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Printing in Large Formats: Making a Bold Statement with Graphics

In the world of visual communication, size matters. When it comes to making a statement that commands attention, printing in large formats is the go-to choice. Whether you need to promote your business, advertise an event, or create impactful graphics, large format printing can help you make a bold and memorable statement. In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of large format printing and how it enables you to convey your message on a grand scale.

printing in large formats best

The Impact of Large Format Printing

Large format printing is all about creating visual impact and leaving a lasting impression. Here’s why it’s so effective:

  • Visual Dominance: Larger-than-life graphics are hard to ignore and stand out in any environment, whether it’s a trade show, retail store, or outdoor event.
  • Versatility: Large format printing can be used for various purposes, including banners, posters, wall graphics, vehicle wraps, and more, making it a versatile tool for different industries.
  • Attention-Grabbing: Large, vibrant graphics capture attention and convey your message effectively, even from a distance.

Applications of Large Format Printing

Large format printing serves a wide range of applications across industries:

  • Retail: Create eye-catching window displays, in-store graphics, and promotional banners.
  • Events: Make a memorable impact at trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions with large banners and displays.
  • Outdoor Advertising: Utilize billboards, vehicle wraps, and outdoor signage to reach a broader audience.

Designing Impactful Large Format Graphics

Creating visually compelling large format graphics involves thoughtful design and attention to detail:

  • High-Quality Imagery: Use high-resolution images and graphics to ensure sharpness and clarity, even at a larger scale.
  • Color Selection: Choose colors that align with your brand and evoke the desired emotions in your audience.
  • Typography: Use large, legible fonts that can be easily read from a distance.
  • Message Clarity: Keep your message clear, concise, and focused on the most critical information.

Automation Graphics Inc.: Your Large Format Printing Partner

At Automation Graphics Inc., we understand the power of large format printing in making a bold statement with graphics. Our expertise in high-quality large format printing ensures that your visuals not only impress but also effectively convey your message. We offer customization options for size, materials, and finishing touches, allowing you to create graphics that have a profound impact.

Printing in Large Formats: Conclusion

Large format printing is a dynamic and effective way to make a bold statement, whether you’re promoting your business, enhancing your brand, or creating stunning visuals. In a world where visual communication plays a significant role, large format printing stands out as a powerful tool for leaving a lasting impression. Contact Automation Graphics Inc. today to explore our large format printing services and make your message heard on a grand scale.

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The Power of Large Format Printing for Outdoor Advertising

Large format printing for outdoor advertising is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes increase brand awareness and drive sales. Whether you’re promoting a new product or service, or simply looking to build your brand’s visibility, large format printing can help you achieve your goals. In this blog post, we’ll explore why large format printing matters and how our commercial printing services can help you create effective outdoor advertising that drives results for your business.

Large Format Printing for Outdoor Advertising

The Benefits of Large Format Printing for Outdoor Advertising

this type of printing can provide a number of benefits for outdoor advertising, including:

  • Increased visibility: Large format printing is a great way to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience with your message.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Large format printing is a cost-effective way to advertise outdoors, allowing you to reach a large audience for a relatively low cost.
  • Flexibility: Large format printing can be used for a wide range of outdoor advertising applications, including billboards, banners, vehicle wraps, and more.
  • High-quality graphics: Large format printing allows for high-quality graphics and images that are sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

The Elements of Effective Large Format Printing for Advertising

best sign printing NYCTo create effective large format prints for advertising outdoors, there are a few key elements to consider, including:

  • Design: The design of your large format printing should be eye-catching and reflect your brand’s messaging and identity.
  • Message: Your large format printing should have a clear and concise message that communicates the most important information to your target audience.
  • Placement: The placement of your large format printing is critical to its effectiveness. It should be placed in a location where it will be seen by your target audience, such as a busy intersection, highway, or other high-traffic area.

How Our Commercial Printing Services Can Help

At Automation Graphics, we offer a variety of commercial printing services to help you create effective large format printing for outdoor advertising. Our team of experts can work with you to create designs that are tailored to your specific needs and goals, and we use high-quality materials to ensure that your outdoor advertising is durable and long-lasting.

Conclusion: Contact Automation Graphics for All Your Printing Needs

Large format printing is a powerful tool for outdoor advertising that can help businesses of all sizes increase brand awareness and drive sales. Whether you’re looking to promote a sale, highlight a new product, or simply build your brand’s visibility, Automation Graphics Inc. can help.

Contact us today to learn more about our commercial printing services and how we can help you create effective large format printing for outdoor advertising for your business.

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Choosing the Best Large Format Printing Company

How do you go about choosing the best large format printing company? As businesses prioritize impactful marketing and advertising techniques, the printing industry is gaining increasing popularity. Producing brochures, banners, and leaflets has become essential for companies and brands to acquire more visitors and develop a bigger client base. While printed media is critical, most businesses do not have in-house printing units. They usually source their printing requirements from third-party providers.

Best Large Format Printing Company

Making a banner isn’t easy and requires expertise and skills that come from training and experience. Printing companies like Automation Graphics can deliver the printing results you desire, helping you capture the public’s attention.

While most companies can provide different printing services, a few can ace large format prints. Therefore, it’s important to make the right decision when picking a large format printing company. Read on for tips on choosing the best printing services for large format printing.

But First, What is Large Format Print?

As the name implies, large format printing exists to produce printed media larger than the standard size. Examples and uses of large format print include banners, posters, wall hangings, and billboards.

It involves making the impression of branding graphics and marketing illustrations on different materials, including paper, vinyl, and textile. Unlike other commercial and promotional printing services, large format printing uses a roll of print media instead of a single sheet. Typically, the entire roll helps make a finished picture once the printing process is complete.

A large format printer is around 10 to 15 times bigger than regular printers. Producing huge posters and banners, the visual results of large format printing techniques play a vital role in gaining brand recognition.

Factors to Consider for Picking the Best Large Format Printing Service

Below are some necessary factors to consider when finding a printing service for your large format banners, posters, or billboards.

Printing Width

While large format prints are bigger than standard options, the ‘large’ here refers to different sizes. Confirming how wide of a banner they can produce is the first question you should ask any larger format printing company. Generally, they should provide prints wider than 5 meters.


Your printing service provider should have all the necessary equipment for large format printing. Additionally, ensure that they maintain their machinery and follow printing standards and regulations.

Industries They Work in

A printing service that has worked in the same niche as your business can do a much better job than one that hasn’t. You can trust a printing firm that has provided services to complete similar projects as yours. Such a print provider is likely to give you a hassle-free experience.

If They Provide Installation

Many companies offer prints but not an installation service. Whether or not you want to pick such a service depends entirely on your preference. If they don’t offer installation services, you’ll need to find another service to hang up your poster or banner.

Best Large Format Printing Company New York City


Large format printing is possible on a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, and metal. If you have a particular preference for certain materials, it is best to discuss it before hiring a printing company.

That said, choose your materials wisely. For example, paper may not be a good option for prolonged outdoor installations, despite its affordability and easy availability.

Best Large Format Printing Company: Conclusion

The right printing services provider can help develop captivating printed media to attract potential customers. Large format prints enhance brand recognition within the general public and build brand loyalty among customers.

However, choosing the best printing service for your business can be challenging. Automation Graphics provides excellent large format services at an affordable price. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with one of our experts.

Automation Graphics Inc.
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Different Types of Large Format Printing

Let’s discuss the different types of large format printing. Large format printing is an old concept of print media and business advertisements. However, when we say “old,” we don’t mean to imply any decline in its demand. Large format printing is still a popular marketing tactic that helps businesses collect and gather the required amount of customer attention and sometimes more than that.

It is a great method for business exposure to clients and potential customers. Consequently, it is a lifeline of print media marketing for businesses, without which many companies may see a decline in customer interest in their products and services. Although you may be aware of the impact that large format printing can have on a business’s image and customer attention, did you know that there are more than several different types of it?

Types of Large Format Printing

Large format printing has seen continuous changes and upgrades that accompany many technological advancements in the print industry. From 18 to 100 inches, there is also a wide variety in large format printing. However, there are quite a few distinctions in the average and the best large format printing processes that enable a more excellent final result. From billboard and mall posters, large format printing is vital to any business that requires exposure to customers, markets, and certain regions. Here are the different types of large format printing.

What are the Types of Large Format Printing?

Aqueous Inkjet Printing

Regardless of the numerous large format printing techniques available throughout the commercial printing industry, aqueous inkjet printing is one of the most common. It has water solvent inks inside the printing machines. Applicable throughout graphics printing material and technical documents, aqueous inkjet printing is seeing a rise in demand due to the high-resolution and wide-format results that it can produce.

Compatible for indoor and outdoor materials alike, this large format printing method is a popular technique. Along with fast outputs, this printing type is ideal for:

  • advertisement
  • fine art showcasing
  • graphic design
  • lamination
  • advertiser materials
  • trade shows and photographic printing.

It is the most convenient printing method available today.

Flatbed UV-Based Printing

The Flatbed UV-based printing method is one of the latest printing techniques in the printing industry. As it is a UV-based printing technique, the ink-drying mechanism is quite different from that of the inkjet printers.

The ultraviolet rays in this printing method dry and solidify the curable ink to form perfectly on sheets of paper. While it may appear quite similar to the aqueous/solvent inkjet printing type above, the ink costs for Flatbed UV-based printing are relatively less expensive and reliable. In fact, outdoor images are printable without the need for lamination at all!

Different Types of Large Format Printing

Latex Printing

Large format printing has seen countless developments and printing improvements. Among those developments is the use of latex and resin-based inks that are ideal for indoor and outdoor printing applications. Not only are they durable, but their water-formulated resin-based and latex inks generate a lower environmental impact under the right printing style.

Despite being water-formulated, they produce images that are higher in quality in comparison to solvent inkjet printing. Therefore, they require no extra ventilation before presenting the results. With nearly all material compatibility, competitive pricing, and growing demand, businesses are now switching to latex printing for their large format printing needs.

Solvent Printing

If you require large format graphics design, you need solvent printing. Ideal for exterior graphics design, solvent printing is durable, versatile, and long-lasting. Nevertheless, you should know that experts suggest using special ventilation techniques to counter the hazardous ink fumes that are the result of this large format printing type.

For that reason, they are usually not suitable for daily use in offices. In fact, the most common places where you find the use of solvent ink printing machinery are fully equipped plants. The main reason for their popularity is that they require a low investment overall.

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Did you know the dye sublimation type of printing is so quick that the print dries up as soon as the printing takes place over fabrics, print rolls, sheets, or anything else? Well, it transfers the dye directly onto the material during the printing process using the special machinery technique. Such transfer puts the material in direct contact with ink/dyes; hence, drying up as soon as the printing takes place.

Highly compatible with polyester-coated and polymer products/substrates, this digital printing type is a widely popular large format printing option in the modern printing industry. However, it is more commonly suited to producing plaques, banners, signs, tea mugs, and cell phone covers.


Large format printing requires care and diligence to deliver consistent quality. In fact, you may find it hard to come by a print shop that can cater to varying large format printing needs or in high quantity. Don’t worry! Automation Graphics can help you become one of the amazing large format printing advertisers with modern machinery, exemplary services, and immense experience.

Give us a call at (646) 205-3037 or visit us in person at 519 8th Avenue 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.


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The Best Large Format Printing

What is large format printing and what helps make the best final product? Have you ever wondered where large billboards and posters on buildings come from? Printing services can create them using large format printing. Large format printing is a printing process for businesses looking to advertise their products and services to the public. Large format printing is a great way to print blueprints, banners, trade show panels, and many other things. Just about every print store offers this common printing technique.

This is one of the best marketing tools for businesses, helping them create a prominent and eye-catching look for different services, events, and products. If you’re interested in such a creative mode of advertising, read further below and learn about what large format printing has to offer.

Best large format printing

Large Format Printing Process

Using large format printing, businesses can showcase posters, banners, and blueprints on large surfaces. The printing process involves the flow of ink through large nozzles that goes directly on the desired material. The printing process is very simple and gives a prominent and colorful look. Through large format printing, you get a magnified version of prints. They provide a high-quality appearance of fonts and images that help grab the audience’s attention.

Types of Material Used for Large-Format Printing

In large format printing, you can choose between a variety of materials to get your desired prints on. Before choosing a specific material, you must consider a few factors, such as the type of graphics you want to include in the prints and where you will put up your large format print. You can discuss the different types and their applications with your printing company as they can help choose the best material for your desired large format prints. Mentioned below are the different types of materials used in large format printing:

1.     Rigid Materials

Rigid materials such as wood and metal are very uncommon printing materials. Nevertheless, they are perfect for extraordinary and unique projects that can provide high-quality prints. Such materials usually come in handy when advertising for a specific event. In such applications, you require signage for an exhibition or meeting. Using this material is costly in contrast to others, but it leaves you with extraordinary and outstanding performance.

2.     Paper

Paper is the standard printing material for all printing methods. Many people prefer getting prints on paper as it’s much cheaper. Similarly, it’s easier to handle and apply. However, paper prints aren’t as durable as compared to other materials. If you want to create a display for a short period, paper large format prints will work just fine to capture your audience’s attention.

3.     Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the main materials used in large format prints as it provides a classy finish and appearance to the finished print. Vinyl large format prints are ideal for outdoor applications, especially when showcasing an advertisement on high-rise buildings during extreme weather conditions. There is a lot you can do when using vinyl for your large format prints.

4.     Fabric

You can also use different fabrics for your large format prints and achieve a cool framed or paneled look. These types of prints are quite long-lasting and leave you with a high-defined printed look.

Best large format printing NYC

Why Choose Large Format Printing?

Large format printing has a lot of advantages to offer you, especially when it comes to using it for advertising purposes. One of the main benefits of using large format printing is its level of durability.  The UV-cured ink on these prints allows billboards and other large format products to stay firm and retain color in some of the most severe weather conditions. So no matter how bad it’s thundering or snowing, your large format prints will never experience damage or come crashing down.

Large-format prints are also very prominent, so if your main goal is to advertise something to get people’s attention, large format prints will help you do that. A person can easily see the billboard or poster from a far distance, depending on where they’re standing. For this, you have to make sure you use the right design and font size so it’s clearly visible to everyone. Lastly, large format prints offer different substrates, so you have a lot of variety to choose from. Your options include metal, cloth, vinyl, wood glass, and foam board.

Best Large Format Printing: The Bottom-Line

If you’re currently looking for a way to achieve large format prints through billboards, banners, blueprints, or other products, you first must find a reliable print shop. The best print shop that will help you with all your large format needs in NYC is Automation Graphics.

If you are in need of the best high-quality large format printing services, call us right now at (646) 205-3037. We will meet all of your printing needs!

Wide Format Printing

What is wide format printing? Just as we see technology get better and better, the same progress is taking place in the printing industry. A few years ago, wide-scale development in printing was not common because of the absence of available material, inefficient cost, and extended time.

Luckily, wide format printing presents you with a solution to print for large business groups who focus on money-making with available printing materials and turnaround times. This is the reason widescale printing is common in all offices, no matter what the size it is.

Wide Format Printing

The industry knows this printing technique as a grand format and large format as well. This technique is a common option for larger printing jobs, typically 11 inches by 8.5 inches. These printers can also print 18 inches by 100 inches – the industry term for these sizes is ‘Plotters.’

Advancements in technology have improved printing quality. Even the ink, an important component of printing, is now becoming environmentally-friendly, thanks to a focus on having low impacts on the environment and sustainability. This is a crucial aspect of printing at Automation Graphics as we care about the future of the environment.

Wide Format Printing

Where Can You Use Large Format Printing?

Uses of large format printing are practical and expand beyond posters. Large format printing offers unmatched versatility compared to other printing techniques. Foam, ceramic, coated metal, wallpaper, fabric, wood, and vinyl, to name a few, are suitable materials businesses can choose for this printing type. Items you can include in your printing list are not limited to:

  • T-shirts
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle graphics/ wrappings
  • Wall art
  • Floor Displays
  • Business Directories
  • Banners sign

Materials Used In Large Format Printing

In an original production of large format graphics, many exciting materials work as substrates. These include materials like vinyl to paper and fabrics or metal. Depending on the purpose, various materials work in a wide variety of ways. These materials act to provide a wide range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Printers select substrates based on their suitability to fulfill the needs of a particular project. When printing graphics for retail purposes, they may use a less durable and affordable material, such as vinyl.  This is opposed to vehicle graphics or outdoor hoarding graphics that need durable materials. When preparing graphics to use in the city centers, printers rely on anti ‘graffiti’ vinyl to put off the vandals, who run around ruining the visual aesthetic of the structures. The substrates are of two types; one that is firm, like vinyl, and the metal sheet. Not all suppliers provide substrates, but these are some of the common examples.


Paper is widely available and highly adaptable. Hence, it’s no surprise that paper takes a spot among the most popular printing substrates. Paper is cheap and easy to find, but it is the most durable substrates, and if you are looking to install the print on a long-term basis, you may go for it.


For long term installation and outdoor going, vinyl is the best choice because it is very flexible and easy to shape and cut. Not to mention, there are many types of finishes for it – from gloss to matte and even the reflective mirror vinyl. This is a popular option for outgoing and for wrapping the vehicle because of its versatility and affordability. Printers also use it in the background for more durability and support.

Textile and Fabric

As new big format installation is available, they have tension fabric frames. There has been an increase in the number of suppliers offering prints on the fabric.

Metal, Wood, and Other Substances

With a wide print format, suppliers can also print on solid and rigid materials, including wood or aluminum. As vinyl is very common, businesses can use large format printing for unusual projects such as exhibitions, photography, and art.

Best Wide Format Printing NYC


With wide format printing, you get many benefits and options. Thanks to the help of many choices, businesses can print whatever they want. These include large ads, posters, blueprints, and large maps; the sky’s the limit!

If you are in need of professional large format printing services, contact us! Reach out to us at Automation Graphics by calling at 646-205-3037 to learn all about the wide format printing solutions we offer.

What Is Large Format Printing?

What is the best large format printing? Like every sector in the world, the printing industry is booming as well. Multiple types of printing services are available, and settling on one to make your next banner is as challenging as you think. However, in this massive printing industry, large format printing is gaining a lot of attention. It produces a high-quality result similar to that of offset printing.

Despite being a popular printing style, people do not know much about it. Large format printing is a popular printing style that businesses use to create large banners and signs. You might see them all around your city. Since it is cost-effective, numerous businesses use it to promote and market themselves.

In this article, let’s go over large format printing in detail. How do printers make these massive banners, why they’re better, and why businesses use it as a primary method of advertisement? Let us dive into the article.

Best large format printing 2020-2021

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a banner-making process. In the process, the professional uses massive equipment to print the design or the graphics on to a massive piece of paper, polyester, or any material you desire.

The size of the large format printer is ten to fifteen times bigger than a printer you can find around your house. It is a large unit for commercial use only. You need a trained professional to do this job. In most cases, the printer is capable of printing out an eighteen to hundred-inch width piece in one go.

The large format printing technique has become very popular in a short amount of time. The technology is only 25 years old. Before this, people were inclined to offset printing. Even though offset printing produces a high-quality product, its process is relatively more labor-intensive and requires a longer time to produce.

However, since 25 years of its discovery, large format printing has changed a lot. The change may be of inks, design of the machine, technology, substrates, and much more.

Major uses of Large Format Printing

This method is becoming more and more common now. However, the most common use you can see of large format printing is in advertising. Massive brands use these banners to marketing a single product or their entire business. Large format printing is sustainable because you can get them water-resistant materials like polyester and vinyl.

Large format printing advertisements are usually massive in size. They range between 18 inches to a whopping 100 inches. For this reason, they are perfect for making live size advertisements that the public can easily read out from a distance.

These advertisements visually look better than other banner styles. The designs don’t require stitching to stand out; it is one plain beautiful picture.

In fact, large format printing is also becoming popular amongst automobile enthusiasts. These forms are very sustainable, and you can easily make car wraps from them. On the other hand, it is an easy and safe way to customize your car and make it look cool.


Giving you an exact figure will be unfair to you. After all, there are multiple kinds of large format printing jobs that provide you with different products. As a result, all printers change differently for various reasons.

Nonetheless, a large format printing project includes various costs that you need to keep in mind before hiring anyone to do the job. The highest cost will be of the material. So you should wonder what kind of material do you need for your project? The other major cost involves machinery and the amount of time required to do the job. The next will be the labor cost. The final cost will be that of putting up the advertisement.

Best Large Format Printing Shop in New York

Automation Graphics

Automation graphics is one of the most famous printing stores all over New York. They provide you with facilities like graphic designing, large format printing, and other printing jobs. They have been around for a very long time.

In the city, they are most famous for their quick service and providing customers with a final product within a few days. They have several huge businesses as part of their clientele because they are very reliable.

They provide you with various offset printing, large format printing, and presentation-making services, along with printing event materials. On the other hand, they support specialty printing facilities like foil stamping, letterpress, and engraving.

What is large format printing? | 2020-2021

Final Feedback

A large-format banner is the best option for advertising all kinds of businesses. With passing time, its technology is undergoing various changes and developments. These upgrades are only making its process faster, and the products more reliable and robust.


Automation Graphics
519 8th Avenue
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

(646) 205-3037

Sign and Banner Large Format Printing

You may have come across many large banners on buildings and signs such as stop signs or shop signs and wondered how these come about in the first place. Well, you have come to the right place as we will guide you on the process of large format printing and the steps involved. Large format printing is the ‘iPhone’ in today’s printing industry, and its use keeps growing daily. Fortunately, with the help of many digital changes, large format is comparatively easier to carry out than it was years ago.

What is Large Format Printing?

People use large format printing for big commercial and promotional purposes, and this type of printing has gained its popularity because of its colorful and defined appearance with the help of new digital processes. Large format printing has been carried out by printers for many years, but they were unable to present high-quality prints, which is now achievable using digital printers.

If your business is trying to promote a new product or service or if you are hosting a new event, then you should use large format printing to print out banners and signs for your new creation. Large-format prints have a way of people’s attention due to its bold fonts and customized designs. Yes, you can customize your large format prints however you want to. The best part about large format prints is that you can achieve banners up to as long as 5 meters long at an extremely low price compared to other printing types. Large-format prints are easily accessible in no time with the help of the latest technology, and it is one of the best quality prints you can attain.


There are various kinds of products that can be printed out through large format printing, and these products include banners, posters, retail graphics, stickers, signs, billboards, and much more.

Signs-Large Format Printing

Signs are a form of large format printing. Signs can have a big impact on your business or service as they can help you to aim at potential customers. Signs are mostly put outside shops or on busy streets because they have the ability to capture the attention and focus of passers-by. You can keep signs indoors, and they are also an eye-catching product depending on how attractive the outlook of the signage is. You can also print out customized signs, which allow you to put in your version of promotion, giving it a more stand out feature.

There are different types of materials you can print out signs from. These materials include cardboard, metal, Foamex, magnetic gloss, Dibond, and plastic.

The process of signage printing is very simple and digitalized. Firstly, you have to prepare the design of your sign online; the printer directly sends your design file to the machine. Printers use UV ink for printing large format prints like signs; this type of ink gives your finished product a bold look and also waterproofs the signs.

Banners- Large Format Printing

Banners are one of the most common forms of large format printing, and I’m sure you have seen banners run around big buildings at promotional events or festivals. The process of making banners is very simple yet technical; it the same way you print out signage as mentioned above. Printers normally use at least 13 ounces of a roll of vinyl and large format printers are able to print a maximum of 8 feet in width. These rolls are connected to the digital printer and hence, the computer processes and transfer your artwork directly onto the material. The fresh print then goes to the production department where your customized ideas take place. In order to make your banner look more presentable, the printer service sows the edges of the banner to prevent the sides from curling up. After this step, with the help of a sewing machine, printers continue to fold all four sides of the banner in order to produce a double-stitched hem for a presentable finish. You can also opt to add an extra feature such as aluminum grommets. These are circular metal rings that are inserted in the banner to make it easier to hang if need be.


It is advisable to you that you use banner printing if you want to advertise your product or service to a large crowd of people. People use banners for sales promotion, fundraisers, retail, sports event and other activities that need to be in the spotlight. So you can choose to advertise through banners for any of these reasons.

There are different types of banners that print shops offer. You can choose from mesh PVC banners, lamp post banners, premium PVC banners, fabric banner, recyclable banner, and economy PVC banners.


You don’t have to worry whether you’re advertising for your event, business, product or any other kind of major announcement, we have got you fully covered, offering you the best printing services in NYC. Contact us today to get started with printing out your large format prints.

Large Format, Banner Printing Services in NYC

top-large-format-banner-printing-new-york-nyc-03Banners and other large format printed content have proved to be excellent marketing tools. Despite the age of internet marketing, such marketing materials still haven’t lost their appeal. One of the best things about printed banners and related sources is that they are quite versatile. You can have them printed in different designs, sizes, and can place them in your desired locations. Any successful business owner understands the impact visual marketing can have on his/her businesses.  If you want to send a loud and clear message to boost up your sales, getting a large printed banner is a worthy step to take.

Why Choose Our Large Format Banner Printing Services?

There are many reasons why you can select us as your ideal printing agency. Here are some of our best services for you to know:

On-time Delivery

There are numerous cases where you might have experienced extended deadlines due to slow printing procedures. This is certainly not the case here. As a business owner, you might have to deal with some timelines with no margin for extensions. For this, we have a highly professional and an experienced staff that works hard to ensure you get your order on time.

No Compromise on Quality

large-format-commercial-printing-02The first and the most important priority is the print quality. Your banner should be clear, attractive, loud, and striking in appearance. We ensure that your message is delivered widely and have a welcoming effect on your potential clients.  You can choose from numerous designs and styles to add the required charm to your content.  It is important that your content source have the right font size, format and other ingredients to work its magic. We are here to ensure that the quality is top-notch despite the differences in your design and style requirements.

Availability of the Latest Printing Technology

A printed banner goes through various processes that require the use of various technologies. We have all the latest printing tech tools that ensure that your large format prints are of the right size and quality.

Professional Advice

banner-printing-services-nyc-01Apart from other factors, you also need to decide the correct color outline and the content structure as well. Our team consists of experts in the field who can help you out with your banner’s construction. This is to ensure that your content delivers swiftly and efficiently. In case you are confused on how you can shape your banner and present it to the world, we have your back.

Affordable Prints

It’s quite a possibility that you might back out of printed banners because of an assumed high cost. The services you choose should provide cost-effective solutions that offer the same output. Our services also include making up suitable affordable printing solutions that deliver the same work quality.

Cooperative Customer Support

You can get a quick recommendation on your large format content through a phone call. Our customer support is highly responsive and offers quick and helpful solutions.

Call us now at 646-205-3037 to book an appointment for the best large format printing services.

How Large Format Printing Helps Your Promotional Campaigns

How Large Format Printing Helps Your Promotional Campaigns 1No matter which promotional technique you use, it is important to ensure its visibility. Business enterprises should focus their attention on proper advertising methods. Good advertising improves your brand image and ensures the growth of your company. Perhaps this is the reason behind the growing popularity of large format printing. With a larger format, your customers will be able to remember your advertisement for long.

Large format printing allows you to produce life sized photos of your products. Such images are easily visible from a distance and thus attention-grabbing. These images can be displayed as hoardings on the top of buildings or along the roadsides. Large format printing portrays your brand in a good light. People start noticing your company.

Recreate images with great quality and detail

Large format printing allows you to create images with superior quality and detail. This explains why many businesses now seek the service of printing companies offering large offset printing. Using large format printing, you can create bright pictures with a glossy finish.

Availability of high quality technology

With rapidly changing technology, it is now easy to find high quality printing that supports large format printing. Thanks to these technologies, printing companies can deliver wall stickers almost immediately. Advertising does not permit delays. Your posters should be in front of your audience at the right time. Marketers can specify how their stickers should be printed or the printing team can come up with stylish design ideas.

High quality materials

Large Format PrintingLarge format printing uses high quality raw materials and fabric. Because of the fine quality of raw materials, the posters can bear all seasons. This way, the large attractive prints can keep on promoting your products for a long time. Such huge images can also be screen printed in different poster sizes. Many companies are interested in printing PVC banners, wall stickers, and vinyl stickers through these printing technologies.

As we can see, there are several good reasons to use large format printing for promoting businesses. When large format printing is used cleverly, it adds a new dimension to your promotional campaigns.

When your hoardings are erected in places where they are sure to grab attention, your products and business will get the visibility they need.

Whether you are a beauty salon or a new food joint, reach us at 646-205-3037 for some attractive printing options. We can get you the visibility your brand deserves. You can rest assured that when you choose our services, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Large Format Printing: Banner and Poster Printing

 Large Format Printing

Large format printing still occupies an important place in business. While many printed advertisements have been superseded by Internet advertisements, there is no substitute for what large format printing can provide for a business in certain situations. Having a commercial printing firm that can produce materials with in-house graphic design or your own designs that are of very high quality and that can be used to offer exactly the right corporate image is imperative to making certain that a business gets noticed in just the right way.


There are many venues where color banner printing is a huge benefit for businesses. One of the most important places to make certain that you have a corporate presence that is visible without depending upon electronic equipment is in a trade show environment. At trade show booths, having the most attractive banner and other display elements sometimes means having the most customers stop by to take a look at what you have to offer. Large format printing for these situations needs to be done by a business that understands how to translate corporate branding efforts to a large format print.

For businesses that have brick-and-mortar locations, large format printing is imperative to getting noticed by customers who walk by or drive by. An attractive display can easily persuade someone who is driving by to stop in and see what you have to offer. These materials do not have to be overly expensive to produce and, in some cases, adding large-format banners to the advertising budget of the particular promotion or sale is a great way to get more out of that event.

Large-format banner printing is also great for community events. If you’re business is participating in something charitable or something having to do with the community and you want to make certain that you get noticed that acknowledge for that, having large-format graphics printed up that advertise your business’s presence is a great way to make certain that people remember that you were there and were an active participant.

Large-format printing is actually one of the most economical ways to advertise for business. A high quality banner or poster can be used over and over again. For signage, materials printed on durable media can last for many years and keep providing great service over the long haul. This makes large-format printing one of the most affordable services.

Whether you need banner printing, color banner printing or other services, a commercial printing firm with experience in the field is a huge asset. Some of them will offer you in-house graphic design, which ensures that your logos and other business materials translate well to the larger format.

If you’re considering having large-format printing done for your business, make certain that you hire a firm with experience. Commercial printing is a specialty field and it requires the right amount of experience and the right equipment to do it right. Banner printing can be a very economical way to get your business noticed and, in the right situation, you can make sure that you stand out above the crowd.

Printing Materials for Events Part Two

Type Of Event

Depending on the type of event that you are planning, you will have varying printing needs. For a wedding, for instance, you have to choose just how elaborate you want your invitations to be. A baby christening event doesn’t need to be as elaborate as a business event. For a convention event or a 42796training session, you want to ensure that you are properly prepared and have all the promotional items that ensure a successful event and follow-up. Your attendees need to get all the required information to succeed at the event while you, at the same time, have the ability to promote your services and any upcoming events/training.

Printing materials for events can make or break the occasion, especially a corporate function. Visual perception by the participants is a key component. If you use cheap, unprofessional materials to promote or present your information, the perception will be that the event will be poorly and unprofessionally presented. Your best choice for your printing needs, regardless of the event, is a professional printing company.

Event dates are “Etched in Stone” so any materials that are delayed for any reason, can cause real headaches.

At Automation Graphics, our 50 + years of local service and knowledge can assist you with difficult CylinderPresstasks, especially with timing.

We are centrally located in Midtown near the Jacob Javitts Convention Center, Penn Station, and Times Square.

Our clients all receive prompt courteous and knowledgeable customer service and solutions to all printing situations.

With our access to state of the art equipment, each project is perfectly matched to your set of circumstances. Quick delivery, high end production, and less expensive pricing options, we‘ve got you covered.

Deal directly with experienced professionals who know how to make things happen, even when your requirements are challenging. printing_machines_01-s

So when you need a company to turn to for all of your printing needs for your next event, turn to Automation Graphics, your local NYC neighbor with over 50 years experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Printing Materials for Events Part One

You have an upcoming important event and you want everything to look just right. What you need is a company that can handle all your printing needs. Automation Graphics!

Event Printing

You want a company that can handle your printing needs for any event from start to finish. Automation Graphics can help you with:

  • Invitations
  • Save the date cards
  • Sign in sheets
  • Banners
  • Seating cards
  • Auction cards
  • Booklets
  • Gift bags
  • Brochures
  • Coupons
  • Fliers
  • Tent cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Follow up letters
  • Promotional posters
  • Tickets
  • Journals
  • And any other printed materials

You want the invitations to be classy and well-done and you want to have all the materials necessary to ensure that you can properly follow up with your attendees.product3-s

During the event, besides the perfect venue and audio visual equipment, you’ll need to ask yourself what types of activities and sub-activities you’ll be including in order to ensure that you have all the printed materials needed. We can help you plan ahead for all your needs.

In consultation with us, we can suggest what it takes for your event to run smoothly.

Questions to answer for proper planning:

  • Will I need seating/place cards and will I use tent cards or some other type of card?
  • Will I use sign-in sheets?
  • Do I need banners to display in the room?
  • Do I need booklets printed so the participants have access to all the required information to benefit the most from the event?
  • Will I be giving out door prizes in logo gift bags?
  • Does the event include a silent auction, necessitating the use of auction cards?
  • Will I need to distribute fliers prior to the event?
  • Will I have coupons made to offer a discount to attendees if they are interested in participating in another hosted event?
  • Will there be an information table with brochures containing information about other events?
  • Will I be mailing thank-you cards after the occasion?
  • Do I need tickets printed for a draw?
  • Will I be posting promotional posters before the event?viper-tx-softsign

We can help you will all of this and more. Let us take responsibility for all your printing needs so you can concentrate on putting on a fabulous event.