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With over 50 years experience, no matter what your concerns we have most likely experienced similar client request in the past. We have the experience to make sure all of our jobs go well without any unexpected delays or errors. In addition, we have kept up with changing technology. Being a successful company for so long has enabled us to reinvest profits into upgrades in our machinery and technology throughout the years and kept us at the forefront of digital printing technology. Believe us, technology has improved rapidly in the printing industry and we have been the leaders in early adaptation of new machines. Money well spent in our opinion!

With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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Most Expensive Items to Print

What are some of the most expensive items to print? Commercial printing services vary in terms of quality, methods, and, most importantly, printing prices. In reality, you may find some of the cheapest options to print your brochures, pamphlets, or flyers. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that low prices will equal an excellent or even optimal quality. Therefore, using high-end products is one of the best ways to procure high-quality and get maximum return on your printing investment.

There are many items in the printing and graphic design industry that are extremely expensive to print. Similarly, printing items of your choice can be quite expensive. As modern print shops adopt the latest machinery, better technology, and enhanced printing methods, print quality is improving drastically.

Most Expensive Items to Print NYC

You may not know, but printing certain elements is becoming more and more expensive. Nonetheless, in most cases, it is possible to receive the best print quality for a high price. However, you will have to ensure that the print shop you select is suitable for printing the items of your choice. So now, let’s discuss what may qualify as some of the most expensive items to print.

Most Expensive Items to Print

Notebook Printing

It might seem like notebooks are quite cheap, right? You will get surprised to know that they are among the most expensive items to print in modern print shops today. This is because notebooks usually consist of hundreds of pages and therefore require a strong paperweight. In fact, many print shops may even charge you for printing per page!

Thus, the prices are sure to be higher in comparison to other items that you can print. Not only that, the kind of format that you wish to have on your notebooks and the covers are also important factors that determine the price. For instance, prints shops have materials for matte or gloss lamination. In addition to that, the binding style and preference can also increase the costs of printing notebooks.

Fabric Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a common form of printing for adding images/logos on products, including pillowcases, table covers, bags, t-shirts, mug coasters, or any fabricated item. Regardless of how huge an order you place, the sublimation process cost always depends on the level of material that you choose. Moreover, different methods of fabric sublimation printing, such as heat-press, incur higher costs than other printing methods.

Canvas Printing

Canvas printing has always been one of the most expensive printing options. While the cost may vary per canvas roll, the overall expense of printing canvases is relatively high. Print shops typically utilize inkjet printers for canvas printing which also results in sharp resolution images.

Menu Printing

You might look at a menu and wonder how better it could be? Well, there is always room for improvement if you have the budget for printing this expensive item. As menus are printed on heavyweight paper, expense and printing costs vary with the thickness of the menu paper itself.

Though, a thick and vibrant menu is what looks more attractive and visually appealing. Still, you should take into account the expense and effort it requires to create an excellent quality menu.

Wedding Invitations Printing

Who thought that wedding invitation are some of the most expensive printable items? Price factors vary depending on the printing method in use. Hence, digital printing, offset, engravings, or letterpress printing may all vary in total end-costs and price.

While some of the methods above require heavy manpower in printing large quantities, other methods cost more as people usually need wedding invitations in a large number. Additionally, adding décor to the wedding invitation cards can also increase the total costs of printing. For example, adding envelope liners, seals, etc., can add to the final expense of printing a high number of wedding invitations.

What Makes Such Printing Expensive?

Use of Material

So, now you know some of the most expensive items for printing. Do you know that the type of material used is a major determinant of the final cost of printing? Well, the price only tends to go higher when you opt for popular, more refined, and excellent quality materials. Heavy stock paper or expensive laminations are some of the common expense-adding features of printing.

Most Expensive Items to Print New York

High-Quality Deliverance

What level of quality do you expect to have for the items that you want to print? What level of quality is the print shop actually able to deliver with respect to your printing needs? You should know what quality you will receive in return for your valuable investment. High-end printing undoubtedly costs more, while sometimes, cheaper printing methods and materials can provide optimal quality.

Most Expensive Items to Print: Conclusion

If you are looking to print high-end items and objects, you should reach out to the best print shop near you. By assigning your projects to Automation Graphics, you will have peace of mind regarding the quality you will receive in return for your investment.

Give us a call at (646) 205-3037 to benefit from our printing experience of over 60 years. Or pay a personal visit for in-person inquiries at 519 8th Avenue 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.


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High End Printing Technology

What is the current state of high end printing technology? When you want your business to stand out as a professional and high level enterprise, all the printed materials representing your business must be made using high end printing. this involves the use of premium grade materials and machinery to produce the best quality printed materials. The use of the latest technology and advanced techniques is vital. If you’re looking to stand out from your competition in your respective market, going with high end printing tech will give you an edge over other businesses. But, without the right printing company available to you, you can’t make your high end printing dreams come true.

High End Printing Technology

Let’s learn more about high end printing, what it is and what it involves.

What is High End Printing?

Shaking hands with innovation and embracing all major technological developments, the printing industry is allowing businesses to get more creative and attractive. You will find endless printing techniques and technologies in the industry to meet your commercial printing requirements. At some point during your business operations, you must have thought about hiring a prime level printing company to deliver according to your needs.

If you’re going for high end printing, you must know that it involves the use of special materials, high quality finishes, and efficient techniques. Each high-end printing job requires more money and time to guarantee the results you require. The reason behind the high value and time consumption is that high end printing allows you to stand out when you’re set to market your brand and products in a market. To tell the truth, is it worth slightly more money and time for your business to get noticed faster and more frequently?

Some of the main components that make up high end printing include:

  • Foil stamping
  • UV coating
  • Metallic links
  • Luxurious paper stock
  • Embossing
  • Die-cut

Getting the most attention isn’t guaranteed with high quality printing, but the chances of it being effective can be much higher than with other printing techniques and methods. For instance, professional printing specialists argue that using foil or embossing can give you more attention and public viewership than other materials. The use of unique techniques can add a whole new element of sophistication to the results.

Cost Factors: Why is it More Expensive?

The cost factor is one of the main considerations that every business has to make to carry on with the right decision. As discussed earlier, high end printing involves the use of the latest technology in the market with sophisticated techniques. Hence, the time taken on a relatively smaller job is more than it would take in a cost effective printing method. Since this also increases the power usage and involves special materials for printing, the costs are higher.

Do All Printing Companies Have High End Printing Technology?

No, only a few reliable and highly advanced printing companies have high-end printing technology at hand. You must know that high-quality printing mailers and other types of print materials isn’t easy and involves a lot of hassle. Since the high quality cannot come from an ordinary printer or even the large-size standard printing machines, it certainly raises the investment and capital within a business to go for high-end printers.

If you’re looking for high end printing as your business requirements and needs, you must find the right kind of printing company. When you notice a company offering printing services, you must inquire about the validity of their offering. For instance, you should send for test samples and ask the provider to let you examine the samples thoroughly. Moreover, you must inquire about the machinery that the respective provider is using to help you with high end printing needs. It will give you an overall idea about the service provider’s capacity and specialties.

High End Printing Technology Best Printer NYC

Who Chooses High End Printing?

Businesses willing to pay an exceptional rate to stand out from their competitors in the market go for high end printing. Surely, going for high end printers on your own will take more time and money. Plus, the installation costs and hiring the right kind of operators can be a daunting task. But, with the help of the right professional by your side, you can get high-end printing results at your disposal completely hassle free.

If you want mailers, brochures, and business cards to look noticeable and more vibrant than other types of printed materials in the market, go for high end printing. Most businesses with clients like high net-worth individuals choose high end printing over other methods.

High End Printing Technology: Conclusion

Whether you require high end printed products or other printing services, Automation Graphics is the print shop you come to. We offer an extensive range of styles, techniques, and formats to address all your printing needs. Your business doesn’t have to struggle with making poor-quality brochures at high prices because of incompetent commercial printing companies. Automation Graphics has been serving New York City for more than 60 years.

The impeccable experience and use of the latest technology ensures the delivery of the best printed results. Call one of the professionals at Automation Graphics today!


High End Printing: Wedding Invitations

High end printing for wedding invitations is necessary when planning a beautiful wedding. When preparing for your wedding, you need to make sure that everything is elegant and unique. For that, you need to plan everything months before your big day. This means choosing the venue, decorations, flowers, and most importantly, the invitations. Deciding on the perfect invitations can take some time. After all, you’ll find numerous options on the market. But to find the best design for your wedding invitations, you need to patiently go through your options. A stylish and deluxe printing option is to select high-end printing for invitations. This type of printing gives a beautiful finish so you get gorgeous invitations. Let’s get into the details about how you can make your wedding invitations memorable.

What is High End Printing?

A high-end printer uses special techniques, materials, and finishes to improve invitations’ visual quality. Sure, the process can be time-consuming and will cost you more than the standard invitations, but the results are worth the time and money. High-end printing techniques involve:

  • Embossing
  • Luxurious paper material
  • UV coating
  • Foil stamping
  • Metallic links
  • Die-cut

High End Printing for Wedding Invitations

A major benefit of high end printing is that it creates appealing and unique printing items. This incredible printing type will make your invitations noticeable. Nevertheless, when spending extra to make invitations that are pleasing to the eye, you need to choose a printer with experience. Choosing the right printer is essential as the quality of your invitations depends on their expertise. Many printers in the industry do not have enough experience and knowledge about high-end printing. Choosing those printers will not give you the results you are expecting. So take some time to make an informed decision.

How to Choose Best High End Printer

If you are expecting the best results from high-end printing for your wedding invitations, you need to thoroughly search the market. You should make a list of high end printers in the industry and evaluate the facilities they provide. Now, compare all the options you selected, and narrow down the list. Remember, your goal is to choose the best out of the top high end printers. Therefore, you need experts who can understand your requirements and create eye catching invitations.

You can determine if a high end printer offers the quality you’re looking for by checking their samples. When you have samples from all the top quality printers, you can easily evaluate the options and make a decision. But first, ask them about the techniques and materials they use. Once you’ve compiled this information, you can compare your options based on your needs.

If you want to save your time and are looking for a clear answer to the question of who is the best high end printer for wedding invitations, the answer is Automation Graphics. When you contact Automation Graphics for your wedding invitations, they can give you the best options and recommendations to ensure you have a fantastic wedding event. Here are some factors you’ll want to consider while choosing the best high-end printer:

1.     Experience of the Printer

While choosing a printer, ensure that they have enough experience in the industry. It’s important to ask the firm about how long they’ve been operating in the industry. Also, ask for specific details regarding their experience in providing high-end prints to customers. If you want the best results, you need to go through this entire process. Yes, it’s possible to get great results from a relatively new printer in the industry, but they may make more mistakes and errors compared to an experienced printer.

High End Printing for Best Wedding Invitations

2.     Cost of Printing

While your budget plays a crucial role in determining how much you can afford to pay for invitations, you shouldn’t hesitate to pay more for high end printing. Keep in mind that many printers charge extra for this type of printing. If you aim to get better quality wedding invitations, you need to set aside additional money for wedding invitation printing. Remember that high-end printing is a special type and takes plenty of effort, material, and skills.

3.     Material and Printing Techniques

A high-end printing service is different from ordinary printing. The printer will use different materials and techniques to give you the best quality wedding invitation cards. They will share the samples upon request and you can decide which material you like the most. A high end printer knows how to make your wedding invitations special. They will use an elegant and classy color palette for the invitations. By choosing an experienced printer, you can customize the invitations according to your wedding theme so you can get the best results.

High End Printing for Wedding Invitations: Conclusion

Creating high-quality and incredible wedding invitations is no longer a hassle. You can look for a reliable high-end printer with extensive experience and ask for the best options.

Automation Graphics offers high-end printing for their customers. We’ve been providing high-quality printing services for a long time, which makes us market pioneers. Consequently, our experts have extensive knowledge of printing techniques to make your invitations special.

To learn more about your printing needs and the techniques we use for high end printing, contact us at 646-205-3037.

High Quality Printing: What to Look For?

What makes for high quality printing services? When you’re running a business, you need printing services for one purpose or another. Nowadays, getting high-quality prints has become much easier and feasible than it was a century ago. Back then, there weren’t enough printing stores.

Now, you will come across countless print shops in your area. But the high quantity doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. Hence, you’ll want to be sure that you’re going to a reliable print shop for great services. You can’t compromise on print quality, especially if you’re printing out a large order. No matter what kinds of prints you need, quality is a must, even if it’s a simple brochure

For this, you will have to find the best print shops around you. It can get a bit confusing when choosing one shop, especially when so many options are available. The first thing you need to see in a print shop is the quality of the prints. To know what makes up a high-quality printing shop and what you should look for, read further below.

High Quality Printing

Services & Equipment That a High Quality Printing Shop Should Have

1.     High-Quality Printing Machines

With the introduction of so many printing techniques, especially digital printing, which is more used than other printing methods, a print store should have it all. Almost every product goes through a printing process, from banners to clothes to signs; hence your print store should have the right machinery to print anything you like. Large format printing helps get you all the bulky prints, so make sure your print store is familiar with this printing style.

2.     Graphics Software

Graphic designing is a very important stage of printing, and the printing team handles most of it. You must check if your print store uses advanced software with the right tools and features so that you can incorporate any unique design on a specific print you want. Your print store should also have alternative software if, by chance, one stops working.

3.     Offers Lamination Services

Lamination is the icing on the cake for all your prints and is an important step that every print store should offer. If your business requires a specific document or bookmarks, you might want to run it through lamination. You can check with your printing store if they have a working lamination system. When your trusted print shop offers lamination services, you can opt for them instantly whenever needed.

Sometimes you can’t really decide beforehand what you need in your prints, and once they’re ready, you feel like adding some last-minute features to improve the outlook. Knowing that a specific print offers such services ensures that you receive high-quality prints.

4.     Binding Equipment

Binding is another important step of the printing process, and most print shops offer it. But what makes a qualitative print store is one that offers different types of binding services. Your print store should have a variety of binders like wire, thermal, and comb binders. This gives you more choice and helps you create an image in your mind of what will look best if you’re printing books or booklets. Variety is an important feature to look for in a high-quality print shop.

High Quality Printing Services

5.     Advanced Color Technology

Nowadays, with prints, it’s all about how color appears, especially if it’s for promotional purposes. Hence, the print shop you’re going for should update everything with the latest color technology so that you have access to any and every color for your printable materials. Advanced color technology is a quick way to get vibrant colors on prints. Of course, this depends on how professional the print shop team is in handling color technology. Without proper training, they may find it challenging,

6.     Fast Recovery Period

At times, things can go wrong, and your prints don’t turn out as you planned. Here, you may not approve of the final product. In such situations, be sure that your printing team can resolve the issue within a few minutes.  For this, your print shop should have the right technology, such as auto sheet clearing, as this helps clear off any damages within seconds and doesn’t stop the printing process for long. This way, you know that productivity won’t stop, and you can receive all your prints on time.

High quality Printing: Final Words

Print shops offer a large variety of services nowadays. But to get high quality prints, you have to make sure you go to the right print shop. For the best printing services in NYC, contact us at Automation Graphics and consult with our expert team for guidance and assistance.

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Most Expensive Types of Products to Print

What are the most expensive types of products to print? Printing services can be extremely expensive when it comes to printing out certain high-end products of your choice. Print shops have to use the latest technology for their printing services; this way, they are able to provide clients with high-quality prints. This explains why printing prices are prone to increases. The more sophisticated and commercialized your product is, the more expensive it tends to be.  Below we have mentioned the products that may fall expensive for you to print.

Expensive Types of Printable Products

1.     Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints are said to be one of the most expensive items to print out, especially canvas prints such as Lyve canvas. However, printers differentiate the cost on each roll of canvas. Printers use inkjet printers to print out canvases, which helps to give it a sharp resolution.

2.     Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the most expensive printable items. The prices vary around the method printers use to print out your invitations. You can print out your wedding invitations using digital printing, letterpress printing, offset and engraving. Methods such as engraving and letterpress involve a lot of manpower due to which it may cost you more. Wedding invitations are always printed in large amounts depending on the number of guests you invite. The higher number of prints you order, the higher the price. The packaging and extra add-ons of the invitation also adds to the cost; for example, if you want wax seals, or envelops liners, both of these cost more as they require solid colors.

3.     Sublimation Printing Fabrics

Printers use the process of Sublimation to print out different logos or images on products such as t-shirts, pillowcases, bags, table covers, mug coasters, or any other fabricated item. The sublimation process is known to be extremely costly after you add the cost of materials, and especially if you are placing a big order, the price tends to increase. The process itself involves different methods such as heat-press, which cost a lot of money.

expensive types of products to print nyc 01

4.     Menus

Menus are another type of printable item that is expensive to print out. Menus require heavyweight paper. The thicker the paper is, the more expensive the cost of one print is. You may have come across many menus and have noticed the thickness of the sheet. The thickness is what gives the menu a vibrant and bold touch.

5.     Notebooks

Notebooks are also another expensive item to print out as it requires strong paperweight and notebooks normally consist of a large number of pages. Printers mostly charge you per page, hence the price depends upon the number of pages you want in your notebook. The format and cover also play a big role in the price of the notebook. If you require customized notebooks, then the printing costs will apply to the materials that the printer will use, such as gloss or matte lamination. Every notebook requires the process of binding especially if your notebook has a high page count. Binding requires a lot of physical effort which is another reason why printers charge high prices for big orders.

Factors that Determine the Expense of the Print

Below we have mentioned a few factors that will contribute to an expensive printable item. It is not always how big the print is, but the quantity of prints also matters. Go through the site below to see the factors:

1.     Materials

The materials dictate how expensive the finished print will be. For example, if your print project requires heavy stock paper and different heavy details, then you will definitely have to pay a higher amount even if your print outs consist of small items such as brochures and leaflets. You will come across these high material costs, especially if your print project consists of high-end print items.

expensive types of products to print menus nyc

2.    Size

The more items you want to print out, the more cost you will have to bear. It is important that you are sure of the total cost of a project before starting the printing process, especially if you need large orders and are printing in bulk. Items printed out in bulk include invitation cards, postcards, brochures, and other types of printable items.

3.     Due Time

If you want to place a large order of prints and what at the exact time or next day, then you will have to pay more than what you originally would have had to pay during a normal frame time. You will experience this with printers who have a busy schedule and those who are in high demand.

4.     High-end Product

High-end products such as wedding invitations, customized products, or corporate-based products are very costly because it often takes longer to print these items in order to attain high-quality prints. Materials in high-end products are very expensive as printers use different techniques to use the materials for a customized look for instance, if you want lace attributes and embossed foil for your product.


If you need high-quality finishes of the mentioned product above, we will help you achieve them by delivering high-quality products that will satisfy your printing needs. So don’t waste time and contact us as soon as possible.

Most Expensive Things to Print in a Commercial Print Shop

Commercial print shops charge various amounts for the wide array of print jobs which they complete. Some are inexpensive in nature, with small jobs such as flyers or postcard printing, while others are pricier print jobs, such as wedding invitations. When wondering what the most expensive things to print in a commercial print shop are going to be, it’s important to consider a few different factors and not just the type of commercial print job that it is.

Size of the Project

The size of the overall commercial print project will oftentimes dictate how pricey a print project can be. The more items which you need to have printed, whether they consist of brochures, postcards, invitations, or other necessities, the higher the cost will be. If you have a large print project to be completed, make sure you ask for the total cost prior to enlisting the help of a commercial printer so that you are prepared for the bill at the end of it all. If you are looking to save some money, you can always ask for a bulk discount to see if they offer this type of moneysaving feature if you buy a certain amount of printed items.

Materials Involved in the Commercial Print Project

The materials which will be used in the commercial print job will also dictate how expensive the finished product will be. If the project calls for heavy stock paper and unique text, you may be paying more than if the commercial print job was a basic flyer copying job. The more intricate the details, the higher the cost. This is especially the case with regard to high end print items.

Turnaround Time

Print jobs which need to be completed in a quick fashion will be pricier than if the commercial print job was on a regular schedule and the print shop was able to get the items to you whenever they were able to do so. If you need to have a rush job performed, expect to pay more than if you simply wanted the project completed at the shop owner’s earliest convenience.

High End Print Jobs

For those who are seeking out a high end print job, such as wedding invitations or elegant corporate-sponsored event announcements, be ready to pay more money for these items. The high end print jobs are more costly as the materials are more expensive and the job often takes longer to complete than basic brochure print jobs, for example. From embossed foil to elegant script print and lace attributes, when you order a high end print job, you should be prepared for a higher cost as these are one of the priciest items to print.

Let Automation Graphics Handle All of Your Commercial Print Jobs

Automation Graphics has been serving the New York City community for more than 60 years. Experience and expertise are a given when you choose Automation Graphics for all of your printing needs. Even with the high end print jobs, Automation Graphics will offer a price which is affordable and reasonable.

Now is the perfect time to hire us for all of your commercial printing needs. From brochures to graphic design to promotional products, our reputable staff will complete your print job in a quick and efficient manner and get your printed items to you with ease. Call us today to get started!

Average Costs for High End Printing Jobs

high-end-printing-costs-info-nyc-01When the time comes for you to consult a commercial printing company for a printing job for your business, chances are that you are probably on a budget. Even with this in mind, you may have some high end printing jobs that you have to complete and finding the perfect commercial printer to complete the task for you is high on your to-do list. When the time comes to consult and obtain a commercial printer for a printing job, it’s important to know about the average costs for high end printing jobs. So, what are the average costs for high end printing jobs? Read on to find out!

What Is High End Printing?

High end printing is a type of printing which is above and beyond the normal print job, presentation printing for example. This type of printing has that added extra flair and includes additional niceties such as embossing, elegant paper stock, foil stamping, metallic inks, die-cut, UV coating, and so much more. This type of printing job takes more time and the finished product has an overall luxurious feel to it, which exudes high class and a superior aspect.

Types of High End Printing Jobs

top-quality-printing-average-costs-new-york-02Some of the types of high end printing jobs include wedding invitations, corporate-sponsored event announcements, and other elegant affairs. With high end printing jobs, the end result is to produce an aesthetically-pleasing product which looks like you spent a fortune on producing it. And, in some cases, you may have, but not if you use the high end printing services at Automation Graphics in New York City.

What Is the Average Cost for High End Printing Jobs?

High end printing jobs will vary in price. Wedding invitations are on a per-piece cost while other high-end jobs, such as corporate announcements, can be priced by the bulk amount. The average cost is difficult to pinpoint, as there are so many different types of high end printing jobs, but suffice it to say that high end printing jobs will always be more expensive than their basic printing counterparts.

Why High End Printing Is More Expensive

highest-quality-commercial-printing-custom-jobs-nyc-03High end printing is more expensive for a few reasons. First, it uses more expensive materials, such as luxurious card stock, embossed foil, and unique ink. Also, it takes more time to prepare the high end printed items than other printed items. Lastly, there are often more steps in the process for high end print jobs. All of these reasons make a high end print job be pricier in nature than some other commercial printing jobs.

Let Automation Graphics Provide You with the Printing Assistance You Need

Automation Graphics in New York City offers the printing assistance you need, from high end jobs to basic printing projects. With our reputable staff by your side, we can help you to get through the printing process with ease and success. Whether you require wedding invitations or need fancy invites to an upcoming corporate soiree, the staff at Automation Graphics will get you the items you need in a quick and efficient manner.

Now is the perfect time to contact us at Automation Graphics and see why our high end printing offerings are a step above the rest. We will help you to select the perfect printing items to get your message across in a memorable manner.

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