Hire a Good Printing Company for Labels and Avoid these Blunders

Hire a Good Printing Company for Labels and Avoid these Blunders 5

It is not easy to design labels. This job requires great attention to detail and hence mistakes are very common. However, if you choose a reliable printing company for labels, you are unlikely to make many mistakes. Here are some common label mistakes.

Colors are off

Sometimes, the colors of the finished label are different from the colors of the artwork you saw on the screen. A variety of factors can cause this. Maybe the monitor’s color configuration was bad. Or maybe the file had the wrong color makeup. Also, varnish, laminate, or substrate can all distort the color.

Getting the color right is perhaps the most important thing while printing labels. Even if the brand does not have signature colors, you should still be able to match the colors of one batch to the next. But don’t worry. If you are getting the job done by a reputable printing company for labels, they will take care of this problem easily.

Blurry images

Several things can make the images blurry. In most cases, this is caused by a file error or a print error. Faulty plates can cause print errors. If there are errors in the way the PDF is saved, it may also result in print errors. File errors most often occur when low resolution Hire a Good Printing Company for Labels and Avoid these Blunders 4photographic images are used. Since these aren’t vector images, enlarging them beyond their highest resolution can cause this problem. The best remedy is to use vector images. In addition, make sure that the image has a resolution of at least 300 dpi. If it is possible, use an image with a dpi of 600 or higher. If you suspect the quality of the image isn’t according to your specs, you should show it to a printing company for labels. They will tell you whether the file is good for printing.

Application Problems

Hire a Good Printing Company for Labels and Avoid these Blunders 3Incorrect unwind direction is the most common problem with the automatic application of labels. This can happen when the rolls which you use are not the right size for the applicator. Customers tend to overlook these details while planning their job. Fortunately, a good printing company for labels will be able to avoid this problem. Ideally, the customer should let the printer know how their labels should be delivered to them and then the printer will be able to make these adjustments before the order is printed.

If you’re looking for a good printing company for labels, contact us. We have all the right technologies to make sure that the colors and quality of the labels are perfect and attractive.

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