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We Guarantee you the highest customer experience and the lowest prices. We are your full service printer for any job you have. No job is too big or too small. See our Commercial printing page for an overview of the many types of printing we do. We are simply the best printer in NYC. Call today for a quote or any other questions you may have. Once you work with us you will never want to use another printer. We’ve been in this business since 1956. We have the experience that no other printer in NYC can match.

We specialize in fast, custom, short run, on-demand digital printing solutions including large format and wide format poster and banner printing, and Commercial Offset Printing. When compared to our competition, we print faster, cheaper and better!

We can print on demand digital printing for any job, large or small. We print traditional offset printing for large run jobs or oversized printing.

We have extensive experience in corporate printing including annual reports and multiple materials for business and corporate events.

We have significant experience in working with small businesses to find printing solutions that are affordable, fast and effective. We proved custom printing solutions that meet any size company and any budget.

With over 50 years experience, no matter what your concerns we have most likely experienced similar client request in the past. We have the experience to make sure all of our jobs go well without any unexpected delays or errors. In addition, we have kept up with changing technology. Being a successful company for so long has enabled us to reinvest profits into upgrades in our machinery and technology throughout the years and kept us at the forefront of digital printing technology. Believe us, technology has improved rapidly in the printing industry and we have been the leaders in early adaptation of new machines. Money well spent in our opinion!

With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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Types of Printing

What are the most popular different types of printing? Printing involves impressing figures, designs, and letters on a substrate like paper or vinyl. Wood, fabric, and cardboard are also widely used. In fact, the oldest printing techniques used wood and fabric to make impressions. Continue reading to learn about different types of printing methods your business can use.

Types of Printing

Printing has been around since 220 AD, and it continues to evolve as new printing methods come and go. Businesses often find it confusing to find the right printing techniques for brochures, leaflets, etc. After all, each printing method has different needs and purposes.

Through our knowledge and expertise in the industry, we’ve laid down some of the most common types of printing for you.

Screen Printing

Suited for: posters, banners, fabrics

Screen printing is one of the oldest yet highly popular printing techniques. This form of printing involves using a mesh for transferring an image.

Typically, screen printing needs a screen (stencil) to press ink and print an image. Screen printing experts create the screen by stretching out the mesh. Then, they force layers of ink onto the screen to create an impression. The screen contains stencil holes that allow ink to pass through.

Offset Printing

Suited for: wood, fabric, canvas, paper, stationary and more

Offset or ‘litho’ printing is a standard printing technique in most industries. Businesses can use the popular offset lithography method for various projects.

Whether you want to print a brochure or fabric banner, this printing technique can deliver desirable results. While offset printing is most suitable for mass production, such as magazines and leaflets, it requires a painstakingly long setup process and high-maintenance equipment.

Offset printing involves transferring an image to aluminum plates. Then, the image is transferred from the metal plates onto a rubber sheet, also known as a ‘blanket.’ In the last step, it is rolled onto paper.

Types of Printing Best Printer NYC


Suited for: labels, packaging, wallpapers, wraps

Flexography is similar to letter printing, but it’s a more modern version.

This type of printing uses specialist equipment, including a series of cylinders and flexible relief plates. With the plates mounted on the cylinders, it is possible to create an image on uneven surfaces.

The flexible relief plates contain the raised image or message you want to print. The machinery causes the plates to rotate at high speeds while the substrate or print media passes through. This is how the test is printed onto the medium.

Flexographic printing is a quick-drying method that uses semi-liquid inks, making it a suitable technique for long print runs.

Large Format Printing

Suited for: lamination, posters, vinyl banners, billboards, wallpapers

As the name implies, large format printing exists to print on wider, longer substrate rolls.

Businesses involved in the marketing industry prefer this printing technique for its maximum width (typically more than eighteen inches). Banner and billboard advertisements are some of the top uses and examples of large format printing.

Instead of individual sheets, large format printing uses large print rolls to transfer designs, images, and text. The sheet rolls together produce one large sheet you can use for advertisement purposes.

It is your best printing option if you want to make a huge impact on customers. Large format printing also helps with brand recognition and loyalty. It can be digital or non-digital but usually requires more complicated machines.

Most Popular Types of Printing: Conclusion

Running a business comes with enough challenges, but printing should not be one of them! Finding supplies and picking the best printing method for your business is not easy and often takes more time than planned. While managing promotional or commercial printing is difficult, Automation Graphics can help.

Located in New York, our team is the best in the business with extensive experience and training. Leave us a query by email, or call us at (646) 205-3037 to talk to one of our experts.

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Signage Printing: Your Business Needs It!

How important is signage printing for your business? A brand’s marketing strategies determine how well it can interact and communicate with its consumers. Marketing, promotion, and advertising has many faces, including ads, social media, websites, and more.

Signage Printing-Your Business Needs It

Where digital marketing helps improve a brand’s online image, physical media is essential for offline recognition and reputation. In today’s age of digitalization, however, many companies and brands tend to overlook signage.

What is Signage?

A business’ signage marketing can include anything from wall and sidewalk signs to window signage. All types of signage serve a different purpose, such as improving functionality or promoting a brand or service. Signage is not only vital for brand marketing, but it also affects the way your company interacts with consumers.

Function and Types of Signage in Businesses

Signage serves as a silent salesperson for any business, attracting attention to your brand. These signs play a significant role in helping your business stand out from the competition and others in the market.

A reliable printing service like Automation Graphics Inc. Printing in NYC can create high quality exterior signage to deliver your brand’s message. Signage printing with your brand’s logo is visible 24/7 for as long as you’ve rented out a space. As such, it reinforces your business’ idea and conveys your message.

Exterior signage is of two types: building mounted signage and ground mounted signage. Ground mounted signage comes in various sizes and shapes. They usually get mounted near roads to attract passing vehicles. On the other hand, building mounted signage is placed around foot traffic areas like markets.

Why Your Business Needs Signage

When done right, signage serves as a subtle communication cue, increasing brand awareness simultaneously. Soon, companies notice how these perks become a more significant benefit increased sales and revenue.

Concise and clear, branded signage can transform your business here are some of the top benefits of using signage.

Better Communication

Outdoor signage is arguably the most visible form of communication for businesses. For that reason, signs impact the performance of brick-and-mortar enterprises.

Interacting with your target audience and communicating your brand’s message is critical for all businesses. Potential consumers tend to make assumptions about new and existing brands, judging the quality of services and products before even trying. How the public perceives your business impacts decisions that affect your growth and success.

Signage helps you communicate with potential and existing consumers, compelling them to engage and invest.

Competitive Advantage

With increasing competition across various industries, startups and even developing businesses struggle with growth. Companies are trying to stand out from others in the niche to attract clients and customers. Signage gets the job done by serving as a significant differentiator and providing a competitive advantage.

Additionally, way finding signage, combined with an intelligent choice of location, helps attract people from a distance, drawing them into your stores, etc. Meanwhile, onsite signage increases brand recognition, enabling visitors to discover, identify and recognize your business’ physical presence.

Signage Printing: Does Your Business Need It?

Quirky Marketing

Signage provides your business with attention grabbing signs that can help it become the talk of the town. Your business’ signage entirely depends on your preference, as these are no longer limited to large monument signs.

Professional and experienced printing experts can come up with artistic, modern, and traditional signage for your brand. Popular signage options today include neon signs, story walls, and floor decals. Signage is a quirky marketing technique that helps businesses cut through the noise and attract new customers.

Signage Printing: Conclusion

Signage is a practical and budget friendly solution for physical business marketing. However, only a reliable printing service with premium quality printers and trained experts can meet your business’s needs.

Automation Graphics provides exceptional printing services at streamlined costs. From printing to installation, our experts ensure a hassle free process for each client. With over sixty years of experience, we can cater to all your needs. Call us at (646) 205-3037 today!

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Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC

What are the qualities of a great print shop in NYC? Almost all businesses need to hire a printing service for various purposes. Printing is essential for developing marketing materials such as brochures, banners, and posters. These materials promote your services, products, and brand. Sometimes, you may even need a printing service when hosting events and activities. Additionally, printing business cards and annual reports is critical for attracting investors and beneficial employees.

Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC

While you need printing services for many different materials, all printing services cannot provide the desired benefits. Generally, the best printing service provider for your business aligns with your company’s unique goals and meets its specific needs.

Choosing the right print shop for your business is challenging, so we’ve laid down a list of qualities you should look for.

1.    Quality Customer Service

Excellent communication skills are imperative for all business matters, including printing. Therefore, you would want to look for a printing shop that ensures quick and consistent communication.

Quality customer service will ensure that the printing process is a hassle free experience for both parties. It will provide you with peace of mind you run operations and take care of bigger matters.

Companies like Automation Graphics offer quality customer service and get the job done.

2.    Years of Experience

The printing industry is a highly evolving and competitive one. Generally, businesses should pick a printing service with extensive knowledge of the industry and its niches.

It should be aware of the printing industry’s past, how it has changed throughout the years and what’s trending. That way, your printing service will be able to provide you with the most helpful assistance. A printing company’s knowledge and expertise in the field prove a good indicator of reliability.

So, look for extensive knowledge and experience in the printing industry before finalizing a printing service. Automation Graphics has over sixty years of experience in the printing industry with adequate knowledge to deliver excellent results.

Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC

3.    Range of Capabilities

What a printing service can do for your business’ growth is one of the most critical things to consider. Naturally, a business would want to work with a printing company that can cater to all your business’ printing requirements.

Remember, a company with minimal equipment cannot provide the same benefits you’re looking for. These printing services usually lag in quality due to limits in the scope of the project.

On the flip side, printing companies with high quality equipment provide a myriad of printing options and deliver exceptional results. For that reason, service variety and supply options are essential factors to consider.

Besides production equipment, you also need to check for supplies, including coating options, paper choices, binding variety, etc. Automation Graphics is one of the best printing services in NYC regarding capabilities.

4.    Willingness to Guide

The best printing service is willing to work with you instead of simply selling its services.

If a printing shop is willing to give advice and suggestions, it’s likely a suitable choice. A printing service providing company should be willing to guide you along the way as you try to grow your business through printed marketing tools.

Ideally, it would help if you were looking for service providers like Automation Graphics eager to give valuable advice to improve your business’ marketing skills. A client focused printing service that discusses your project’s goals offers outstanding results.

Qualities of a Great Print Shop in NYC: Conclusion

Various businesses in different industries require printing services for promotion and marketing purposes. Well designed physical media like brochures, posters, and cards can significantly enhance growth and sales.

Automation Graphics provides excellent printing services at an affordable price. You can send queries via email or call at (646) 205-3037 to talk to one of our professionals.

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Large Poster Printing: All About Large Format Printing

Do you need info on how to do large poster printing for yourself or a business? Companies in various industries, especially in marketing and advertising, need leaflets, brochures, magazines, and posters. They help attract consumers and develop a large customer base.

While it is easy to print on smaller print media with specific equipment, posters and banners give businesses a hard time. If you’re a business owner dealing with large print media, you may already know that producing posters isn’t easy. Not to mention, you might not have the right tools and equipment for large poster printing.

Large Poster Printing

Many business owners struggle to manage printing projects and maintain other operations at the same time. A printing service provider like Automation Graphics can provide the latest printing services for your brand or company.

What is Large Format Printing?

The large format printing technique is booming in popularity as many manufacturing companies like Epson, Canon, and HP use it. Usage of the widely-used printing method has skyrocketed within the last few decades, especially in the past ten to fifteen years.

This type of printing includes wall hangings, banners, and posters for graphical advertisement and other purposes. Large format printing is an excellent marketing tool that allows businesses and brands to leave a huge impact on potential and existing customers, competition, and the general public.

While you can use other commercial printing techniques to create posters, large format printing has the most significant impression. It is your go-to option for printing large materials like posters and banners. Large format printing is also the most suitable printing method for image driven posters

It involves using large nozzles to lay toner on printing media. Then, the ink is applied directly to avoid an unauthentic look and feel. Much like digital printing, it is ideal for full-color images and texts.

Who Can Provide Large Format Printing for Your Posters?

Most brands do not have in-house printing units, while some bigger firms may have a few on hand options. Nevertheless, large format printing is not easy to manage on your own as a business.

And so, you will need to source your printing services from a credible printing service provider. Reaching out to a specialist printing firm for large format printing is your best option. Automation Graphics provides large format printing for small and large-scale businesses.

We are a third party service provider that helps enterprises with their printing projects. We have all the necessary equipment in top notch condition, as well as the skills and expertise needed for professional large format printing.

What Materials Can We Print on?

Various materials can serve as substrates for large format printing, such as posters, banners, etc. Here are some common materials for this type of printing.


Paper is easily available and makes a suitable print media for large format printing. However, it is not a durable material if you’re looking for prolonged outdoor installation.


Vinyl is a flexible print substrate, available in various finishes. It is also affordable and versatile and easy to cut in any shape.


Many large format print providers offer textile and fabric printing.

Wood, Metal, and Others

Although uncommon, large format printing is also available for rigid materials like aluminum sheets and wood.

Best Large Poster Printing NYC

Large Poster Printing: Conclusion

Producing large posters is a tricky task that requires extensive training and skills for printing. Leaving it to professionals is ideal as they can deliver outstanding results.

Located in New York City and in business for over 25 years, Automation Graphics Inc. provides excellent large format and other printing services at low prices. Our team is quick and efficient and ensures to meet all your requirements. You can contact us by email, or call at (646) 205-3037 to speak with our experts.

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Jacob Javits Center: Printed Materials for Business Conferences

What are some good options of getting printed materials for business conferences in NYC? The Jacob Javits Center is a large convention and conference center in New York City. Many business conferences and trade shows take place at the venue throughout the year.

If you have a business conference or trade show coming soon, you may be busy with the budget, planning, and preparation. Such business events can be overwhelming for hosts and attendees.

Printed Materials for Business Conferences Jacob Javits NYC

That said, conferences and trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impression. So, how can you get your brand’s name out there and provide information about your business? The answer is in printed marketing solutions.

Printed Material Options for Businesses Conferences

Physical marketing is critical to your brand’s presence at any formal business event. Choose a reliable printing service like Automation Graphics to produce printed marketing media for your upcoming conference at the Jacob Javits Center.

Business Cards

Usually, business conferences offer an opportunity to interact with other businesses in the industry. Exchanging business cards is a great way to start a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Offering your business card to a representative from another company allows them to contact you for a follow-up meeting. Having business cards on hand increases your brand’s chances for better recognition, especially if you’re new.

That said, your business card should be unique so that it can stand out from other business cards at the conference. Automation Graphics offers various printing options, including foil stamping, embossing/ debossing, and more. High-quality printing will likely compel businesses to contact you and learn more about your business.

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers and brochures serve as excellent marketing tools at business conferences.

Depending on your business’ niche, you might even want to make such printed materials the main printed item. Like business cards, you can hand over a brochure or flyer to business owners or representatives you interact with at the conference. Or, you can distribute them at the end of a conference.

Essentially, flyers and brochures serve the same purpose- providing information about your brand, product, or service. The significant difference between the two materials is the amount of information you can provide. A flyer is a sheet with little information, an image/ logo, etc. On the other hand, brochures are small booklets that require reading.

Product One-Sheeters

Conferences at Jacob Javits Center are huge and often comprise various activities and segments. Besides, you might even get a chance to sell your brand’s newly launched products at your business booth in the convention center.

Businesspersons often make purchases at business conferences and trade shows as a friendly gesture to learn about the company. Booths offer an incredible opportunity to promote your products and build a brand reputation among competitors.

However, all individuals visiting your booth will not purchase your product and may even hesitate to initiate a conversation. While you don’t need to act like a salesperson, you can offer individuals to take along a product one-sheeter.

Best Printed Materials for Business Conferences in Jacob Javits Center NYC

Product one-sheeters are printed papers with information about your product, including features and benefits. Such printed materials allow you to market products without a heavy sales pitch.

Printed Materials for Business Conferences: Conclusion

Printed marketing materials are still effective for attracting customers and increasing brand recognition. Business cards, flyers, brochures, and product one sheeters are great options for businesses to develop brand image among the competition.

That said, printed materials for a conference at Jacob Javits should be of the highest quality possible. If that’s what you’re looking for, Automation Graphics serves well. We provide exceptional services at an affordable rate. You can contact us via email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with an expert.

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Corporate Report Printing

Whether you run a small or large scale business, annual corporate report printing is critical to building an impressive business reputation.

While it may seem easy, many businesses overlook essential aspects of corporate report printing. If you’re running a startup business, you may not be entirely sure how to make an impressive annual business report. Lucky for you, an experienced printing service like Automation Graphics can help create an effective corporate report for your business to ensure maximum benefits.

Corporate Report Printing

Why Print Your Annual Corporate Reports?

Businesses distribute annual corporate reports to stakeholders in industries, firms, and individuals who might be interested. Annual corporate reports contain crucial information regarding the business’ policies.

However, the primary purpose of these reports is to highlight business actions that have taken place in the previous years. Typically, annual reports provide information about goals, investments, and achievements. Annual reports are also essential for reputation as they show how well your business handled operations.

Promoting corporate activities in your business helps bring together shareholders and even employees who share similar interests and goals. It increases your business’ growth rate while attracting the most suitable individuals for long-term success. After all, annual reports help bring investors and high-potential employees.

Choose Automation Graphics for Corporate Report Printing

Printing annual corporate reports have several benefits. A well-designed and high-quality report helps promote the business’s corporate activities. Also, they help attract suitable shareholders and employees.

If you’re looking for a reliable printing company, Automation Graphics Inc. in New York City serves small and large businesses well. Here are some benefits of choosing our services to print your business’s annual corporate reports.

Numerous Printing Options

If you’ve been running a business for some time now, you may already know that various printing options are available.

Businesses hire commercial printing techniques for marketing materials like brochures, banners, business cards, etc. For example, the large format printing method is suitable for banners and billboards. Similarly, digital printing options work best for leaflets, brochures, and reports.

Other printing options available at Automation Graphics include offset lithography, letterpress, foil stamping, UV Printing, and more. Relying on unique printing methods can help create an impressive corporate report.

Flexible Schedule

Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of hiring Automation Graphics to print annual corporate reports for your business.

The best printing services offer flexible schedules so clients enjoy a hassle-free experience, and we do just that. Automation Graphics aims to deliver printing products promptly without compromising on work quality.

Besides, we use premium-quality, well-maintained equipment that helps meet tight deadlines while ensuring neat prints.

High-Quality Designs

Complete customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we ascertain to deliver exceptional printing results for your annual reports.

Attracting suitable shareholders is often challenging for businesses. Companies and brands use a combination of multiple tactics to lure in investing parties. While annual corporate reports are helpful, a boring report is less likely to deliver desirable outcomes.

For that reason, Automation Graphics offers high-quality designs to make your annual reports worth reading. We provide various font styles and other creative elements in combination with printing techniques and designs.

Best Corporate Report Printing NYC

Binding Services

How an annual report looks and feels determines whether a stakeholder or potential employee will read it. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure high quality.

Binding the report is an essential step that enhances its durability and adds to the quality. Plastic coiling and wire binding are popular binding options for annual corporate reports. Our experts at Automation Graphics ensure quality binding along with excellent printing services.

Corporate Report Printing: Conclusion

Annual corporate reports allow you to showcase all the activities in your company throughout the year. They play a significant role in brand promotion, making your business popular among customers and the public.

Automation Graphics provides excellent printing services at an affordable price. Contact us via email or call at (646) 205-3037 to discuss your queries with our experts.

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Printed Materials for Corporate Branding

What are the necessary printed materials for corporate branding? Corporate branding refers to a company’s branding affairs and how it interacts with its consumers, clients, and competitors. It is how a brand represents itself to the inside (employees, staff, etc.) and outside (competitors, public, clients/ consumers, etc.). Almost all businesses use elements like symbols, logos, and slogans to represent their brand.

Printed Materials for Corporate Branding

But how can businesses take their brand’s colors, fonts, logo, and message to the people? Brand promotion seems easy until you get into the details. It requires printed marketing materials, and a reliable printing service provider like Automation Graphics can help.

Printed Materials Your Brand Needs for Marketing

Print marketing or physical media is one of the most effective marketing strategies that bring revenue and improve growth.

Pamphlets/ Brochures

Pamphlets offer an easy way to inform potential and existing customers about your business.

These printed marketing materials typically provide details regarding services and products. For example, you can design brochures to promote a new product you will launch soon or provide brief information about all your products/ services.

Pamphlets and brochures are excellent for attracting new customers as they allow plenty of room for creativity. You can use illustrations, different fonts, styles, and other elements to provide information in a formal manner.

Besides, brochures offer an opportunity to communicate with consumers directly. Businesses can also incorporate contact information and a call-to-action.


All kinds of signage, including in-store and outdoor signs, serve as a silent salesperson for your brand. When mounted indoors, way-finding signage helps improve the functionality of your business’s franchise.

Similarly, outdoor signage plays a significant role in brand-building. Ground-mounted and building-mounted signages attract public attention in foot traffic and motor traffic areas, respectively. These printed marketing tools reinforce your brand message and convey your ideas.

Besides providing businesses with an opportunity to communicate with customers, signage also offers a unique competitive advantage. These signs help a brand stand out from others in a public space.

Business Cards

Business cards are the key to an effective physical marketing channel.

While many brands overlook the role of business cards as a top printed material option, they’re great marketing tools that tell your brand’s story as concisely as possible. They help represent your brand’s forte and specialty so clients can understand what you’re offering.

Business cards contain necessary information such as title, contact numbers, and a business description. They are a simple yet effective tool for spreading the word during community gatherings, networking events, etc.

Banners/ Posters

Essentially, banners and posters are visibly huge signs that help businesses get their image to the front.

The size and visual appeal of these printed materials for corporate branding ensure that a brand addresses several potential customers at the same time. In other words, one banner or poster is enough to grab the attention of a vast crowd. However, these printed marketing materials do not necessarily provide information about services or products.

Printed Materials for Corporate Branding Best Printer

Typically, banners and event sponsorships go hand in hand. It could include anything from a sports event to a rock concert. While banners work best for on-site promotions, companies can hand out or stick posters in traffic areas.

Although banners and posters directly promote an event, they also draw attention to the brand.

Printed Materials for Corporate Branding: Conclusion

In today’s age of digitalization, physical media is just as effective for corporate branding. Printed materials such as brochures, pamphlets, signage, business cards, banners, and posters continue to play a significant role in attracting new customers and building brand recognition.

That said, the quality of your printed materials is critical for great results. With over sixty years of experience, Automation Graphics is the best in the business. We provide excellent printing services to businesses throughout New York. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with an expert.

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Bifold Brochure Printing: How to Design Yours

What are some pointers on how to successfully manage a bifold brochure printing project? In today’s digital age, you may assume that brochures are no longer relevant in the marketing industry. Well, think again because physical marketing materials are still as effective today as they were years ago.

In fact, brochures are among the best marketing strategies, offering promising results. For that reason, they are common in corporate use, and small local businesses use brochures to attract new and potential customers.

Bifold Brochure Printing

Furthermore, brochures are a great way to promote new services and products by a company. If you’re a startup, you can use brochures to raise brand awareness and describe what your business aims to do. That way, you can virtually get in touch with your target audience and develop brand recognition.

What is a Bifold Brochure?

Bifold brochures typically comprise four panels, including two internal panels and a back and front cover each. As the name implies, a bifold brochure features two folds.

If you want, you can turn a bifold brochure into a booklet by adding an extension. This additional section usually makes a brochure look like a smaller version of a magazine because of the multiple pages.

While bifold brochures may contain several pages, they are made with a single sheet of paper. The multiple folds, however, allow you to divide your brochure into sections. Brands can place images, text, and other visuals in these folded sections.

Identify Your Objective

Before hiring a credible printing service like Automation Graphics, you should know the objective of your bi-fold brochure. So, have a clear-cut idea of what purpose you intend to serve with your brochure. Are you looking to promote an event, product, or service? Having a single objective is ideal.

Know Your Target Audience

Brochures act as a communication medium between a business and its target audience. Therefore, knowing the group of people you want to target is imperative. Only then can you correctly convey your message and see results. Knowing your target audience will help you choose the right design and visuals to grab attention and persuade.

Stand Out from Competition

Thoroughly examining competitors in the industry is essential before finalizing the design for your bifold brochure. Exclusivity and uniqueness are top qualities that attract most consumers.

So, make sure that your brochure stands out from that of the competition. The goal is to create something that is true to itself yet looks different from other materials on the rack.

Avoid being Extra

Business owners and digital creators are often extremely excited when designing a brochure. While there is nothing wrong with that, overexcitement can cause you to use over-the-top fonts and other fancy elements such as punny language.

Remember, your bifold brochure should be compelling and unique, yet formal and organized. So, avoid using more than two font styles and slang or complicated vocabulary.

Professional Bifold Brochure Printing Info

Add a CTA

A brochure is incomplete without a proper call to action, or CTA, at the end. Not only will such a mistake eliminate the purpose of your bifold brochure, but not adding a CTA also leaves readers hanging. It’s likely that they won’t feel satisfied and will experience a sense of confusion.

Adding a call-to-action will give your audience a proper ending and compel them to take action.

Bifold Brochure Printing: Conclusion

Bifold brochures are one of the top corporate marketing materials, even in today’s digitalized world. Their unique design engages the audience and is often an additional marketing tool along with digital marketing campaigns. Producing bifold brochures offers many perks for small and big enterprises.

If you’re looking for a reliable printing service provider, Automation Graphics can help. We are a third-party print service provider that helps small local businesses and startups develop a solid customer base. You can contact us through email or call at (646) 205-3037 for further guidance.


Choosing the Best Large Format Printing Company

How do you go about choosing the best large format printing company? As businesses prioritize impactful marketing and advertising techniques, the printing industry is gaining increasing popularity. Producing brochures, banners, and leaflets has become essential for companies and brands to acquire more visitors and develop a bigger client base. While printed media is critical, most businesses do not have in-house printing units. They usually source their printing requirements from third-party providers.

Best Large Format Printing Company

Making a banner isn’t easy and requires expertise and skills that come from training and experience. Printing companies like Automation Graphics can deliver the printing results you desire, helping you capture the public’s attention.

While most companies can provide different printing services, a few can ace large format prints. Therefore, it’s important to make the right decision when picking a large format printing company. Read on for tips on choosing the best printing services for large format printing.

But First, What is Large Format Print?

As the name implies, large format printing exists to produce printed media larger than the standard size. Examples and uses of large format print include banners, posters, wall hangings, and billboards.

It involves making the impression of branding graphics and marketing illustrations on different materials, including paper, vinyl, and textile. Unlike other commercial and promotional printing services, large format printing uses a roll of print media instead of a single sheet. Typically, the entire roll helps make a finished picture once the printing process is complete.

A large format printer is around 10 to 15 times bigger than regular printers. Producing huge posters and banners, the visual results of large format printing techniques play a vital role in gaining brand recognition.

Factors to Consider for Picking the Best Large Format Printing Service

Below are some necessary factors to consider when finding a printing service for your large format banners, posters, or billboards.

Printing Width

While large format prints are bigger than standard options, the ‘large’ here refers to different sizes. Confirming how wide of a banner they can produce is the first question you should ask any larger format printing company. Generally, they should provide prints wider than 5 meters.


Your printing service provider should have all the necessary equipment for large format printing. Additionally, ensure that they maintain their machinery and follow printing standards and regulations.

Industries They Work in

A printing service that has worked in the same niche as your business can do a much better job than one that hasn’t. You can trust a printing firm that has provided services to complete similar projects as yours. Such a print provider is likely to give you a hassle-free experience.

If They Provide Installation

Many companies offer prints but not an installation service. Whether or not you want to pick such a service depends entirely on your preference. If they don’t offer installation services, you’ll need to find another service to hang up your poster or banner.

Best Large Format Printing Company New York City


Large format printing is possible on a variety of materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, and metal. If you have a particular preference for certain materials, it is best to discuss it before hiring a printing company.

That said, choose your materials wisely. For example, paper may not be a good option for prolonged outdoor installations, despite its affordability and easy availability.

Best Large Format Printing Company: Conclusion

The right printing services provider can help develop captivating printed media to attract potential customers. Large format prints enhance brand recognition within the general public and build brand loyalty among customers.

However, choosing the best printing service for your business can be challenging. Automation Graphics provides excellent large format services at an affordable price. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with one of our experts.

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Best Business Card Printing Types

What are the best business card printing types? Business cards are all about the impression you want to make. These tactile marketing tools tell your brand’s story and convey its message as concisely and clearly as possible. You can impart your company’s perspective, specialty, and forte to the public through business cards.

Best Business Card Printing Types

As for function, business cards get passed on from one person to another, so they must feel and look appealing. An appropriate design and printing of business cards can prove significant for a company’s subsequent success.

While most businesses have business cards, they overlook the process of creating an impactful one. Choosing a professional printing service like Automation Graphics is essential if you want your cards to make an impression.

Types of Business Card Printing

Do you want to design business cards that level up your brand’s marketing game? In that case, picking the most appropriate printing type is paramount. When you’re searching for the best printing type for your brand, it’s important to know that there’s a wide variety of options on the market.

The following printing techniques for business cards make the most impact and suit most business styles.

Laser Cutting

Lately, laser and die cutting are gaining popularity as printing techniques for business cards.

The simplest form of die-cutting involves cutting business cards into different shapes for uniqueness. On the other hand, laser cutting is a printing process that uses a laser to cut through paper.

It is a unique printing method to help your brand stand out.

Varnish/Spot UV Printing

Vanish or spot UV printing is one of the most popular business card styles.

This printing technique is excellent if you want to keep your cards simple while ensuring that they leave an impact on the audience. Varnish and spot UV printing give business cards a luxurious feel, so they don’t necessarily look plain. This printing method gives business cards a glossy or matte finish.

Varnishing allows you to give the entire card a silk or matte coating, whereas spot UV adds the same effect to specific areas. Besides adding a texture, varnishing and spot UV printing also improve the durability of card stock.

Best Business Card Printing Types NYC

Embossing/ Debossing

Embossing and debossing are unique printing techniques that add a unique texture to your business cards.

Emboss and deboss printing uses heat instead of foil or ink for written text and illustrations. Embossing gives business cards a 3D texture in which the text is raised above the surface. Meanwhile, debossing makes it, so the text is beneath the surface of the card, creating a visual effect. The text, Illustrations, and logos do stick out but are indented.

Foil Printing

Another printing technique that works best with business cards is the foil printing method.

Foil printing is ideal for businesses looking to enhance their typography and logos. This printing technique is all about adding extra shine. It gives your business cards a unique and fashionable look without being overwhelming.

The foil printing technique involves using a heated die to press colored foil onto paper or another medium.

Best Business Card Printing Types: Conclusion

Business cards are critical for brand representation among the public, clients, and competitors.

It is an essential marketing tool that provides contact information such as title, owner’s name, address, contact number, website, etc.

Careful design and quality of business cards significantly impact how others perceive and view your business. For that reason, leaving the job to professionals is a good idea. Automation Graphics provides excellent printing services at an affordable price. You can contact us by email or call us at (646) 205-3037 to speak with our experts.

Trending Colors in Print for 2022

What are some trending colors in print for 2022? In 2021, playful shapes, bright colors, and novel print finishes were trending. However, there is a chance that people will have different color preferences this year. The calm and minimalistic color combination will most likely trend in 2022, especially for posters, packaging, brochures, and magazines. Although optimistic themes are still trending, many businesses will gradually move to a composed approach.

Trending Colors in Print for 2022

Trending Colors in Print for 2022

Brands have been focusing on child-like and optimistic colors. They find acid-bright, graphic type, and fluid colors more engaging for packaging, posters, and brochures. These colors are playful, friendly, and attractive. Thus, businesses are choosing these colors with these accents for brochures, posters, and magazines. If you want to follow the color trend for 2022, you can opt for the following color options:

1.     Rich, Tonal Colors

Ultra-bright neon and pastels were dominating the designs for a couple of years. But, now marketing teams are shifting towards comforting colors and designs. Neon palates are still common in digital marketing, tonal and rich colors are taking over. These colors are soothing and look incredible with elegant serif typography.

Tonal colors create an effortless and seamless palette for harmonious designs. These color options create warmth and depth for marketing materials. These colors create vibrant effects and eliminate the muted look. For instance, you can use collegiate and autumnal colors for packaging designs. This gives simple but attractive when placed in the retail store. Also, a folkloric and tonal palette enhances the appearance of book covers.

2.     Colorful Minimalism

Print designers are bored with simple and sleek colors on minimalistic designs. Thus, they are moving to modernist graphic design with a wide range of colors. Within a year, you will notice these designs everywhere. These colors will give marketing teams a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you print brochures or flyers, you can choose color-pop borders and graphic strips. Designs with a splash of colors will make flyers and brochures more attractive.

3.     Black and White

If you think that the black and white color combination is no more a trend, then think again. Many popular brands such as Guess watches are still using this theme for their print media. Colorless brochures and print advertisements engage more audiences. So, if you find it hard to choose the right color palette, you can stay with black and white visuals. But, you should choose the top-grade print quality.

If you think that black and white won’t work with your prints, try changing the texture. Texture plays an important part to bring life to your prints. That’s why monochrome designs are quite popular. UV gloss on the black design will enhance your graphics and logos. Meanwhile, matte and texture prints increase the depth and bring interest in simple monochrome prints. Many book authors use black and white color with texture for their book covers.

4.     Subtle Gradients

Brands are getting overwhelmed with acid-bright gradients. However, they lose their freshness. Today, more businesses are choosing subtle gradients to enhance texture. Gentle color gradients in the background improve focus to the product in the center of the frame. People use this color scheme for business cards and other stationery designs.

These color trends when mixed with watercolor effects bring soothing aqueous texture to the print design. This makes this color trend elegant and plays a significant role to grab the attention of the target audience.

Best Trending Colors in Print for 2022 NYC

5.     Rustic, Earthy Muted Tones

Soft colors with pastel and muted color spectrum enhance the attraction of the print. Bold colors are no longer trending after dominating the market for a few years. Marketing teams are tired of bright, bold, and brash colors. Thus, they are moving to natural colors for refreshing and calming vibes.

Trending Colors in Print for 2022: Conclusion

Optimistic color designs are still a huge trend but marketing teams are moving towards calm and minimalist color options. Black and white and subtle gradients are perfect examples of trending color options. Furthermore, tactile textures with tonal colors create comfort and attract a potential audience. Also, layered photography creates encompassing and elegant aesthetic.

If you want to follow color trends and boost your brand presence in the industry, you can choose the above color options for print marketing. Furthermore, bright contrast, white space, and modern black improve the aesthetics of your printing options.

A professional printing company understands market trends for brochures, flyers, and other printing materials. They will recommend striking color palates for your marketing materials. If you want to get in touch with a printing company that has 60 years of experience in the field, you can contact Automation Graphics Inc. We offer high-quality printing options to marketing teams with satisfying print quality. If you want to learn more about trending colors and designs, give us a call at 646-205-3037.

Printed Brochure Options

What are the best printed brochure options? Brochures and flyers are effective for creating a strong message to your customers about your business. You can share any information about products and services with the customers. With the help of brochures and flyers, you can share your business information with less text and more attractive visuals. An engaging and well designed brochure increases your leads and boosts revenue. Furthermore, you can easily distribute brochures and flyers to your target audience. These marketing tools can carry huge information and engage the readers.

Printed Brochure Options NYC

Scholarworks suggest that 34% of students consider brochures more appealing than emails. Thus, brochures are a good investment to improve customer relationships and boost brand awareness. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of styles, designs, and color palates to make your campaign more profitable and promote a brand.

According to Format and Layout

Here are some commonly printed brochures according to format and layout:

1.     Gate Fold

Businesses use this brochure type for high-end marketing because the paper quality is durable. The notable benefit of using this brochure is that they are inward folding. This makes this option compact and easy to carry. These brochures have eight panels, giving brands more space to include content. This means that you can include details about more products and services.

Gate fold brochures are also referred to as Window Fold. The center panel divides into two half to create side panels. The standard size of this brochure is 8.5” x 11”. These brochures work well with graphic heavy designs, single product presentations, and creative designs. You can include a wide range of visuals such as landscape images and architectural layouts because of the huge space.

2.     Bi-Fold

These brochures are common for corporate use. It contains four panels with two folds, which include a front cover, a back cover, and two internal panels. You can strategically distribute your company’s or product information on these panels. Also, you can include an optional section in this brochure type. This extended version of the voucher is a booklet. Since it contains multiple pages, it looks like a magazine.

Bi-fold or half-fold brochures are made from a single sheet of paper. Since they are foldable, you get four sections to place your visuals and texts. The size of these brochures is 8.5” x 11” when folded. These brochures are perfect for city maps, simple product presentations, and pricing sheets. Furthermore, companies can include photos, specs, and details about their content.

3.     Tri-Fold

Tri-fold brochures are also popular options and contain more space than bi-fold. These brochures contain six panels so you can include more information for your target audience. Small and large businesses use these brochures for multiple uses.

In this brochure, the printing company will divide a single piece of paper into three sections including outside, inside, and a zipped section. The standard size of this brochure is 8.5” x 11”. Furthermore, you can use other sizes as well such as 11” x 25.5”, 11” x 17”, and 8.5” x 14”. This is a perfect type of brochure for businesses who want to include more information in a limited space.

4.     Flyers or Leaflets

Leaflets or flyers have a single page and don’t contain folded structure. Although they are brochure types, they don’t look like one. Brochures help to target a wide range of audiences. If you want to include this printed brochure in your promotional campaign, you have to create a unique and engaging design. An eye catching flyer generates more revenue by attracting more audiences.

For small scale, you can use A4 size leaflets and flyers. This is the standard size and is easy to carry. You can hand these brochures to the target audience and slide them into popular magazines and newspapers as well. These are one of the cheapest print options and still grab more audiences.

Best Printed Brochure Options

5.     Z-Fold

These brochures fold in Z-shape and feature more information than a flyer and bi-fold brochures. You can easily carry these brochures and hand them over to the target audience. These brochures are suitable for technical specifications and user guides.

You can also refer to this option as a three panel zigzag fold. This brochure creates six equal panels and uses two parallel folds. Since you can fold this brochure in Z letter shape, they create extravagant appeal. It looks like an accordion, a musical instrument. If you use this six panel brochure, you will get huge space to share detailed information about your business.

Printed Brochure Options: Conclusion

The above common brochure options are perfect to share business information with the targeted audience. If you find any of these options impressive, you can consider them for your next campaign. However, using these panels effectively requires some creative skills. So, take some time and create a perfect design for these brochures.

Do you want to create a printed brochure to share your business information and engage more audience? If yes, then contact one of the best and most experienced printing agencies in New York. Automation Graphics provides a wide range of printing services to small and large businesses.

If you want to learn more about our printing services, give us a call at 646-205-3037.

Printing Expensive Vs. Affordable Wedding Invitations

What are the differences between printing expensive vs. affordable wedding invitations? Do you want to print affordable wedding invitations without compromising quality? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will find some wedding invitation options according to your budget. Printing type is the major factor that influences the price of the wedding invitation. Thus, you need to consider it when selecting the wedding invitation options. Here are some printing options based on costs:

Printing Expensive Vs Affordable Wedding Invitations

Affordable Wedding Invitations

Digital printing, white ink printing, and thermography are some budget-friendly printing options for wedding invitations:

1.     Digital Printing

Digital printing or flat printing is a cost-effective printing option. This option includes direct ink printing on the paper material. With this printing option, you can print anything on the material at a reasonable cost. Digital printing is popular as it allows you to print on any material. However, there are different machines for different materials. If you want a colorful wedding invitation, this would be the perfect option. This is a flexible printing technique that offers wide options.

2.     White Ink Printing

White ink printing is another budget-friendly option to print wedding invitations. But, you need a special white ink cartridge or tank to print these wedding invitation types. This option is more expensive than digital printing but cost-effective than other options such as letterpress or foil stamping. This is a rare printing option for wedding invitations. White ink printing will enhance darker colors and improve the aesthetics of your invitations and envelopes.

3.     Thermography

If you prefer texture wedding invitation, you can choose thermography. Thermography involves raised ink printing process that creates texture on the surface. So, when you run your fingers over you feel embossing. This printing option is similar to digital printing. But, you can feel the texture when you touch the print. That‘s the only difference between digital and thermography printing options.

Like digital printing, this printing type includes a wide range of colors and prints as well. If you love the textured feel of digital printing, you should go with this option. Since this printing option is a combination of two techniques, you will find it a bit expensive. But comparatively, thermography is more reasonable than expensive options such as foil stamping.

Expensive Wedding Invitations

Foil stamping and letterpress are two expensive wedding invitation options:

1.     Foil Stamping

Have you ever seen metallic elements on wedding invitations? If yes, then that’s probably the foil stamping option. Foil stamping is an expensive printing option that includes stationery items. You can choose from a wide range of colors for foil stamping. But, copper, rose gold, white, and gold are common options.

2.     Letterpress

Letterpress is a traditional method to print wedding invitations. In this process, the printing company uses a plate to print on the paper. This is an expensive printing technique. When you consider letterpress, the printing service will charge you for the plate as well.

A professional printing service will design and press the paper with it for printing. When the plate presses on the paper, it leaves ink. People choose super thick paper for letterpress. This is the most expensive printing technique for wedding invitations. If you want attractive invitations, this is an incredible option.

Printing Expensive vs Affordable Wedding Invitations NYC

Why Consider Professional Printing Services to Print Wedding Invitations?

When it comes to printing wedding invitations, you should always rely on professional printing services. An expert team with extensive years of experience will make your invitations more special. Since an experienced printing company is printing for extensive years, they can make exceptional wedding invitations that will make your wedding more special.

Furthermore, a professional team will reduce the cost of your wedding invitation prints. Because they have the right tools and equipment, you don’t have to purchase them yourself. For instance, if you want to print a wedding invitation all alone, you need to purchase the right printer, ink, as well as create the design. Even if you purchase these items, you won’t get accurate prints due to a lack of experience. Many professional printing services offer discounts that reduce wedding invitation costs, saving you a significant amount.

Printing Expensive Vs. Affordable Wedding Invitations: Conclusion

Do you want to design a special wedding invitation to make your wedding day memorable? If yes, then you should consult a professional printing company. A printing company will help you choose the right materials and prints according to your budget and preferences. They have years of experience in the field.

If you want to consult a printing service in New York, you can contact Automation Graphics. At Automation Graphics, we print high quality wedding invitations at a reasonable price. Besides the above options, we offer other reasonable options as well. If you want more information about wedding invitations, you can contact us at 646-205-3037.

Most Expensive Items to Print

What are some of the most expensive items to print? Commercial printing services vary in terms of quality, methods, and, most importantly, printing prices. In reality, you may find some of the cheapest options to print your brochures, pamphlets, or flyers. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that low prices will equal an excellent or even optimal quality. Therefore, using high-end products is one of the best ways to procure high-quality and get maximum return on your printing investment.

There are many items in the printing and graphic design industry that are extremely expensive to print. Similarly, printing items of your choice can be quite expensive. As modern print shops adopt the latest machinery, better technology, and enhanced printing methods, print quality is improving drastically.

Most Expensive Items to Print NYC

You may not know, but printing certain elements is becoming more and more expensive. Nonetheless, in most cases, it is possible to receive the best print quality for a high price. However, you will have to ensure that the print shop you select is suitable for printing the items of your choice. So now, let’s discuss what may qualify as some of the most expensive items to print.

Most Expensive Items to Print

Notebook Printing

It might seem like notebooks are quite cheap, right? You will get surprised to know that they are among the most expensive items to print in modern print shops today. This is because notebooks usually consist of hundreds of pages and therefore require a strong paperweight. In fact, many print shops may even charge you for printing per page!

Thus, the prices are sure to be higher in comparison to other items that you can print. Not only that, the kind of format that you wish to have on your notebooks and the covers are also important factors that determine the price. For instance, prints shops have materials for matte or gloss lamination. In addition to that, the binding style and preference can also increase the costs of printing notebooks.

Fabric Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a common form of printing for adding images/logos on products, including pillowcases, table covers, bags, t-shirts, mug coasters, or any fabricated item. Regardless of how huge an order you place, the sublimation process cost always depends on the level of material that you choose. Moreover, different methods of fabric sublimation printing, such as heat-press, incur higher costs than other printing methods.

Canvas Printing

Canvas printing has always been one of the most expensive printing options. While the cost may vary per canvas roll, the overall expense of printing canvases is relatively high. Print shops typically utilize inkjet printers for canvas printing which also results in sharp resolution images.

Menu Printing

You might look at a menu and wonder how better it could be? Well, there is always room for improvement if you have the budget for printing this expensive item. As menus are printed on heavyweight paper, expense and printing costs vary with the thickness of the menu paper itself.

Though, a thick and vibrant menu is what looks more attractive and visually appealing. Still, you should take into account the expense and effort it requires to create an excellent quality menu.

Wedding Invitations Printing

Who thought that wedding invitation are some of the most expensive printable items? Price factors vary depending on the printing method in use. Hence, digital printing, offset, engravings, or letterpress printing may all vary in total end-costs and price.

While some of the methods above require heavy manpower in printing large quantities, other methods cost more as people usually need wedding invitations in a large number. Additionally, adding décor to the wedding invitation cards can also increase the total costs of printing. For example, adding envelope liners, seals, etc., can add to the final expense of printing a high number of wedding invitations.

What Makes Such Printing Expensive?

Use of Material

So, now you know some of the most expensive items for printing. Do you know that the type of material used is a major determinant of the final cost of printing? Well, the price only tends to go higher when you opt for popular, more refined, and excellent quality materials. Heavy stock paper or expensive laminations are some of the common expense-adding features of printing.

Most Expensive Items to Print New York

High-Quality Deliverance

What level of quality do you expect to have for the items that you want to print? What level of quality is the print shop actually able to deliver with respect to your printing needs? You should know what quality you will receive in return for your valuable investment. High-end printing undoubtedly costs more, while sometimes, cheaper printing methods and materials can provide optimal quality.

Most Expensive Items to Print: Conclusion

If you are looking to print high-end items and objects, you should reach out to the best print shop near you. By assigning your projects to Automation Graphics, you will have peace of mind regarding the quality you will receive in return for your investment.

Give us a call at (646) 205-3037 to benefit from our printing experience of over 60 years. Or pay a personal visit for in-person inquiries at 519 8th Avenue 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10018.


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Most Popular Types of Commercial Printing

What are the most popular types of commercial printing? Maintaining a single type of printing format or technique will make it difficult for customers to differentiate between brands and businesses. The use of different types of commercial printing techniques and formats allows businesses to present themselves in the most appropriate style in front of customers and potential users. Today, there are countless types of commercial printing thanks to advancing technology and recent developments. But although the printing industry has seen impressive development, several enterprises find it difficult to come across the right commercial printing company.

What are the most popular types of commercial printing?

Before we talk about one of the best companies addressing people’s printing needs and requirements, let’s discuss the most popular commercial printing types.

LED UV Printing

LED UV printing is all about a better form of the lithography printing format. It involves instantly drying ink that also improves the final print color while reducing ink absorption. Such advanced technology has surely turned the printing industry around and stirred up demand for better printing projects and items. The use of LED UV printing enables printing companies to produce eye catching printing items and wholly vivid colors. If your preference involves seeing eye catching colors and vibrant textures, you can go with LED UV printing rather than any other printing technique and/or technology.

There are also several additional benefits to using LED UV printing in comparison to lithography. Before we get into those benefits, it’s worth mentioning that such differences don’t make the offset lithography printing format unviable. With LED UV printing, you get a faster turnaround and a greater reduction in blemishes and markings. This technology also utilizes less power in terms of electricity and manual operations. Since you don’t need to use spray powder for coating via LED UV printing, you can paint a larger range of materials through this technology.

Traditional printing technology utilized spray powder coating to set the ink into the material for final results. However, with LED UV printing, the technology is different. You don’t require spray powder coating but rather a UV lighting to help cure the ink onto the material. The absorption is quick and efficient, with amazing final results. The technology is based on automatic on off functions. Plus, the use of UV light reduces the time and power it usually takes through print drying technology.

LED UV lighting primarily helps with high quality material production and printing. It uses multiple color variances and improves quality on a massive scale. It’s best for luxury marketing such as leaflets, posters, magazines, and catalogs.

Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography or litho printing is one of the most commonly used printing techniques and technology. It’s widely regarded as the staple of the commercial printing industry. Most of the best printing companies in the industry offer offset printing techniques and services. Due to simple and cost effective printing operations, many printing companies offer litho printing to commercial businesses in New York City and elsewhere. The cost effective feature is one of the main reasons why most businesses opt for offset litho printing.

While it’s suitable for large scale printing tasks, it works on the oil water principle, i.e., immiscible liquids. The process begins with the edging of art and text onto aluminum plates that are loaded on a plate cylinder. The cylinder helps dampen the non image area with water while applying the image area with oil based ink. The inked portion of the aluminum plates then moves to the “blanket,” which is a rubber cylinder. Just as the paper passes around the blanket, the image is transferred onto the paper. Hence the name “offset.” Rather than directly applying the image information to the paper, offset lithography printing uses aluminum plate edging and transfer.

Popular types of commercial printing

The real reason this technology is so popular in the commercial printing space is cost effectiveness. Whether you print 10,000 copies or 100,000 copies, you don’t get a distinct difference in cost. It’s also among some of the most versatile printing options out there.

Large Format Printing

This printing technique allows businesses to leave a big impression on competition, customers, and potential viewers. The main reason most businesses opt for this printing technique is the ability to print large size materials. This allows businesses to gain more exposure in public viewership. Despite the presence of countless commercial printing techniques and technologies, you should go for large format printing when you want to print out large size materials.

The printing process is quite similar to digital printing, but the results are relatively bigger. For full color and uncompromising quality in large size posters and other types of printed materials, large format printing is the right option for you.

Most Popular Types of Commercial Printing: Conclusion

Businesses face enough challenges as it is, but printing shouldn’t be one of them! You must know that finding the right kind of suppliers for the different needs and requirements of your business isn’t an easy task. But, when it comes to digital commercial printing, Automation Graphics can serve you the best. Having operated in New York for many years and gaining extensive experience, we provide quality that you won’t find elsewhere.

You can talk to one of our professionals over a phone call or leave a query at our email address. Call today!

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Best Types of Banner Printing

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