Printed Materials for Non-Profits

Printed Materials for Non-Profits.

Non-profit groups run on small budgets, and are dependent on the funds they raise to make a difference. With printed materials being the highest cost for many of these groups, they have to make sure they get their best value for the dollar, so that more money can go to their cause. So where can a non-profit group aim its sights to get the best return?

Best Printer NYC 2013 for Non Profit Printing 01Direct fundraising is generally inexpensive, with a great return for the dollar, but it is incredibly labor intensive. It also tends to be a bit impersonal, as doorhangers and mailings do not require interaction and door-to-door canvassing is often a hurried event. Direct fundraising is also one of the least reliable methods of producing returns, as there is no way to ensure that each of the documents goes to a party that will contribute. It requires little in the way of printed materials, mainly in the letters, envelopes, and doorhanging materials.

Fundraising galas are major events that can bring out the big donors, but also tend to have the highest cost. Bringing together donors with big pockets requires extravagance, as well as plenty of materials. In addition to the venue and the food and entertainment, plenty of printed and imprinted materials are needed. Long before the event, invitations and RSVPs are needed. For the event itself, a laundry list of printed materials are necessary, ranging from banners and nametags to programs, awards, and party favors. The bigger the donors, the flashier the printing work needs to be.

Best Printer NYC 2013 for Non Profit Printing 02Awareness events and sponsored outings are great ways for non-profits to meet face-to-face with potential donors, as well as to welcome media for publicity. Events like these tend to hit the sweet spot between the previously mentioned methods, with greater involvement than direct fundraising and a lower cost than galas. Golf outings, walkathons, and 5k races require plenty of planning, but offer opportunities unlike any other method. In terms of printed materials, these events require banners, invitations, and posters. Swag bags full of imprinted goods are also expected. T-shirts are often favorites of participants in walkathons and 5k runs, as well as water bottles. For golf outings, tees and balls are inexpensive and guaranteed to get use, while on a hot day, golf umbrellas are an attractive choice.

Best Printer NYC 2013 for Non Profit Printing 03The type of non-profit fundraising event that is proper for your non-profit organization is up to you. To take some of the stress of planning fundraising away from you, Automation Graphics can help set up the print schedule for your goods, leaving that part of your event in capable hands, to allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere. Contact us today!

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