How Are High Quality Brochures Printed?

High quality brochures are an essential marketing tool for companies to use in their daily business dealings. No matter whether you own a small private company or are the CEO of a large, well-known corporation, using effective marketing materials such as brochures to advertise your services is a smart move to make. When the time comes to create high quality brochures, it’s best to have this job completed by a professional commercial printer. The following will highlight how Automation Graphics can produce high quality brochures for you and help you to easily advertise your brand image.

Choose a Size of Brochure

When you start conceptualizing your brochure, you need to first select your desired size. From a small 4.5×5.5  to a large 11×17 option, you can choose your desired size of brochure. The average size and one which business owners often select is the standard paper size, 8.5×11, but it’s up to you which one works for you. We will discuss your brochure vision with you and help you to choose the perfect size for your needs.

Select a Template

In the steps leading up to the high quality brochure printing, you must also select a template for the layout of your brochure. Automation Graphics offers a wide array of templates which you can select the best one for your printed brochure.

Consider the Artwork

When you create a brochure you want the information to stand out and be memorable. Automation Graphics will guide you in selecting the right artwork for the brochure and make it easy for you to choose brochure artwork which is eye-catching in all ways.

Select Color Scheme

Choosing the color scheme for a printed brochure is another way to really make your brochure memorable and stand out amongst the competition. We can discuss your color scheme goals for your brochure and provide helpful advice on how to choose the right colors for the best brochure results.

Choose the Fold

There are a variety of folds which you can select for your printed brochures. From dual-fold to tri-fold and beyond, the type of fold you select is determined by preference, amount of text, types of graphics, and other must-consider items.

Paper Preference

We will also help you select the right paper for your business brochure. You’ll be able to choose glossy or matte, heavy or lightweight, and have many more options when it comes time to select the right style of paper for your brochures.

Proof the Created Brochure Prior to Printing

Once you’ve completed choosing all of the details for your brochure, it’s time to take a final look before the brochure is printed in bulk. Make sure all of the details you’ve envisioned are in place on the brochure and give it the green light for the printing process to begin.

Brochures Are Printed and Presented

The final step of the high quality brochure process is printing the brochures and having the finished product presented to you. You are going to love the completed brochure and will be ready to get to work handing out your new brochures to the masses.

Automation Graphics Offers High Quality Brochure Design and Production Services

At Automation Graphics, we know exactly what it takes to craft the most stunning brochure to advertise your business offerings. Let us walk you through each step and create a high quality brochure which you will be proud to hand out. Contact us today to get started!

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