Best marketing materials for you business

Size Matters – Good Design Considers Every Aspect of your Final Product

You want to make a big splash with your promotional item, but you might not want the item itself to be big.

One of the mistakes often made by neophyte designers is that, in order to differentiate their designs from the everyday, they make their designs so differentimage_thumb.png that they’re useless.

Consider business cards. You want your business card to stand out, but if you make it too big to fit in a standard wallet or Rolodex, it’s more likely to be pitched in the trash than a business card that is conventional, but fits in a pocket.

When creating a promotional piece, remember that everything about it represents your business when you’re not there. It’s your hope to create marketing materials that have some longevity, so that your clients and prospects will have them around for as long as possible. In the information age, content is king. Ensure that the information you are conveying is correct, and that it is communicated in precisely the manner that you want it to be.

Unify your Message

The best, most recognizable companies in the world have built strong brands with a consistent visual presence. This is not to say that they never change their marketing – logo refreshes are common, but they’re carefully executed, and the essence of the brand remains.

GraphicDesignYou need a designer who is on the same page as you are, to ensure that your message is communicated to your clients and prospects appropriately. Each and every piece of printed material that you create needs to send the same message – this is who we are, this is what we stand for, and this is what we do.

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