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We specialize in fast, custom, short run, on-demand digital printing solutions including large format and wide format poster and banner printing, and Commercial Offset Printing. When compared to our competition, we print faster, cheaper and better!

We can print on demand digital printing for any job, large or small. We print traditional offset printing for large run jobs or oversized printing.

We have extensive experience in corporate printing including annual reports and multiple materials for business and corporate events.

We have significant experience in working with small businesses to find printing solutions that are affordable, fast and effective. We proved custom printing solutions that meet any size company and any budget.

With over 50 years experience, no matter what your concerns we have most likely experienced similar client request in the past. We have the experience to make sure all of our jobs go well without any unexpected delays or errors. In addition, we have kept up with changing technology. Being a successful company for so long has enabled us to reinvest profits into upgrades in our machinery and technology throughout the years and kept us at the forefront of digital printing technology. Believe us, technology has improved rapidly in the printing industry and we have been the leaders in early adaptation of new machines. Money well spent in our opinion!

With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

What makes the best NYC print shop for 2020-2021? New York City is one of the biggest and busiest cities all over the world. People all over the world know New Yorkers for their fast lifestyle. In the city, everybody is busy doing his or her own thing. You might not know this, but New York houses around 220,000 businesses of all sizes. Some are huge, and others are as small as 20 employees.

New York has people working in various business sectors. However, New York-style printing is making a lot of names around the world. That is because the New York print shops provide you with various printing services like taking headshots, writing decent resumes, high-quality custom photo framing, printing supreme quality manuscripts, and fruitful presentations.

The best thing about print shops in NYC is that they are very swift. They will provide you with all their services in a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, their services will be top-notch, and employees will make you feel welcome.

The city has many amazing print shops. However, a few manage to take the cake. In this article, I will tell you about some of the best print services that you can get from the NYC print Shops Only. By the end, I will tell you about the most renowned print shop all over New York.

Top NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

NYC Print Shop: Kinds of Printing Jobs

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a classic printing technique that people have been using for ages. People still use this technique because it provides them with high-quality printing.

Commonly, you will see this printing style on huge banners and billboards. It is a manual printing style. Therefore, it might take a long time to print.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a beautiful specialty printing. Currently, it is becoming very common as it looks extravagant. Many high-end brands get foil-stamped butter papers and wrapping papers to make their packages look high-end and luxurious.

People get foil stamping over invitation cards as well for similar reasons.

Large Format Printing

Large format is new age printing techniques. It provides you with results as nice as offset printing. The best of all, it is quicker than offset printing. It is becoming super common for a good reason.

Since people discovered large format printing, the printing technique has evolved a lot. This includes the usage of ink, mechanics of equipment, and many more changes.


Letterpress is a beautiful technique to press words and design on to paper and other forms. In the past, people used it to print their names and titles on metal plates. However, now, the technique is evolving. As now, people use the technique to print invitations cards, plaques, and many other things.


They are engraving a very well-known printing technique. In the past, people used the technique to print letters, name plates, plaques, and much more. This printing technique requires a lot of time to work. However, things are changing now. Printing experts have come up with innovative machines that help in speeding up the engraving process.

Best NYC Print Shop

Automation Graphics

Finding a print shop that provides you with all printing services is challenging. Automation Graphics is one of those few printing shops that provide you with various printing jobs in one spot.

They have been manufacturing printing machines for six decades. Now, they are applying their manufacturing expertise in the printing industry. They are becoming famous for providing elite quality services and quality products.

Automation Graphics uses top-notch machinery for your printing job. Therefore, you can rely on them if you have a slim timeframe for your printing job.

Currently, they offer an array of printing jobs. It means they will provide you with services like:

  • Copy printing
  • Offset printing
  • Graphic designing
  • Printing promotional products
  • Desktop publishing
  • Copying
  • Foil stamping
  • Engraving letterpress
  • Wide-format printing/ large format printing
  • Event materials
  • Printing signages, banners, and banners
  • Corporate branding on forms, stationeries, and labels

You can contact them through their website right now, or you can contact them through their landline @ 212-290-8400, fill their web form.

Best NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

Final Feedback

New York Printing shops are famous all over the world. They provide you with quality service and a vast number of solutions. On the other hand, if your location is farther from the shop, you can get their service through their websites as well.

For the best printing job that is quick, cost-effective, and top-quality, call automation graphics now for a quote. They have been in the game for a long time and are one of the top print shops in NYC.

Automation Graphics
261 West 35th Street
New York, NY 10001
(646) 205-3037

What Is Large Format Printing?

What is the best large format printing? Like every sector in the world, the printing industry is booming as well. Multiple types of printing services are available, and settling on one to make your next banner is as challenging as you think. However, in this massive printing industry, large format printing is gaining a lot of attention. It produces a high-quality result similar to that of offset printing.

Despite being a popular printing style, people do not know much about it. Large format printing is a popular printing style that businesses use to create large banners and signs. You might see them all around your city. Since it is cost-effective, numerous businesses use it to promote and market themselves.

In this article, let’s go over large format printing in detail. How do printers make these massive banners, why they’re better, and why businesses use it as a primary method of advertisement? Let us dive into the article.

Best large format printing 2020-2021

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a banner-making process. In the process, the professional uses massive equipment to print the design or the graphics on to a massive piece of paper, polyester, or any material you desire.

The size of the large format printer is ten to fifteen times bigger than a printer you can find around your house. It is a large unit for commercial use only. You need a trained professional to do this job. In most cases, the printer is capable of printing out an eighteen to hundred-inch width piece in one go.

The large format printing technique has become very popular in a short amount of time. The technology is only 25 years old. Before this, people were inclined to offset printing. Even though offset printing produces a high-quality product, its process is relatively more labor-intensive and requires a longer time to produce.

However, since 25 years of its discovery, large format printing has changed a lot. The change may be of inks, design of the machine, technology, substrates, and much more.

Major uses of Large Format Printing

This method is becoming more and more common now. However, the most common use you can see of large format printing is in advertising. Massive brands use these banners to marketing a single product or their entire business. Large format printing is sustainable because you can get them water-resistant materials like polyester and vinyl.

Large format printing advertisements are usually massive in size. They range between 18 inches to a whopping 100 inches. For this reason, they are perfect for making live size advertisements that the public can easily read out from a distance.

These advertisements visually look better than other banner styles. The designs don’t require stitching to stand out; it is one plain beautiful picture.

In fact, large format printing is also becoming popular amongst automobile enthusiasts. These forms are very sustainable, and you can easily make car wraps from them. On the other hand, it is an easy and safe way to customize your car and make it look cool.


Giving you an exact figure will be unfair to you. After all, there are multiple kinds of large format printing jobs that provide you with different products. As a result, all printers change differently for various reasons.

Nonetheless, a large format printing project includes various costs that you need to keep in mind before hiring anyone to do the job. The highest cost will be of the material. So you should wonder what kind of material do you need for your project? The other major cost involves machinery and the amount of time required to do the job. The next will be the labor cost. The final cost will be that of putting up the advertisement.

Best Large Format Printing Shop in New York

Automation Graphics

Automation graphics is one of the most famous printing stores all over New York. They provide you with facilities like graphic designing, large format printing, and other printing jobs. They have been around for a very long time.

In the city, they are most famous for their quick service and providing customers with a final product within a few days. They have several huge businesses as part of their clientele because they are very reliable.

They provide you with various offset printing, large format printing, and presentation-making services, along with printing event materials. On the other hand, they support specialty printing facilities like foil stamping, letterpress, and engraving.

What is large format printing? | 2020-2021

Final Feedback

A large-format banner is the best option for advertising all kinds of businesses. With passing time, its technology is undergoing various changes and developments. These upgrades are only making its process faster, and the products more reliable and robust.


Automation Graphics
261 West 35th Street
Floor 12A
New York, NY 10001

(646) 205-3037

What are Promotional Products, and How are They Made?

So, you are designing your next marketing campaign, but you do not know what products you should select for it? I am certain it is a challenging task. After all, promotional products are an extra expense for businesses, but they can generate more leads.

Awesome marketing campaigns often do include promotional products. It shows the brand is willing to provide its customers with something extra. These products act as a souvenir from your campaign, and people enjoy receiving small functional gifts from brands.

The promo product industry has scaled and is now worth a whopping 20 billion dollars. All around the world, they create promotional products for businesses – from small shops to large organizations.

What Are Promotional Products and How Are They Made?

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are items that businesses give to customers as a way to promote their business. In most cases, the product will feature their business’s logo, tagline, contact number, web address, and the company’s address.

Businesses give these products to potential clients and customers so that they can remember their names after they leave. People have been using this very smart marketing technique for ages and always gained promising results.

In most cases, promotional products are things that people might use in their everyday life. These can include t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, cups, paper stoppers, caps, notebooks, pens, clocks, blankets, coasters, diary, calendar, bags, etc.

How the Industry was Birthed

Promotional product campaigns have made up a big chunk of all marketing efforts for many businesses. It started from a historical moment in 1789 when George Bush gave away commemorative buttons during his campaign. All his supporters started wearing a button, and later, Bush winning the election was proof that buttons were working.

The buttons helped make him more popular amongst other voters. Not to mention, the buttons made Bush’s voters stand out in public. After those elections, promotional merchandise use spiked, and later in the 90s, people started advertising using wooden merchandising. It looked so attractive and worked so well that businesses started adopting it. Now, it has become a massive industry that is worth billions of dollars.

How Are Promotional Products Made?

I am sure you are wondering how regular businesses make promotional products when it does not fall under their expertise. Let me tell you that regular businesses do not make promotional products themselves. It is surely impossible because, when a business has expertise in one thing, they cannot work on an entirely different thing.

Businesses all over the world outsource their promotional products from other businesses. This service provider prints the business’ logo and other information onto different materials like paper or polyester.

This way, the process becomes cost-effective and faster as well. Thanks to their professional skills and heavy equipment, the merchandise-making company creates promotional products in a short time, and the printer prints it on time. Because these services are their specialty, they can do it faster than a business requiring promotional products themselves.

What Are the Benefits of Promotional Products

The major benefit of promotional products is that it is a cost-effective marketing technique. But how? You’re probably thinking that making and printing promotional merchandise is expensive, but it’s not. There’s a reason behind this. Numerous companies work as part of this massive industry, and they deal with bulk raw material. Surely, you would know that a product, when in bulk, becomes cheaper.

The next major benefit of promotional products is that it works. It is the best technique for any business to remind their customers of themselves. It is clear that when a person gets a daily use item for free, they do not throw it away. They keep it and use it.

Best Place to Print Your Company’s Promotional Products

Making promotional products can be a long process. Take notes that first, you need to purchase the promotional products from a company. Later, you will need to print your business’s details on the products from another specialist company.

Currently, promotional product making companies are in a vast amount. You can order their products online. Alternatively, you can contact Automation Graphics. They are currently providing an effective service in the printing sector.

However, they can set up the promotional products for your business and print your company’s logo and information on it as well.

People around Manhattan know them for their excellent services. They are very reliable and provide you with a quality print. On the other hand, they try to give all their customers excellent services. They need their customers to feel special. Additionally, they have other printing services as well that will come in handy for you in the future.

What Are Promotional Products and How Are They Made?

Final Feedback

Promotional products might one of the best marketing techniques of all time, and they help you keep track of your leads. Not to mention, this marketing technique always has impressive results. Businesses that conduct marketing campaigns with promotional products always become successful eventually because these items remind potential and existing customers of your brand.

If you are looking for a decent promotional products job, I will recommend you to check Automation Graphics. They have exceptional service, and they will provide you will find innovative ideas to make your campaign look more attractive.

261 West 35th Street
Floor 12A
New York, NY 10001

(646) 205-3037


Custom Invitation Printing

Are you looking for information about custom invitation printing? Digital invitations, despite their convenience, can’t replace the exclusivity of printed invitations. You can’t deny that they seem more personal; a printed card make the invitee feel welcomed and special. As a result, people come up with some interesting invitation card designs that seem cute and welcoming.

However, in a city like New York, finding a good printer is a challenging task. After all, New York is home to over 220,000 businesses. In the midst of all these businesses operating, hundreds of businesses work in the printing sector.

In this article, I will tell you about some interesting custom invitation card ideas. You can use the ideas, or you can combine elements from each idea.

Custom Invitation Printing

Best Custom Invitation Card Printing Ideas

Keep it Simple with Flowers

If you need custom invitation cards for your wedding, you should keep things simple. You can get a simple looking card with a fun writing style, with pretty flowers printed over it.

However, you add a unique finish to the cards by putting them in rustic brown envelopes and tying the envelope with jute rope and dried succulents.

Take it back to Medieval Times

If you watched the movies that are on the theme of medieval times, you must notice that those movies special kinds of invitation cards.

The card is not a card; it is an invitation printing on a fabric or a paper. These kinds of cards look royal and novel. You can get these cards on a rustic paper and tie it down with a beauty rope. However, you do not need an envelope for it.

Transparent Custom Invitation

Transparent invitation cards are a new concept and are gaining popularity on event planning forums. It is a simple invitation card.  However, it is on transparent plastic. The card seems invisible. When you put the card over its cover, it becomes readable.

This concept is perfect for Halloween party invitation cards, kids’ birthday parties, or any event you are going to have. The card looks very interesting and innovative. Nevertheless, it ignites the invitee’s interest in the party.

Bride Walking the Aisle

Recently I saw a wedding invitation card revolving around all social media platforms. The card was relatively simple and normal; however, when you pulled the card out of its cover, its cartoon character bride looked like it is physically walking towards its groom.

It is a new concept, and it was my first time seeing such an innovative invitation card. I am sure when the invitee saw the card, it must have spiked interest in going to the wedding.

Switch It Up

If you are someone who does not appreciate regular things and wants their invitation card to look different, I would suggest that you design a card with a black background and white text on it. It looks very subtle and classy.

Watercolor Spread

You can get an invitation card with a white or black base that has watercolor tint over them. It will look more as if someone spilled watercolor water over the card. Over the water spread, you can get your text. This looks very bohemian and artistic.

However, you can spice up the card’s look by adding some details like printing flower designs or galaxy. It looks petite and beautiful.


Letterpresses look extravagant. However, people do not use their designs to print invitation cards. However, you can change this. This kind of card will look simple, elegant, and a business invitation card. The embossment of the design makes it look fancy.

Best Place for Printing Custom Invitation Card

Finding a place that provides you with the liberty to design your custom invitations and the best service is very challenging, but Automation Graphics has it all.

In business for over 25 years, people around New York City know Automation Graphics for their great service. Their top-notch service is the result of the edge cutting technology they use. They have been in the printing machine industry for over a decade. Now they are applying their experience in the printing industry as well.

Since Automation Graphics uses their own machines, their prices are low as well. They try to provide the best customer experience at their printing store. Therefore you will surely get the best service.

Best NYC Custom Invitation Printing

Custom Invitation Printing: Final Feedback

New York is a massive city. It houses thousands of businesses around the city. Many of these businesses deliver their service all over the country.

Get A Quote From Automation Graphics, NY’s Best Print Shop

If you are looking for a service that will make beautiful custom invitation cards for you, you can choose between various options. Printing services come in all shapes and sizes; some are expensive, and others are cost-effective. You can choose any looking at your criteria.

Check Automation graphics, and get your custom invitation card printed swiftly with quick service.

FOR A FAST, FREE QUOTE, CALL: 646-205-3037


Custom Banner Printing

What is custom banner printing? In the past, advertisers would only write phrases like “NOW,” “LIMITED STOCK,” and “DO NOT MISS” to get the public’s attention. However, things are changing now. In today’s environment, you need to be very creative to get people’s attention. You need to put some value into your banners to get consumers’ attention.

For this reason, now, advertisers and marketers invest a lot of their time, money, and effort into making eye-catching banners. Why? That is because people will not look at your banner if it is not as eye-catching as other banners around.

Nevertheless, when you want to put up a banner in a city like New York, it has to be something innovative. After all, the city has over 220,000 businesses working. All of them advertise for their business, and your advertisement needs to stand out, or people will not notice your banner at all.

In this article, I will give you some interesting banner making techniques that can help you design effective banners for your business. By the end of the article, I will tell you about one of the best banner-printing stores all over New York.

Custom Banner Printing New York

Banner Printing Process

Banner printing usually includes the printing of vinyl banners as these are one of the most common types of banners and are more cost-effective and in-demand by different companies. There are a few steps involved that help you get the right vinyl banner. The process will only start off once you give the printing company the image and digital work you want on your banner.

The process begins by first connecting a roll of vinyl to a large format digital printer. It involves attaching around 13 ounces of vinyl, and with the help of the computer, the artwork gets transferred to the substrate. Directly transferring the artwork helps avoid any ink blotting or smearing. The printing service provider then uses waterproof solvent ink to prevent the harshness of rain and sunlight. The printing providers don’t have to do much, but they supervise the whole process constantly in case anything goes wrong.

After the banner gets printed, the production department takes over the further process by sewing the edges of the banner and folding all its four sides to help achieve a double-stitched look. These include all the final touches of the printing, which is one of the most important steps involved in the process of custom banner printing.

Cool Banner Ideas

Make your Banner an Art Piece

When designing a banner for your brand, you need to make it attractive as your target audience could be looking at hundreds of banners in a single day. Among those hundreds of banners, yours needs to stand out.

In my opinion, art is the best way to get people’s attention. Make sure your banner has bright colors that are pleasing to the eye. This includes hues of pink, purple, green, red, or yellow.

While designing, make sure that your banner is not so artsy that the text over it disappears. This will make it difficult for your audience to read the text; they will need to pay attention to read the banner. This is less likely to happen because of consumers’ short attention span.

Bold Background, Stylish Text, and Good Photography

If you look at the top-notch brands’ billboards or banners, you will notice that they are straightforward and minimal. However, the photographs they use are of very high resolution, and the text is also simple but fun, so it attracts the watcher’s eye.

The best example of such a banner is the iPhone X banner. The banner is straightforward yet intimidating, making it so that the watcher gets involved in the picture. Another thing you will notice is the text does not have any BS. The text straightforwardly explains what the product is about.

Top Custom Banner Printing NY

Final Feedback

The custom banner trend is not going anywhere now. However, as time passes, people’s expectation with banners is increasing. The public is always looking for interesting-looking banners. On the other hand, if you come up with an innovative banner, your business will get the right boost. Consequently, people will remember your advertisement.

If you are looking for a good custom banner printing facility, then I highly recommend that you check out Automation Graphics now. They are phenomenal at what they do, and they are the best people to trust with your next banner project. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Automation Graphics today!

Call: 646-205-3037
EMail: BestPrinting@Agiemail.com


All About Sticker Printing

What’s up with sticker printing? Stickers are a great way to market your business because people love to decorate their bag packs, working desks, and other places with stickers. Nevertheless, printing stickers is very cost-effective.

If you look around, you will notice that all the businesses that customers find cool have interesting-looking stickers. Since you are a small business, stickers can become your number-one way to market your product. You can join forces with any sticker printing facility to create some cool sticker designs.

In this article, I will tell you how stickers can make your marketing campaign more effective. In a city like New York, where there are around 220,000 businesses, you need to a power-packed marketing campaign.

I will tell you about the best place for sticker printing. I will also add some interesting sticker ideas that can boost your marketing campaign.

Sticker Printing Shop | New York


Why Sticker Campaign is the Best?

Unlike other marketing campaigns, in a sticker campaign, you do not need to rent expensive spaces. Sticker campaigns are way more subtle, and they work very effectively.

When you distribute stickers, your marketing game improves. That is if your sticker is cute enough that people decorate their workplaces and computers with them.

This way, people will see your brand’s name without any effort. Not to mention, people will remember your brand’s name at all times, which is the initial motivation for marketing campaigns. It will help spread your business’ name like wildfire.

However, for this campaign to become successful, you need your stickers to be innovative and personal. They need to be decorative, and let’s not forget, your stickers need to be of very good quality. Otherwise, people will not use your stickers for decoration, which is your motivation.

Innovative Sticker Ideas

Put a nice Quotation

These days, people look for more value in advertising. Making your sticker all about your brand is not a bright idea. Think about it; who likes to put a random brand’s name all over their computers, work desk, and personal belongings. It looks very odd and makes others feel left out, especially if they don’t know what your brand’s about. To avoid this, you can put a nice morning quote over your sticker. It will provide value to the user and offer something more to people who see it.

Put your Cool Mascot on the Sticker

Having a cool mascot is essential in today’s marketing world. A fresh face for your brand is always a wise decision for any business. Make sure your mascot’s face is an evergreen face that will not get old.

On the other hand, make sure your mascot is a relatable personality. See your business’s target audience and think about what traits will work with their idea, as well as what they’d find cool.

Retro Stickers

Retro is a growing trend. You may have noticed that the 80s and 90s are becoming cool again. Now, I see all these people wearing clothes from the 90s. The youngsters say that 90s fashion is a whole mood that they want to keep up with.

Therefore, designing stickers with the 90s, 80s, and 70s motifs is a good call. The script of the sticker can look like it is from the 90s, or the drawing can look like it is from the 90s. However, make sure that the sticker is circular. That’s because most logos in the 90s were circular.

Best place for Sticker Printing

When it comes to sticker printing, you need to hire a service that is prompt to offer excellent printing jobs. After all, nobody likes sticking lousy stickers on their desks and computers. Hence, you should hire someone who has been in the field for a long time.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you check out Automation Graphics. They are an excellent printing facility that provides businesses with swift and great service. Nevertheless, they also make exceptional products.

Automation Graphics were in the printing machine business for six decades when they began applying their expertise in the printing field as well. They use top-notch equipment to provide you with quick and excellent printing jobs. They are the perfect candidate for your sticker printing job.

Top Sticker Printing Shop | Manhattan New York

Conclusion: Try Automation Graphics for Your Sticker Print Job

Stickers may seem childish to you, but for a business’s marketing, they are essential. Not to mention, they are very cost-effective. At the beginning of your business or career, getting a few custom stickers as promotional items is a wise option.

If you are looking for a quality sticker-printing job with good service and quality products in a short time, call the best sticker print shop in New York Automation Graphics right now!

Automation Graphics
261 West 35th Street
Floor 12A
New York, NY 10001

(646) 205-3037

Commercial Printing

What is commercial printing? Imagine if all businesses only had a single printing option available in the market. If so, they wouldn’t be able to bring out the products or services in a unique. Some great news for you and your business is that technology in the printing industry is thriving in this advanced world so you can stay top of the competition. However, what actually is a commercial printing, and what are its types?

Commercial printing is a device for printing that businesses use to print leaflets and brochures. There are various types of commercial printing. Each type has its specialty and unique function. Here they are:

Commercial Printing NYC

1.     Offset Lithography

In this type of commercial printing, there is an image on a printing plate. After inking the plate, only the part that holds the ink can be printed. Then, the workers transfer or offset the image that contains ink to a blanket made of rubber from the plate. From there, it goes on to a surface that is to be printed.

An amazing benefit of using offset lithography is that you can print on any object with a flat surface. If you are printing on plastic, cardboard, and paper, the result will be remarkable.

If you need the best results from this commercial printing and require large amounts of work, the printing machine uses paper rolls that workers insert through four printing units or towers.

Offset lithography is a technique that you can use to print an extensive range of products, such as stationery, posters, newspapers, and books.

2.     Digital Printing

If you are running a personalized or short-run campaign for your business, digital printing is perfect for your business. With this technique, you can get creative as it offers you a lot of opportunities and options when you are making a strong impression through your marketing materials.

As the popularity of this commercial printing technique is increasing, you will find this method of printing very cost-effective. That’s because it minimizes the cost for postage and engages maximum customers. However, the success of commercial printing depends on the company that is operating the machine, for the purpose it is used, and what machine they are using.

When using digital printing for the right purpose, full-color printing and quick turnaround will be the best option depending on the size of the print. The best way to leverage digital printing is to use it for banners, newsletters, letters, menus, point of sale, labels, and other customizable product for your business.

Best Commercial Printing Shop NYC

3.     Large Format Printing

If you want to make a bigger impression, then a large format is an ideal commercial printing technique. Marketers refer to this as POS (Point of Sale) or display print. With this printing solution, you can print out graphics on materials of any size.

Experts recommend such printing for materials that are very large in size and are not suitable for any other method of commercial printing. This method requires using specialty production equipment to use with materials that have larger dimensions.

Large-format prints grab the audience’s attention from far away, and even a quick view is enough for them to remember striking details. Many businesses use this technique to highlight their product on flat and large print materials such as banners. However, many businesses also use this technique for free-stand for the appeal of the visual. That is why this commercial printing is common and popular among businesses.

Large-format commercial printing is popular to use on billboards, exhibition graphics, displays, external vinyl banners, signage, floor graphics, mounting and lamination, wallpaper, and much more.

4.     LED UV Printing

LED UV printing has become the most popular choice in this modern age. As technology has taken over most industries in the world, you can see the same situation in the printing industry also. LED UV commercial printing is essential to help with the first impression.

This technology keeps the quality of the print vivid and sharp. You will find this technique with original characteristics as anti-set off powder or sealing coat is not required.  Because of the unique curving of the UV, this technique is very popular. Businesses use LED UV printing for leaflets, posters, brochures, look books, catalogs, handbooks, prospectuses, and much more

Commercial Printing: Consult Automation Graphics in NYC

Businesses must consider many factors to create an amazing brochure or print, and choosing the right printing technique the major aspect of it. From the above-mentioned popular options for commercial printing, you can choose a suitable option for your business.

For printing purposes, you can choose between many printing companies. However, we understand what technique and method will be the best option for your business. Not just that, but our professional printers can print on any suitable material that you want to be printed.

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What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing provides you with high-quality printing jobs. However, for offset printing, you need to print at least a thousand pieces in one go. The most common places where you will see offset printing in action include printing newspapers, magazines, books, inserts, catalogs, newspaper ads, catalogs, and other items that require mass distribution.

If you are planning to get your book printed or you want to promote your business through mediums like newspaper ads and inserts, it is time that you head over to offset printers. Why? Because they will make high-quality advertisements for you that help generate decent leads.

New York is a business-oriented city. It houses over 220,000 businesses of all sizes. When it comes to advertising your business, you need to be smart. You need to push your business in the market. For this reason, we will tell you about how to choose the perfect offset printing store.

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Process of Offset Printing

Offset printing is a classic printing technique that businesses have relied on for over a century. This printing process has a rich history and started in 1904. Offset printing involves a few steps, especially the modern offset printing process, the one used more frequently now.

The offset printing process involves an indirect printing method in which the rubber blanket cylinder is placed between the plate and the printing paper. This enables the ink to get indirectly transferred on to the printing sheet. This process is fully automated, enduring high-quality print runs. Unlike the use of stones and other materials as templates in old printing processes, offset printing includes using millennium plates that are around a millimeter-thin.

Printing Process Steps

1.      Creating Printing Plates

The very first step involves creating a printing plate for every printing ink. Printing plates help achieve one specific color where intended. There are around four printing plates, hence four colors.

2.     Inserting Printing Plates

The next step involves inserting the printing plates into the offset printing machine according to their respective colors. This goes through 4 units, which helps achieve the color print on top of one another.

3.     Printing Cylinders

This step involves the actual printing process in which the printing plate gets starched on each cylinder. There are a total of three cylinders, and the first cylinder helps in absorbing the ink from the areas that need to get printed. With the help of rollers, the experts dampen the remaining cylinders with water that don’t need printing.

4.     The Final Step

The final step involves transferring the reversed image once again on to the paper. For this, they pass the image through the rubber blanket cylinder and printing cylinder.

Choosing the Best Offset Printer

Check the Reliability

Usually, people require an offset printing job when they need to promote their products or the entire brand. For this reason, when you are searching for an offset printer, make sure that the printer is reliable.

As a business owner, you might know the importance of the right time. In the marketing sector, creating hype at the right time is essential. If the printer runs late and your advertisements do not come out in time, you will get into a lot of trouble.

The Right Price

As a consumer, you probably want to pay the lowest price for everything. However, you must know that advertising is not cheap at all and can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Not to mention, all printing facilities charge different rates. You can compare all printing store prices with one another and find the most cost-effective one in all and save a few bucks on your advertisement campaign.

Price per Color, Size, Material, and Quality

You might not know this, but you need to keep a few things in mind while printing. You need to ask the charges for each color used in the banner. On the other hand, you need to ask what materials options they offer to make a banner.

All printers provide a range of different materials. You will need to check if their quality matches your requirements.

See if they Provide a Guarantee

While choosing an offset printing service for yourself, make sure they provide you a guarantee of how long the banner will stand and if its colors will stay vibrant. Companies that do not take responsibility for it might be a scam. All good service providers offer a guarantee for their work because they know that their product will last long.

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Call Automation Graphics for Your Offset Printing Job

Even though people have come up with printing techniques like digital printing and commercial printing, offset printing takes the cake because it produces a high-quality result.

Some of the best New York offset printing places not only provide a single service. Rather, they can provide multiple services to businesses. These include copying, photocopying, designing web campaigns, and much more.

If you are looking for the best offset printing facility, I recommend that you check automation graphics. They are currently providing some of the best printing options.

Types of Commercial Printing

Every business big or small has to commercialize new services and products they offer because, without promotion, there won’t be any sales or growth. If you are planning to host a big event or have just started a new business, you need to use proper materials for promotion. This is where commercial printing comes into the picture. You will need to acquire the services of commercial printing whenever you plan on promoting something on a large scale. Read this article to know more about commercial printing.

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What is Commercial Printing?

Commercial printing is a process that involves printing out a large variety of products such as posters, books, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, and much more. In this printing process, the artwork is transferred onto a piece of paper or card, which is done via proper commercial printers.  Commercial printing helps you to create a professional piece by supporting activities such as marketing, advertising, retail, and publishing, which in turn leaves a good impression on you or your respective service.

Types of Commercial Printing

There are many different types of commercial printing that you can use for your business or events. Go through the list below and learn how each type of commercial printing works.

1.     Digital Printing

Digital printing is one of the most common types of commercial printing. If you use this technique, you will enjoy the perks of low costs with high quality. Digital printing will help you achieve high-quality items with full-color printing. You gain a large number of prints in a short period of time.  Hence, digital printing is able to match the speed of offset printing, which gives you a production of larger prints at a much lower price. You can use digital printing for printing out banners, letters, slogans, magazines, and any other product that is in need of high production and quality.

2.     Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is one of the best processes to use if you want to attain high volume production. Prints are made using metal plates, which include the images; these metal plates are transferred on to rollers or rubber blankets that print the media in the end. You can easily use thick or flat-surfaced media such as wood, cloth, and canvas in this process as the flexibility of the rubber blankets enables you to achieve prints of such rough-surfaced media. These printing machines include rolls of paper that will help you to gain large high-quality prints.

There are two categories that come under offset printing: One is web offset printing, and the other is sheet-fed offset printing.  Both of these techniques allow you to receive high-quality prints and are in common use nowadays prints and are in common use nowadays.

Types of Commercial Printing - NYC

3.     Flexography

Flexographic printing is another type of commercial printing you can use for packaging or uneven surfaces. In this process, the inked rubber plate includes the printing image and helps you transfer it on to the printing surface. If you use flexography printing, you will be able to receive high-quality prints due to the fact that flexographic printing is best known for its quick-drying and high speed of production. The best part about this method is that it can print on various types of materials such as cellophane, metals, plastic, and any other type of material. Flexographic printing provides many advantages to your business and production, such as low costs, high speed, less maintenance of equipment, and its versatility of different inks. Flexography is best for printing out textiles, wallpapers, newspapers, business forms, and much more.

4.     LED UV

LED UV technology is one of the most high-demanded and popular printing methods businesses use for commercial printing. The popularity and demand are due to its high print quality. High quality is received with the help of the curing method and because anti-set off powder spray isn’t used. If you and your business want to work towards an eco-friendly environment, then it is advisable that you use LED UV technology as it doesn’t use any drying heat, and its run time is practically low. Hence, there is less energy consumption . You can use LED UV printing for printing out posters, handbooks, brochures, magazines, leaflets, newsletters, and much more.

5.     Large Format

Large format printing, also known as wide-format printing, involves printing out large images that get everyone’s attention. You should use this type of commercial printing if you want to gain attention towards your service or product. Large format printing can assure you with large printed materials such as huge posters or banners you usually see on the walls of main commercialized areas. Large format printing also provides you with many benefits. You are given the freedom of creating custom-made posters or logos, you can print out double-sided banners, and the printer waterproofs all the posters, so you don’t have to worry about your poster getting damaged during heavy rainfall or a storm. You can use format printing for billboards, banners, wallpapers, laminating, pop-up displays, and exhibition graphics.


You can use any type of commercial printing that we have mentioned above; however, the quality of the machine is also very important. So if you want to avoid any issues that could disadvantage the quality and appearance of your printing material, contact us, and we will help you achieve the right type of commercial printing, which will benefit you and your business.

Different Types of Printing Paper

What are the different types of printing paper? Paper is one of the supplies you need when you have an office with many employees. It can be a bit tricky for you to choose the right type of paper. Some businesses take it very seriously when buying the paper because they might have a small budget and don’t want to waste their money on buying the wrong type of paper. If you want to avoid this type of mistake, we’ve got you covered. Mentioned below are the different types of paper and their properties, including their benefits and uses.

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Coated Paper vs. Uncoated Paper

There are two main types of paper, coated and uncoated paper. Coated papers have a very sealant surface that contributes to this paper’s weight, smoothness, glossiness, and ink absorbency. Coated papers are known for their non-absorbent nature; hence, they are best for printing out pictures. You should use coated paper whenever you want to print out documents that consist of bold images.

On the other hand, the uncoated paper does not have a glossy surface. However, it does have an absorbent nature. This type of paper is very absorbent, which causes the ink to dry fast on its surface. There are many varieties of uncoated papers to choose from.

Types of Coated Paper

1.     Matte Paper

This type of paper is coated with white and has a non-glossy finishing. The white coating makes it easier for the ink to dry faster. The paper has no shine, which helps colors look natural on its surface. Matte paper is used for daily tasks, especially when you need a document right away, as the drying process is quick. You can use matte papers to print out leaflets, reports, and flyers.

2.     Gloss Paper

Gloss papers are very lightweight in nature and much cheaper compared to matte paper. The glossy texture of the paper helps absorb ink, which helps to produce high-quality images. It is preferred that you use gloss paper for printing pictures as it produces high-quality color definition. You can avail of different variations of gloss paper such as premium grade, semi-gloss, and color-life paper.

3.     Silk Paper

This type of paper has no shine to it, which means you can easily read whatever is written on it. You can use silk papers for printing out many items such as books, magazines, and catalogs. Silk papers have a very smooth finish, which contributes to the high quality of the finished content.

4.     Dull Paper

Dull papers are also low on shine but have a very smooth texture, which contributes to their high-quality definition. Dull papers are just like matte and glossy papers. However, dull papers may be pricier for you compared to a matte sheet.

Types of Uncoated Paper

1.     Laid Paper

This type of paper is manufactured with textured vertical and horizontal lines on its surface. You should use laid paper for printing out business cards, envelopes, and letterheads.

2.     Woven Paper

Woven papers are very smooth in nature and appearance, and have no textured lines.

3.     Linen Paper

Linen paper has a unique textured appearance. The surface of the paper also has textured lines, but they are finer in appearance compared to laid paper. The best use of linen paper is for business purposes.

4.     Bristol Paper

Bristol paper is very heavy and thick in nature. You can use Bristol paper to print out tickets, invitation cards, book covers, and file folders.

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Other Types of Paper

There are many other types of paper other than coated and uncoated paper:

  • Recycled Paper: If you want to work towards the benefit of the environment, then you should use recycled paper. You can use this type of paper to print official memos, documents, and reports.
  • Index Card: This type of paper is stiff and thin and comes in different sizes. This type of paper is best for printing postcards and magazine inserts.
  • Watermarked Paper: Watermarked paper is expensive. The watermark on the paper creates a specific effect on the document that makes it look unique. You can use this type of paper to print out certificates.

Paper Weight

You need to choose the right weight of the paper whenever you’re printing something big or important. The weight of the paper refers to the thickness of the paper, which you will usually measure in pounds or GSM (grams per square meter). Mentioned below are the different types of paper to elaborate on the basics of the weight of a paper:

  • Promotional posters weigh around 130GSM – 170GSM
  • Newspapers weigh around 35GSM – 55gsm
  • Business cards or any other card type material weighs around 300GSM+
  • Magazine covers weigh around 180GSM – 250GSM


It is very important to choose the right type of paper when you have to print something. Pay even more attention to these details when you are going for a big-scale printing project. Contact us at Automation Graphics to achieve the best quality prints. We deploy a variety of printing processes to give you the exact product you want.