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We have extensive experience in corporate printing including annual reports and multiple materials for business and corporate events.

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With over 50 years experience, no matter what your concerns we have most likely experienced similar client request in the past. We have the experience to make sure all of our jobs go well without any unexpected delays or errors. In addition, we have kept up with changing technology. Being a successful company for so long has enabled us to reinvest profits into upgrades in our machinery and technology throughout the years and kept us at the forefront of digital printing technology. Believe us, technology has improved rapidly in the printing industry and we have been the leaders in early adaptation of new machines. Money well spent in our opinion!

With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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Most Popular Types of Commercial Printing

What are the most popular types of commercial printing? Maintaining a single type of printing format or technique will make it difficult for customers to differentiate between brands and businesses. The use of different types of commercial printing techniques and formats allows businesses to present themselves in the most appropriate style in front of customers and potential users. Today, there are countless types of commercial printing thanks to advancing technology and recent developments. But although the printing industry has seen impressive development, several enterprises find it difficult to come across the right commercial printing company.

What are the most popular types of commercial printing?

Before we talk about one of the best companies addressing people’s printing needs and requirements, let’s discuss the most popular commercial printing types.

LED UV Printing

LED UV printing is all about a better form of the lithography printing format. It involves instantly drying ink that also improves the final print color while reducing ink absorption. Such advanced technology has surely turned the printing industry around and stirred up demand for better printing projects and items. The use of LED UV printing enables printing companies to produce eye catching printing items and wholly vivid colors. If your preference involves seeing eye catching colors and vibrant textures, you can go with LED UV printing rather than any other printing technique and/or technology.

There are also several additional benefits to using LED UV printing in comparison to lithography. Before we get into those benefits, it’s worth mentioning that such differences don’t make the offset lithography printing format unviable. With LED UV printing, you get a faster turnaround and a greater reduction in blemishes and markings. This technology also utilizes less power in terms of electricity and manual operations. Since you don’t need to use spray powder for coating via LED UV printing, you can paint a larger range of materials through this technology.

Traditional printing technology utilized spray powder coating to set the ink into the material for final results. However, with LED UV printing, the technology is different. You don’t require spray powder coating but rather a UV lighting to help cure the ink onto the material. The absorption is quick and efficient, with amazing final results. The technology is based on automatic on off functions. Plus, the use of UV light reduces the time and power it usually takes through print drying technology.

LED UV lighting primarily helps with high quality material production and printing. It uses multiple color variances and improves quality on a massive scale. It’s best for luxury marketing such as leaflets, posters, magazines, and catalogs.

Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography or litho printing is one of the most commonly used printing techniques and technology. It’s widely regarded as the staple of the commercial printing industry. Most of the best printing companies in the industry offer offset printing techniques and services. Due to simple and cost effective printing operations, many printing companies offer litho printing to commercial businesses in New York City and elsewhere. The cost effective feature is one of the main reasons why most businesses opt for offset litho printing.

While it’s suitable for large scale printing tasks, it works on the oil water principle, i.e., immiscible liquids. The process begins with the edging of art and text onto aluminum plates that are loaded on a plate cylinder. The cylinder helps dampen the non image area with water while applying the image area with oil based ink. The inked portion of the aluminum plates then moves to the “blanket,” which is a rubber cylinder. Just as the paper passes around the blanket, the image is transferred onto the paper. Hence the name “offset.” Rather than directly applying the image information to the paper, offset lithography printing uses aluminum plate edging and transfer.

Popular types of commercial printing

The real reason this technology is so popular in the commercial printing space is cost effectiveness. Whether you print 10,000 copies or 100,000 copies, you don’t get a distinct difference in cost. It’s also among some of the most versatile printing options out there.

Large Format Printing

This printing technique allows businesses to leave a big impression on competition, customers, and potential viewers. The main reason most businesses opt for this printing technique is the ability to print large size materials. This allows businesses to gain more exposure in public viewership. Despite the presence of countless commercial printing techniques and technologies, you should go for large format printing when you want to print out large size materials.

The printing process is quite similar to digital printing, but the results are relatively bigger. For full color and uncompromising quality in large size posters and other types of printed materials, large format printing is the right option for you.

Most Popular Types of Commercial Printing: Conclusion

Businesses face enough challenges as it is, but printing shouldn’t be one of them! You must know that finding the right kind of suppliers for the different needs and requirements of your business isn’t an easy task. But, when it comes to digital commercial printing, Automation Graphics can serve you the best. Having operated in New York for many years and gaining extensive experience, we provide quality that you won’t find elsewhere.

You can talk to one of our professionals over a phone call or leave a query at our email address. Call today!

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What Commercial Printing Services Do Some Print Shops Provide?

Commercial printing services involve printing a wide range of different products in very large quantities. A commercial print shop can help you print items that often require many copies, such as catalogs, newsletters, magazines, books, and posters.

A commercial printer will transfer the artwork to the item you want to print. You need a professional commercial printer for such high volume printing. This article will help you understand the different services a commercial print shop provides:

Services Commercial Print Shops Offer

1.     Quality Control before Printing

When visiting a commercial print shop, they can either ask you to share a new print or use the existing one you already shared. Before printing, they will carefully check the quality of the design you want them to print. They will inspect and redesign all aspects of that design. This includes checking the color, style, size, shape, and alignment. After all, they aim to offer the highest quality products to their customers. A professional printer will commence the process with the prepress technique. During this process, they will examine the print design and adjust it according to your needs.

Commercial Printing Services NYC

2.     Quality Control while Printing

Once they are sure about the design quality, they will begin the printing process. When printing, they check materials such as ink and paper to ensure that everything is perfect for a great print. After the pre-printing process, they will check the quality through test prints. If the test print quality is not satisfactory, they adjust the settings. A supervisor will approve the quality to confirm that the testing quality is of the highest caliber. After quality assurance, they will begin the printing process. They will inspect the quality of the print until they hand over the final item. If they find an issue during the process, they stop the printing machine and fix any discrepancies.

3.     Quality Control after Printing

After printing the material, they will carefully complete other aspects of the process, such as catalog binding and brochure folding. To provide optimal quality of finished items, they bind brochures and fold them. A professional commercial printer does not compromise on quality. Therefore, they maintain a high standard so you receive a final product that aligns with your requirements.

Types of Commercial Printing

Here are some common printing options that work well with commercial printing services:

1.     Offset Printing

A commercial print shop, such as Automation Graphics, offers optimal quality products. With this technique, the printer has complete control throughout the process. This option provides a clearer picture, vibrant colors, and high-end materials. Traditionally printing shops used printing plates and ink for the process. But, as technology took over the printing industry, better machines are available for offset printing. This printing technique is more expensive and time-consuming than digital printing.

2.     Digital Printing

Because this technique uses the latest technology, it’s the fastest way to get high-quality prints. The print quality is quite similar to offset printing but comparatively cheaper and faster. If you’re getting more than 1,500 prints, digital printing is your best bet to stay within budget and get your prints on time. Digital printing also offers on-demand printing services. In this type of printing option, the commercial printing shop will save a copy of your previous project and print it whenever you need them again. That way, you can save storage and avoid backorders.

Best Commercial Printing Services NY

3.     Large Format

This type of printing option is a perfect solution for massive prints. You can use these commercial prints for POS, display prints, or wide format printing. It’s a great technique to print on any size and material. Because this type of printing option requires larger dimensions, you need a printer with proper experience and specialized equipment. Many businesses and marketing agencies use this type of printing option for banners and billboards. These prints are versatile and offer amazing visual appeal for businesses.

4.     LED UV

Many businesses also prefer LED UV printing to market their brands and products. The technology used in the printing process allows vivid and sharper colors. Because this commercial printing does not include any anti-set off powder or sealing coat, the final result has an original touch. This printing type is an ideal option to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. You can also print on different materials with this method, including mugs, key chains, and handbooks.

Services of Commercial Print Shops: Conclusion

If you’re in need of high volume, high quality printed materials, then you will need to choose an experienced commercial print shop. A printer with market knowledge and the ability to print high volume quickly and accurately can guide you through all the options and help you choose the best options to meet your needs. Before choosing a printer, you should confirm the type of technology they use. If you don’t consider the printer’s experience, equipment, techniques and time to delivery, you may not receive satisfactory results. Therefore, carefully analyze different print shops to choose the best commercial printing service.

Automation Graphics offers optimal solutions for your high quality, high volume commercial printing needs. We have a highly qualified team with years of experience in all forms of commercial printing.

To get a free quote and let us know about your current project, contact us at (646) 205-3037 and speak to our experts.

Commercial Printing: An Overview

Do you need an overview on commercial printing? It’s impossible to think of the business world flourishing without the help of commercial printing. Commercial printing plays a vital role in helping businesses market different products and services. This type of printing functions on a large scale and involves printing materials such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, postcards, sale signs, menus, T-shirts, notepads, catalogs, and newsletters.

In commercial printing, you’ll come across different printing methods. In that case, you have to choose a suitable method as per your requirements. The printing team makes a decision according to the required product and desired quality. At the same time, choosing a professional printing company for business marketing tools is essential. This means choosing one that excels in commercial printing. Read further below and learn more about commercial printing.

Commercial Printing Overview

Types of Commercial Printing

1.     Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most modern printing method of all the others. This type of printing method is perfect for getting faster prints in a limited time. Digital printing also helps produce high-quality prints with an amazing color definition. This makes it ideal for printing out items like brochures, leaflets, and signs with an eye-catching effect.

The best way to get high-quality prints via digital printing is to come up with a proper design. We don’t just mean an aesthetically pleasing one, but it allows the printing team to operate properly. In this scenario, only a digital professional can achieve the exact print you want. If you want to get prints of letters, labels, banners, or any other customized products, digital printing is ideal.

2.    LED UV Printing

If you want super high-quality prints, try out LED UV printing. This method creates prints under UV lights curing-dying process. This produces end materials with a high sharp color definition. Using such a technique leaves a pretty good impression on businesses as it an eco-friendly technique that doesn’t use much power and eradicates CO2 emissions.

The LED UV printing method makes it easy to get superior quality printed materials. Items such as magazines, leaflets, brochures, handbooks, and many other high-end items are perfect for this type of method. The look of the prints has a unique appeal that enhances your brand image. Consumers will be able to tell you’re your brand has put in a lot of effort in getting the right kind of prints and wants to showcase their products and services professionally.

3.     Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography is one of the most common types of printing methods that just about every printing company uses. Using this method, printing companies can make a large number of prints from the original in a short time without compromising on quality. This method involves inking a plate, and then the image is offset from the inked plate to a rubber blanket. In the final step, the rubber blanket sticks to the surface for printing. This printing method allows you to get prints on a flat surface from paper to plastic. As a result, you can choose from a large variety.

Overview on Commercial Printing NYC

Since businesses often require a large number of prints, most printing companies use large rolls of paper. They attach the rolls to printing units and get great prints. This form of printing takes more time than other methods, and you may find it more costly, but you will definitely get awesome quality. You should opt for this method if you want products such as stationery, newspapers, posters, and books.

4.     Large Format Printing

Large format printing is the best way to print on any type of material. This type of commercial printing is perfect for printing large items such as pop-up displays, billboards, floor graphics, wallpaper, signage, vinyl banners, and many other large items.  This printing method involves heavy equipment and professional techniques to get the right prints. Professionals help operate the machinery properly.

Large format prints are the best way for your business to garner attention from potential customers. You can showcase these prints on high-rise buildings or any other higher surface. You could also get ones that stand, allowing plenty of applications to grab consumers’ attention. This printing method will surely help create an eye-catching feature of the message you want to get out to the public. Such a benefit makes it one of the best marketing tools. You definitely can’t miss out on this!

Commercial Printing Takeaway: Consult with an Experienced Print Shop

Now that you’re aware of the purpose of commercial printing and the different methods to achieve some high-quality prints, it’s time you find the best commercial printing company around you. The best printing company is one that can print any and everything you need offering you a variety of printing methods.

For the best printing quality of your business needs, get in touch with Automation Graphics, as we’re the best NYC has to offer you when it comes to commercial printing.


What to Look for in a High-End Commercial Printer

What things should you look for in a high end commercial printer? In the past, businesses used to incur minute expenses like printing, storage, internet café, and photocopying on the daily. Businesses did not think much of it. However, when you compile these minute expenses at the end of the year, they become a huge expense.

Businesses come up with a solution to overcome smaller daily expenses. It was to buy expensive equipment and cut down on smaller expenses. For this reason, hiring a commercial printer has become a basic business expense.

Commercial printing is an essential service. However, a high involvement service like it costs thousands of dollars. For this reason, you need to read a buying guide before selecting a high-end commercial printer.

High end commercial printer NYC

Key Features to Look For in a High End Commercial Printer

As an organization, getting a printer service will be a great way to improve your marketing strategies with impressive banners and printed material.

When you plan to hire a printing service, you need to keep some key features in mind. Considering these features will allow you to select the best commercial printer for your organization.

Check Their Printing Quality

The first thing you need to see in a printing service is its product quality. Sure, it’s great that their clients approve of them, but you need to check for yourself to see if their services match the standard you’re looking for. Thoroughly evaluate their portfolio to determine their product quality. This will allow you to see how the picture is laid over the form and whatnot.

Are They Reliable?

Another thing you need to check is the reliability of the service. After all, quality means nothing if not delivered on time. You need to ensure that the commercial printer is swift enough to provide you with the necessary services on time. After all, your organization or small business needs to launch its marketing campaign on a tight schedule. To avoid delays, it’s a must that you receive your order on time.

Who Are They Working With?

While hiring the printing services, you need to see who the service is working with at the moment as top-notch printing services are already in contact with a reliable business that provides a good quality product.

What Services Can They Provide?

Another important aspect to check is the number of services the printing shop can provide you. When you come in a contract with a printing service, you will surely need more than one service. Therefore, it is wise that you hire a high-end commercial printer service that can provide multiple printing services such as mailing, binding, etc. And other necessary services like detailing of margins.

This allows you to give your marketing campaign more time and spend less time worrying about how to get your marketing materials out there. This also means opting for a commercial printer with the necessary equipment to take up a variety of different printing jobs.

How Do They Rank in the Customer Service Department?

Since your business will be seeking a greater scale of services from a commercial printer, you will require top-notch customer service. If anything, you need a commercial printer who is deeply interested in your project and is invested in meeting your requirements. Talk to the printer’s customer service representatives, as well as clients, about their experience when asking for help. Did previous clients find customer service representatives to be responsive and helpful? If so, you’ve found the best commercial printer.

High End Commercial Printer: Who to Hire?

If you are looking for a printing service in New York City, I highly suggest that you check out Automation Graphics. They used to be in the printing machine-building industry. Long ago they  they spread their wings and have been leaders in the printing business in NYC for many years.

They provide you with top-notch services and a high-quality product. They are the perfect service to hire if you need a copy printing, banner printing, offset printing, wide-format printing, or any other printing services. They will provide you with a high-quality specialty printing job as well, like engraving, stamp foiling, and letterpress. The best thing about them is they provide you with quality services as well. They are very kind, humble, and patient with all their clients.

Best high end commercial printer NY

Final Feedback

Your printer is a high involvement good and can cost a fortune. For this reason, before buying a printer, you should look at all your options and compare them effectively. It would be best if you took printer reviews from people you know. You can head over to the internet to take help as well.

Contact Automation Graphics for your printing jobs. They are fast and provide you with quality service and products.


Commercial Printing

What is commercial printing? Imagine if all businesses only had a single printing option available in the market. If so, they wouldn’t be able to bring out the products or services in a unique. Some great news for you and your business is that technology in the printing industry is thriving in this advanced world so you can stay top of the competition. However, what actually is a commercial printing, and what are its types?

Commercial printing is a device for printing that businesses use to print leaflets and brochures. There are various types of commercial printing. Each type has its specialty and unique function. Here they are:

Commercial Printing NYC

1.     Offset Lithography

In this type of commercial printing, there is an image on a printing plate. After inking the plate, only the part that holds the ink can be printed. Then, the workers transfer or offset the image that contains ink to a blanket made of rubber from the plate. From there, it goes on to a surface that is to be printed.

An amazing benefit of using offset lithography is that you can print on any object with a flat surface. If you are printing on plastic, cardboard, and paper, the result will be remarkable.

If you need the best results from this commercial printing and require large amounts of work, the printing machine uses paper rolls that workers insert through four printing units or towers.

Offset lithography is a technique that you can use to print an extensive range of products, such as stationery, posters, newspapers, and books.

2.     Digital Printing

If you are running a personalized or short-run campaign for your business, digital printing is perfect for your business. With this technique, you can get creative as it offers you a lot of opportunities and options when you are making a strong impression through your marketing materials.

As the popularity of this commercial printing technique is increasing, you will find this method of printing very cost-effective. That’s because it minimizes the cost for postage and engages maximum customers. However, the success of commercial printing depends on the company that is operating the machine, for the purpose it is used, and what machine they are using.

When using digital printing for the right purpose, full-color printing and quick turnaround will be the best option depending on the size of the print. The best way to leverage digital printing is to use it for banners, newsletters, letters, menus, point of sale, labels, and other customizable product for your business.

Best Commercial Printing Shop NYC

3.     Large Format Printing

If you want to make a bigger impression, then a large format is an ideal commercial printing technique. Marketers refer to this as POS (Point of Sale) or display print. With this printing solution, you can print out graphics on materials of any size.

Experts recommend such printing for materials that are very large in size and are not suitable for any other method of commercial printing. This method requires using specialty production equipment to use with materials that have larger dimensions.

Large-format prints grab the audience’s attention from far away, and even a quick view is enough for them to remember striking details. Many businesses use this technique to highlight their product on flat and large print materials such as banners. However, many businesses also use this technique for free-stand for the appeal of the visual. That is why this commercial printing is common and popular among businesses.

Large-format commercial printing is popular to use on billboards, exhibition graphics, displays, external vinyl banners, signage, floor graphics, mounting and lamination, wallpaper, and much more.

4.     LED UV Printing

LED UV printing has become the most popular choice in this modern age. As technology has taken over most industries in the world, you can see the same situation in the printing industry also. LED UV commercial printing is essential to help with the first impression.

This technology keeps the quality of the print vivid and sharp. You will find this technique with original characteristics as anti-set off powder or sealing coat is not required.  Because of the unique curving of the UV, this technique is very popular. Businesses use LED UV printing for leaflets, posters, brochures, look books, catalogs, handbooks, prospectuses, and much more

Commercial Printing: Consult Automation Graphics in NYC

Businesses must consider many factors to create an amazing brochure or print, and choosing the right printing technique the major aspect of it. From the above-mentioned popular options for commercial printing, you can choose a suitable option for your business.

For printing purposes, you can choose between many printing companies. However, we understand what technique and method will be the best option for your business. Not just that, but our professional printers can print on any suitable material that you want to be printed.

Contact Automation Graphics at 646-205-3037 or visit our website for more information.

For quotes or questions regarding your printing needs, you can fill out the query form on our website.

Types of Commercial Printing

Every business big or small has to commercialize new services and products they offer because, without promotion, there won’t be any sales or growth. If you are planning to host a big event or have just started a new business, you need to use proper materials for promotion. This is where commercial printing comes into the picture. You will need to acquire the services of commercial printing whenever you plan on promoting something on a large scale. Read this article to know more about commercial printing.

Types of Commercial Printing - New York 01

What is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing is a process that involves printing out a large variety of products such as posters, books, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, and much more. In this printing process, the artwork is transferred onto a piece of paper or card, which is done via proper commercial printers.  Commercial printing helps you to create a professional piece by supporting activities such as marketing, advertising, retail, and publishing, which in turn leaves a good impression on you or your respective service.

Types of Commercial Printing

There are many different types of commercial printing that you can use for your business or events. Go through the list below and learn how each type of commercial printing works.

1.     Digital Printing

Digital printing is one of the most common types of commercial printing. If you use this technique, you will enjoy the perks of low costs with high quality. Digital printing will help you achieve high-quality items with full-color printing. You gain a large number of prints in a short period of time.  Hence, digital printing is able to match the speed of offset printing, which gives you a production of larger prints at a much lower price. You can use digital printing for printing out banners, letters, slogans, magazines, and any other product that is in need of high production and quality.

2.     Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is one of the best processes to use if you want to attain high volume production. Prints are made using metal plates, which include the images; these metal plates are transferred on to rollers or rubber blankets that print the media in the end. You can easily use thick or flat-surfaced media such as wood, cloth, and canvas in this process as the flexibility of the rubber blankets enables you to achieve prints of such rough-surfaced media. These printing machines include rolls of paper that will help you to gain large high-quality prints.

There are two categories that come under offset printing: One is web offset printing, and the other is sheet-fed offset printing.  Both of these techniques allow you to receive high-quality prints and are in common use nowadays prints and are in common use nowadays.

Types of Commercial Printing - NYC

3.     Flexography

Flexographic printing is another type of commercial printing you can use for packaging or uneven surfaces. In this process, the inked rubber plate includes the printing image and helps you transfer it on to the printing surface. If you use flexography printing, you will be able to receive high-quality prints due to the fact that flexographic printing is best known for its quick-drying and high speed of production. The best part about this method is that it can print on various types of materials such as cellophane, metals, plastic, and any other type of material. Flexographic printing provides many advantages to your business and production, such as low costs, high speed, less maintenance of equipment, and its versatility of different inks. Flexography is best for printing out textiles, wallpapers, newspapers, business forms, and much more.

4.     LED UV

LED UV technology is one of the most high-demanded and popular printing methods businesses use for commercial printing. The popularity and demand are due to its high print quality. High quality is received with the help of the curing method and because anti-set off powder spray isn’t used. If you and your business want to work towards an eco-friendly environment, then it is advisable that you use LED UV technology as it doesn’t use any drying heat, and its run time is practically low. Hence, there is less energy consumption . You can use LED UV printing for printing out posters, handbooks, brochures, magazines, leaflets, newsletters, and much more.

5.     Large Format

Large format printing, also known as wide-format printing, involves printing out large images that get everyone’s attention. You should use this type of commercial printing if you want to gain attention towards your service or product. Large format printing can assure you with large printed materials such as huge posters or banners you usually see on the walls of main commercialized areas. Large format printing also provides you with many benefits. You are given the freedom of creating custom-made posters or logos, you can print out double-sided banners, and the printer waterproofs all the posters, so you don’t have to worry about your poster getting damaged during heavy rainfall or a storm. You can use format printing for billboards, banners, wallpapers, laminating, pop-up displays, and exhibition graphics.


You can use any type of commercial printing that we have mentioned above; however, the quality of the machine is also very important. So if you want to avoid any issues that could disadvantage the quality and appearance of your printing material, contact us, and we will help you achieve the right type of commercial printing, which will benefit you and your business.

What Materials Are Used in Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing companies use many different materials and tools in their daily work duties. From offset printing to digital printing, each type of commercial printing entails using a wide array of methods and materials. Some commercial printing methods are ideal for small, individualized jobs, while others are better suited for large print productions. The following will highlight some must-have items if you are a commercial printer and which items go with the individual commercial printing methods. If you are wondering what materials are used in commercial printing, the following provides an easy way to learn more.

Materials Used in Offset Printing

Offset printing materials differ from digital printing materials. Offset printing pursues an entirely different commercial printing method than its digital counterpart. If a commercial printing company uses an offset printing method, known as offset lithography, some of the materials which are used with this type of commercial printing method include the following:

  • Offset printing press
  • Printing press ink
  • Dampening systems
  • Printing blanket
  • Printing powder

Materials Used in Digital Printing

Another type of commercial printing is digital printing. The digital printer supplies will differ from the offset printing materials in many ways, as this type of commercial printing offers similar results but carries out the job in a different way. Some of the materials you’ll find with the digital printing method include the following:

  • Digital printer
  • Toner cartridge
  • Drum
  • Transfer belt

Choosing the Right Type of Commercial Printing

Now that you know what materials each type of commercial printing method uses, you may be wondering how to select the right type of commercial printing for your business needs. Both the offset printing and digital printing produce high quality prints of a professional quality. The offset printing is ideal for larger size sheets and offers superior color, but is more expensive at times for print jobs than digital printing.

As for digital printing, you have a commercial printing option which is less expensive, especially when it comes to fast turnaround time projects.

Both commercial printing options will provide you with stellar print jobs which have a definite “wow factor” surrounding them. You should thoroughly evaluate the finer details regarding each type of commercial printing option and pick the one which works best for your business printing job.

Choose Automation Graphics for All Commercial Printing Needs

When the time comes to select a commercial printing company in New York City for all of your commercial printing needs, choose Automation Graphics. At Automation Graphics, we offer many commercial printing services which will help you to achieve your desired printing results with ease. Whether you need some marketing materials for your new business or need to have hundreds of flyers created for an upcoming event, we can get the job done for you.

In order to provide you with the best service possible and help you to achieve your business-related goals, we will evaluate your printing needs and find the best commercial printing solutions for your print-based needs. From small commercial printing jobs to large print campaigns, Automation Graphics will guide you along the way to produce the optimal results you crave.

Contact us at Automation Graphics today and let us help you with all of your commercial printing needs and aid you in obtaining your print-related goals.


Best NYC Commercial Printers: What to Look For

When looking for the best NYC commercial printers, make sure they can handle a multitude of printing jobs and do so in a quick and efficient manner. There are many commercial printers offering their professional services these days, and you may wonder what to look for when trying to select the best printer for the job. This is especially the case when searching for the best NYC commercial printers, as there are so many to choose from in the city.

The following content will offer helpful advice as to what to look for when choosing the best NYC commercial printers to handle all of your printing jobs.

Large Variety of Services

First and foremost, you want your New York City commercial printer to offer a large variety of services. Basic copying services are helpful, but this is just a small part of what a commercial printer does. You want your desired commercial printing company to offer high quality digital printing, offset printing, desktop publishing, and much more. Even if you are looking for a commercial printer for the first time and only currently need one type of commercial printing job performed, you may need the commercial printer for something else in the near future. Therefore, it’s helpful to find a commercial printing company which offers multi-faceted services so you have a go-to commercial printer available whenever you need this professional to help you out with your future business needs.

Quick Printing Options

top-large-scale-commercial-printer-new-york-city-02There may also come a time when you need a printing job completed in a quick fashion. Whether you have a rush printing job which just popped up or are trying to get your business tasks completed as soon as possible, having a commercial printer which offers rush job printing services is a wonderful thing to have available to you. When you obtain a quick printing job, you may have to pay a little bit more for this type of service, but it’s well worth it to have your printing job completed in a speedy fashion.

Graphic Design Offerings

In addition to printing and copying services, you often need additional items which a commercial printer can provide. One such item is graphic design services. Graphic design can be used for advertising and marketing materials, which involves combining text and pictures for that perfect finished product. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, graphic design offerings will help you to achieve all of your advertising and marketing needs with ease.

Promotional Products

Another reason to use a commercial printer and seek out the best NYC commercial printers is to create promotional products. Promotional products offer an easy and successful way to get your company name out to the masses. Not only do these items display your company name, but they are enticing products which the recipient will put to good use. A commercial printer can create the ideal promotional products for your company at an affordable price.

Choose Automation Graphics for All of Your NYC Commercial Printing Needs

Automation Graphics of New York City is your go-to commercial printer company. This downtown commercial printing company will provide you with a multitude of services, ranging from copies to printing to promotional products and more.

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The Finest Color Copy Printing Services in NYC

top-color-copy-printing-services-nyc-midtown-01In today’s world, color is quite a powerful asset when it comes to business. The color you choose to represent your brand, along with the color copy printing service you choose, is vital in promoting its identity in the market. Therefore, adding color to your printed content makes it memorable and more personalized. A simple statement when customized with the right color, can transform into entirely something else. As a result, it will be more attractive, powerful and highly influential in delivering your actual message.

The introduction of numerous digital printing technologies has made it easier for various business institutions to deliver their contents easily. Nowadays, printing agencies can print out large orders quickly with no quality complaints.  We excel in providing you the best color copy printing services in NYC. Here are some reasons why hiring our services would be good for you:

High Quality Color Prints

Our professional staff makes use of the best digital printing technologies that provide guaranteed high quality prints. The prints consist of 100% color accuracy with different paper size options available. With right sharpness and color vibrancy, you will get exactly what you require from our services.

Variety of Designing Options

best-color-printing-printer-value-02Your content needs to make a good first impression to deliver your purpose. For that, you will need a design that matches with your idea. We have a variety of designs and styles that you can to make your flyers, reports, magazines and other content sources attractive. You can further choose from different formats, color outlines and other features to shape your content perfectly.  It is important that your content is eye-catching to draw in some valuable clients for your business.

All Types of Color Content Prints

One of the best things about our services is that we print all types of content sources. These include brochures, posters, reports, booklets, notes, catalogs, invitations, presentations etc.

Quick and Efficient Services

nyc-commercial-printer-color-copies-03An important thing to look for in a printing agency is its quality and efficiency of service. An ideal printing agency should be quick and efficient in terms of its printing services. By hiring our services, your order is delivered on time with no negative impact on the quality of the content.

First-rate Customer Support

Another good quality of any professional printing agency is to have excellent customer service department. The staff present in the department should be able to handle all relevant queries of its clients.  We have a highly capable customer support that can help you with all your print related questions regarding your order. Furthermore, you can get expert recommendations regarding your color print preferences from our team of experts.

Choosing the right local printing agency in NYC can be quite difficult. The agency should be punctual to your set timelines and should deliver the promised work quality.

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Questions You Should Ask a Print Shop before Using Their Services

Questions You Should Ask a Print Shop before Using Their ServicesAt present day, printing options are endless, and so are printing services. With so many factors to take into account and so many printers to choose from, it may be overwhelming at times to find the right print shop that will cater to all your requirements efficiently. Here are five questions that you should ask a printing service before hiring them to handle your print projects.

1.    Can I See Samples?

Asking for samples of the type of print you want allows you to assess the quality and level of professionalism of your chosen print shop. Even though it is not always possible to see samples in person, you can usually review the company’s website and check out their online portfolio. When doing so, pay close attention to the composition, lettering, and color contrasts to see if their services are right for you. Ideally, you should see a wide array of styles they can produce.

2.    What Additional Services Am I Offered?

Your business may require a print shop that offers more than just a printing service. A lot of printing companies offer other valuable services like graphic design, direct mail, digital and web solutions – all of which are extremely useful and will greatly help your business in the future if the need arises. Go through the services of your proposed print shop as you could end up saving a lot of time and money by using just a single company.

3.    Can I See A Sample Of My Project?

Questions You Should Ask a Print Shop before Using Their ServicesBefore you give an order of thousands of prints, ask to see a sample of your project. A sample will show you a finished example of how the design of your actual project will turn out to be. If you dislike some detail and want to make adjustments, a sample will help you do that. This just makes sure that your project goes as per the plan, and also allows you to make necessary changes before things have gotten out of hand.

4.    How Fast Can You Complete The Project?

Find out when you need the print job to be finished and where you want it delivered. Tell these details to the print shop that will then be able to work backward from the time and give you a deadline for the project completion. It is always ideal to do this sooner than later in a project.

5.    Can I Call You At Any Time?

Questions You Should Ask a Print Shop before Using Their ServicesA good print shop will make it easier for you to communicate them. Check in with your printer frequently. If there is a problem, then your printer should let you know ASAP, but it is always best to know how everything is going down in the shop.

If what you are looking for are quality, diversity and affordable rates, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best printer in NYC!

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How to Ensure Quality When Selecting a Print Shop

How to Ensure Quality When Selecting a Print ShopEvery print shop is unique when it comes to print design, methodology and technology. While some print shops can provide you with outstanding results, others may not have the equipment to produce the desired outcome you are looking for. The best way to ensure quality when opting for a pint shop is to see how reputable they are in the market, the type of technology they are using and the number of satisfied clients they have. If you want to save your time and money, and if you really want your every print to be of high quality, it’s extremely crucial that you settle for a good print shop. In light of this, mentioned below are some important factors that can help you choose the right one:

1.    A Print Shop with Good Offshore Services

You have no idea how much of time you can save if you choose print shops that have offshore printing services. Subpar or notorious print shops reduce their printing cost by using lower and cheaper quality of printing materials and untrained or amateur labor. Always make sure that you avoid such companies at any cost and settle for companies that have high standards of use of materials and labor.

The market is populated with several offshore printer companies, but it’s your job to find the right and the honest one. You can easily overcome this tedious task by doing a small survey or research. You can take feedback from people who have experience in dealing with printing shops; they are the best source to tell you

How to Ensure Quality When Selecting a Print Shop

about the quality of offshore services of any printing company.

2.    A Print Shop Who Delivers Fast

A good quality of a reputable printing shop is that it provides customers with best timely services. When you select a print shop ask them several questions about the time of delivery. You need to tell them about your printing needs and ask them whether they will be able to provide you prints on time. This is because every print is different, the print you are thinking will take few minutes to get ready or may actually take hours of scaling and setup.

Make sure that you clear this from your selected printing shop before leaving their office. Ask them about their contact details so that you can make follow-ups, a good printing company is always responsive.  Not every print shop is same; some work on a large capacity while others work small scale. You have to make sure that you are giving your prints to a capable printing shop. When in the shop, ask them to show you their printing machines and facilities so that you can determine whether or not the said company will be able to handle and deliver bulk orders.

3.    A Print Shop with Good Customer Support

How to Ensure Quality When Selecting a Print ShopA good printing shop must have the reputation of providing excellent customer services. You can access them via phone, fax, email or other means. When you take follow-ups from them, they should provide with honest and up to date state of your prints. They should be highly available when needed and provide streamlined support.

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Why Using Professional Printing Services is Better than DIY?

Do you have an advertising or marketing project coming up for your business? Are you considering using a printer you already have lying around or planning to hire a professional printing service? If you want to go with the former option, here are 5 reasons why that might not be the best idea.

Professional printing services offer you an array of options for your printing tasks –

Why Using Professional Printing Services is Better than DIY?besides the variety of paper stock that you can choose from, hiring the services of a professional printing company will also offer you access to their experienced and expert designers who can in turn give you the best advice regarding your business magazine, card, brochure or flyer designs. They can even carry out appropriate adjustments to your original design or redo the entire design as per your requirements.
Additional factors that printing services offer in terms of print quality are options that can be used to improve the end results. There are advanced options like lamination, customized cuts and frames, and surface texturing that might not be available if you took the DIY approach. These finishing touches on the printed docs allow it to stand out, and also last longer.

You will save time and resources –

hiring a professional printer to take charge of your company’s projects, both small and large, will help you economize your resources. You won’t have to spend a ton of time and also will be able to utilize your human resource for more important tasks.
You will minimize expenses – even though it is tempting to perform your business print job by yourself thinking that it’ll cost you less, keep in mind that hiring a professional will can save you even more time and energy. That’s because the professionals are sure to deliver a flawless service in the first time around. With desktop printing, you might find yourself constantly printing as there is a pretty good chance that you may not get everything right on the first shot.
Additionally, there are high costs involved in terms of fixed expenditure and variable expenses because printer ink costs less for third-party professional printing services as compared to offices that place smaller orders. Ink for desktop printers is way more expensive when buying in bulk as compared to when outsourcing to a professional printer.

Why Using Professional Printing Services is Better than DIY?Lastly, for workers to operate the printer means wages also need to be taken into account when calculating the total cost of DIY printing. In most instances it is simply more cost-effective to hire the services of a professional printer.

All these reasons make it pretty clear why using professional printing services is better than DIY. If you are looking for the best printing service in NYC, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Client Retention Through Rewards Cards

Creating a relationship with your customers is a very important process, but one of the more challenging aspects of today’s marketing world. It may be a better option, then, to work closely with your printing shop in New York City to create a program that helps to bring your customers back in the door. Often, it is all about creating a habit. Get them to visit you a few times with incentives, and they will get in the habit of thinking about your business whenever they are nearby. One way to do this is through the use of rewards cards.

What Can a Reward Card Do for You?

Client Retention Through Rewards CardsRewards cards are a very simple tool. They allow your customers to visit your establishment, do business with you, and receive a punch in their card (or a more prominent digital version will receive a swipe). This type of card allows the user to visually see how many times they’ve visited (and hopefully had good experiences) so that they can then remember to come back. After accumulating a specific number of marks on their card, the customer can earn something for free or a specific discount. The details of the program are up to you and can vary significantly.

What to Keep in Mind

Before you create this type of reward card, there are a few key things to keep in mind about the process.

    • Ensure the card provides important information about your location and about why the user should come back. What’s in it for them to come back?
    • Make sure to make the process very easy for the customer. To get the outcome you desire, you’ll want to have a simple system that your employees fully understand.
    • Be sure to ask for the customer’s address when creating the card. This may allow you to create direct mailers to mail to the home of the customer. This can remind your customer to come back to see you again for another special offer.

Client Retention Through Rewards CardsRewards cards like this work well. They only work if you communicate the benefit to the customer on the card and at the time of issuing the card. Create a campaign that includes these components. And, work with a trusted print shop in New York City to get the project off the ground properly. They can help you to create the right plan for your organization.

Printing for Every Door Direct Mail

every door direct mailThere are several ways to promote your business. Methods like email and social media are hugely popular and have sort of replaced traditional promotional tactics. This, however, does not mean that traditional methods are not effective.

There are several traditional methods that are still widely used, and one of them is every door direct mail, which is as effective as modern methods. When you select the every door direct mail program to promote your business, the postal department will ensure that your mails are delivered to their recipients promptly.

When it comes every door direct mail, you don’t have to do a great deal of research. You only have to prepare a list of addresses and provide it to the postal office. This kind of marketing is highly effective and affordable.

If you are interested in this type of advertising, choosing the right layouts and designs is very important. When printing for every door direct mail, you need to ensure that your designs suit the tastes of potential customers. The caption, for example, should be enticing enough. A good caption will encourage the recipient to read the product specifications. And when it comes to printing for every door direct mail, including colorful pictures is very important. Colors and pictures are the elements that catch the attention of the reader. However, you need to make sure that the pictures are relevant and the colors complement the mailer.

Every door direct mail has the potential to attract new clients on a daily basis. When people get to see your marketing materials, they will want to know more about your services and products. This kind of marketing meets the stringent demands of advertising. It works in two main ways: You can prepare all the promotional stuff. Or you can allow the staff of the postal department to prepare the materials. In this case, they will mail the materials to you for your approval.

When you choose this type of promotional campaign, you can enjoy the ease in handling your promotional materials. You can also rest assured that all of your mails will be delivered quickly.

You have to consider quite a few things while printing for every door direct mail. In most cases, the success of the campaign depends upon the quality of the promotional materials. Choose eye grabbing designs and materials. The best thing about this type of advertising is that your materials will reach your prospects very easily.

We are the experts of printing for every door direct mail. Contact us and we can come up with attractive advertisements.

The Advantages of Offset Printing

Printing processes have undergone tremendous transformation over the years. You can now quickly create huge quantities of high quality prints in a short time at affordable rates.

In a competitive market, clients want you to finish printing jobs in record time. Nobody wants to wait.

Offset printing is a highly efficient method capable of generating huge quantities of prints. It is the most common method of printing employed by commercial printers because it creates quality prints at affordable rates.

Offset printing is being used these days for both commercial and personal uses. Using offset printing, you can create brochures, business cards, catalogs, flyers, calendars, and postcards.

Offset printing uses multiple cylinders and rollers. In offset printing, the paper doesn’t come in contact with the plate. The inks are ‘offset’ onto a offset printingrubber blanket which prints the images onto the paper.

High resolution images

Offset printing produces high quality prints with great detail. It is widely used in commercial printing. In offset printing, inked images on a printing plate are printed onto a rubber cylinder. These images are then transferred to paper or some other material. The use of the rubber cylinder makes this form of printing highly flexible and permits printing on a variety of materials like cloth, wood, metal, rough paper and leather.

In offset printing, the matter that you want to print is neither placed below the surface of the printing plate nor raised above it. Instead, the matter is flush with the surface of the plate.

Grease and water do not mix. This is the principle behind offset printing. Since grease does not mix with water, greasy inks can be attached to the printing areas of the plate treated with grease. Non printing areas covered by a thin film of water will reject the ink.


Offset printing is used to produce huge volumes of prints. It does not forsake quality. You can print thousands of copies in a few days and each print will maintain consistency and quality.offset printing

Offset printing comes with several advantages. Give it a try to have a better idea of the quality it provides. When you use offset printing, you can rest assured that the prints will turn out the way you expect them to be.

If you are looking for high quality prints for your marketing material, you can contact us at <phone number here> or schedule a meeting and we can come up with customized offers for your needs.

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Printed Promotional Products

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Commercial Printing for Events NYC

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Commercial Printer near Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC.

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