflect your brand’s visual identity and messaging.
  • Printing: The quality of the printing is also important for creating a high-quality business card that reflects your brand’s image and messaging.
  • Finishing: The finishing of your business card, such as embossing, foiling, or spot UV, can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your card, making it stand out from the competition.

How Automation Graphics Inc. Can Help

At Automation Graphics Inc., we are experts at high-quality business card printing. Our team of experts can work with you to design and print high-quality business cards that reflect your brand’s visual identity and messaging, using advanced printing techniques and high-quality materials. We can also help you choose the right paper, design, printing, and finishing options to create a professional and memorable business card that reflects your brand’s image.

High-Quality Business Cards for Networking and Branding: Conclusion

High-quality business cards are a vital tool for networking and branding, as they provide a tangible representation of your brand’s visual identity and messaging. At Automation Graphics Inc., we can help you create high-quality business cards that reflect your brand’s image and messaging, using advanced printing techniques and high-quality materials.

Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality business card printing services and how we can help you establish trust and credibility with potential customers and partners.

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Best Business Card Printing Types

What are the best business card printing types? Business cards are all about the impression you want to make. These tactile marketing tools tell your brand’s story and convey its message as concisely and clearly as possible. You can impart your company’s perspective, specialty, and forte to the public through business cards.

Best Business Card Printing Types

As for function, business cards get passed on from one person to another, so they must feel and look appealing. An appropriate design and printing of business cards can prove significant for a company’s subsequent success.

While most businesses have business cards, they overlook the process of creating an impactful one. Choosing a professional printing service like Automation Graphics is essential if you want your cards to make an impression.

Types of Business Card Printing

Do you want to design business cards that level up your brand’s marketing game? In that case, picking the most appropriate printing type is paramount. When you’re searching for the best printing type for your brand, it’s important to know that there’s a wide variety of options on the market.

The following printing techniques for business cards make the most impact and suit most business styles.

Laser Cutting

Lately, laser and die cutting are gaining popularity as printing techniques for business cards.

The simplest form of die-cutting involves cutting business cards into different shapes for uniqueness. On the other hand, laser cutting is a printing process that uses a laser to cut through paper.

It is a unique printing method to help your brand stand out.

Varnish/Spot UV Printing

Vanish or spot UV printing is one of the most popular business card styles.

This printing technique is excellent if you want to keep your cards simple while ensuring that they leave an impact on the audience. Varnish and spot UV printing give business cards a luxurious feel, so they don’t necessarily look plain. This printing method gives business cards a glossy or matte finish.

Varnishing allows you to give the entire card a silk or matte coating, whereas spot UV adds the same effect to specific areas. Besides adding a texture, varnishing and spot UV printing also improve the durability of card stock.

Best Business Card Printing Types NYC

Embossing/ Debossing

Embossing and debossing are unique printing techniques that add a unique texture to your business cards.

Emboss and deboss printing uses heat instead of foil or ink for written text and illustrations. Embossing gives business cards a 3D texture in which the text is raised above the surface. Meanwhile, debossing makes it, so the text is beneath the surface of the card, creating a visual effect. The text, Illustrations, and logos do stick out but are indented.

Foil Printing

Another printing technique that works best with business cards is the foil printing method.

Foil printing is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their typography and logos. This printing technique is all about adding extra shine. It gives your business cards a unique and fashionable look without being overwhelming.

The foil printing technique involves using a heated die to press colored foil onto paper or another medium.

Best Business Card Printing Types: Conclusion

Business cards are critical for brand representation among the public, clients, and competitors.

It is an essential marketing tool that provides contact information such as title, owner’s name, address, contact number, website, etc.

Careful design and quality of business cards significantly impact how others perceive and view your business. For that reason, leaving the job to professionals is a good idea. Automation Graphics provides excellent printing services at an affordable price. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with our experts.

Custom Business Cards: Different Types & Styles

Custom business cards have made quite a comeback thanks to different printing and designing techniques available. With these techniques, you receive high-end business cards. Business cards play a vital role in portraying your company as reliable and relevant. This is one of the reasons you should want eye-catching and attractive business cards. They are sure to leave a good impression as soon as you give them to someone.

Business cards may not seem like a big deal, and that’s why many people don’t put in much effort when designing them. You may realize the importance of eye-catching design when giving your business cards to others. Seeing others take a second to admire your business card is sure to make you feel good. To get the best custom business cards, finding a reputable printing company is essential. But first, you have to decide on a design and look for your business card. To help you out, here are some types and styles of different business cards.

Custom Business Cards-Types Styles

Types of Custom Business Cards

1.     Custom Matte Business Cards

Matte business cards give an attractive, eye-catching look without having to put too much effort into the design. The matte texture offers a professional, no-nonsense appeal. This type of card comes in various sizes, helping you showcase details on your design clearly. It makes an impact if you add a short statement such as a motto. It gives out a robust glaring feature, making it easier for the person to read. This card also leaves you with a minimalist finish, and you can design it with personalized details.

2.     Standard Custom Business Cards

If it’s your first time printing business cards, you’re probably looking for a safe idea before exploring any creative options. If that’s the case, opt for a standard business card design. This type of business card includes your company’s identity and is usually on a small rectangular piece. You can always adjust the size according to your liking and what you want to include on the card.

This type of paper is non-coated and leaves a very simple standard card look. These types of cards are easier to create, and you can print them in no time. If you don’t want to put in too much effort to design your business card or are afraid that it won’t turn out right, start off with a standard business card.

3.     Customized Gloss Business Cards

Gloss business cards give out a unique look, so colors appear more vibrant. This is a great choice if your company or brand’s message is one of luxury. In this card, you can include elements such as pictures and unique fonts, which will stand out on your gloss card. The best part about this type of business card is that it lasts longer. As a result, your clients and customers can clearly read contact details much later after getting your card.

The downside of this type of card is that it’s not as readable as other business card types. This is because of the glossy finish that leaves a shiny look on the cards. Sometimes, a glare can keep customers from reading details correctly. When designing, pay close attention to the fonts and size so that you achieve clear readability.

Custom Business Cards Printing

4.     Premium Custom Business Cards

Premium business cards are the perfect way for your business to leave a good impression on clients and other potential customers. These cards come in different styles and designs, depending on your budget. What makes these cards ‘premium’ is the material as well as the designs.

You can opt for whatever size you want, from a square-shaped look to any unique shape that matches your business’s theme. You can choose any color and print it on a gloss or matte sheet. Regardless of the design you incorporate on your premium business cards, it will give a modernized and sleek look.

5.     Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards help keep up a classy look of a professional, luxurious brand or business. These cards highlight your logo or company name on the card. It does so by raising the surface of the paper your brand name is printed. When you touch the card, it will leave you with a unique feel that customers can relate only to your business. Creating a unique identity for your business with this type of business card is what you need.


It’s time you get your business out there and inform people about it through unique business cards. Make sure to go through all the types and choose one that suits your business the best. For great printable business cards, contact Automation Graphics. We provide you with high-quality, luxurious business cards, incorporating all your preferences and likes.



NYC top Printer Discusses Business Card Design Ideas

Designing Your Own Business Card: Getting Started

business-card-design-options-printer-nyc-01Nowadays, you don’t really need the services of a professional designer if you want to make your own custom business card. It can be surprisingly easy to get the job done in the comfort of your own home with the right software, and the degree of freedom and control you’ll have over the project is definitely worth the extra effort. Plus, you can avoid spending outrageous prices on something that’s normally not the most complicated job a designer would take on in the first place.

Prioritize Relevant Details

It might sound obvious, and it should be, and yet we still see plenty of people listing details like their home address in a large font, taking attention away from the things a contact would actually want to see. Your name, phone number, e-mail, and that’s pretty much it – don’t complicate it too much and leave any small details tucked away in a corner in a smaller font, or better yet, completely off the card.

Keep It Simple

great-business-card-design-advice-nyc-02This brings us to the next point – don’t make the design complicated and busy for the sake of making it “fancy”. Notice how most professional business cards are typically limited to simple, clean shapes like lines and squares, with perhaps a monochrome logo of the company in the corner. This will stand out much better than an overdone business card with all sorts of details all over it. It will also leave a better impression on your customers, as they’ll know that you have good taste.

Unusual Options Can Work Well

best-business-card-printing-west-side-nyc-03Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and if something looks nice to you, don’t discard it as an option. White text on black background? Why not! There are various options that might look pretentious, but just because you’ve never seen something on another business card before doesn’t mean that it’s not a good choice. As long as you keep this within the confines of the other points we listed above, you should be fine.

Are you ready with your design? Once you want to transfer it to a real business card, get in touch with us and we’ll take a look at your order. The best printer in NYC is all you need to make sure that the design of your card will be taken care of the right way, by people who know what you’re trying to achieve. And that can make all the difference!

Commercial Printer in NYC for Business Cards

How Cheap Business Card Printing Can Cost You More in the Long Run

best-business-card-printing-nyc-ny-01So, you think you’ve found a good deal on business card printing that can save you a lot of money? Look more closely. If the standard price of the printing company is lower than the market average, that’s a red flag – and if they’re willing to cut you a significant discount on that price, that’s even more suspicious. You should be really careful where you’re spending your money when ordering a set of business cards, as the wrong investment can cost you even more in the long run in unforeseen ways.

You’ll Leave a Poor Impression on Potential Contacts

happy-business-contacts-business-card-nyc-02If you hand someone a poorly made business card and they end up checking it out some days or weeks later, after it’s had enough time to get properly bent and torn in their wallet, this can leave a terrible impression and send off all the bad signs towards that person. And if they happen to be a potential customer or another valuable contact, tough luck – you’ll probably never hear from them again.

You’ll Still Have to Pay a High Price Sooner or Later


Once you’ve found out that your business cards are practically falling apart, or the ink is getting worn out too fast, or a myriad of other issues, you’ll obviously want to repair the damage by

ordering a proper set and spreading them around. This means that you’ll still end up paying the premium price of a good printer, and it might even cost you more if you want the job done on a short notice. This is definitely not an ideal situation for a smaller entrepreneur on a limited budget.

You May Need to Rework the Whole Design

Depending on how your original printer worked, the design you used with them might be unsuitable for a quality printer. A low resolution is one of the most common problems, and it’s something low-grade companies are not going to warn you about. Chances are they may not even understand the details themselves.

The point is, you need to know that you’re submitting your business card design to the right company. If you’re not sure who that is and where to turn, give us a call and we’ll set you up with an appointment. You’ll be in the hands of the best printer in NYC, and all you’ll have to worry about is having a good design for your business cards in the first place!