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Finding the correct marketing mix for your business can be a difficult proposition. All sorts of factors play in to your decision for the right mix, especially when it comes to the types of mediums to use. Even though online marketing has taken a bite out of printed marketing materials, they will always be a relevant of the marketing mix, as many potential customers still expect to see printed materials.


Brochures are the main component of this mix, as they provide a compact method of delivering information. They need to be visually appealing, and they need to speak to the benefits of the product or service, not necessarily the features. They need to be personal, treating the reader as an individual and speaking to them, instead of throwing a wide net that may strike readers as indirect and aimless. Brochures are extremely versatile, able to be read and digested immediately or taken with the customer, mailed, handed out, or passed along from potential customer to potential customer.

Press Kits

Press kits, or presentation folders, are an important part of many industries, providing anBestPrintingNYC2 organized way to present materials that can be changed to meet the needs of specific audiences. They are excellent, all-around marketing tools that can be used just as easily to entice a customer as it can be used to train a new employee. Presentation folders are flexible, customizable, targetable, and are used across all industries.


Catalogs and booklets are great ways to showcase a number of products or services in one spot. They are used when there is one customer who you feel can be the target for a number of services or products that your company can provide. Sell sheets, also called product sheets, are essentially single page catalogs, highlighting a new product or service that is easily targeted.

Postcards & Business Cards

Postcards, business cards, flyers, rack cards and door hangers are all small pieces of marketing material that can be handy reminders for clients, and used to compliment the larger pieces of marketing. They cannot be used for great amounts of information, but they can be used to keep in touch or promote new products within a budget.BestPrintingNYC4

While figuring out the right printed marketing material is up to you, finding the right printer for the job should be an easier task. Automation Graphics has provided printing services for marketing materials for decades, and is capable of printing up whatever you need to market your company properly. Contact us today!


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