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With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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The Best Large Format Printing

What is large format printing and what helps make the best final product? Have you ever wondered where large billboards and posters on buildings come from? Printing services can create them using large format printing. Large format printing is a printing process for businesses looking to advertise their products and services to the public. Large format printing is a great way to print blueprints, banners, trade show panels, and many other things. Just about every print store offers this common printing technique.

This is one of the best marketing tools for businesses, helping them create a prominent and eye-catching look for different services, events, and products. If you’re interested in such a creative mode of advertising, read further below and learn about what large format printing has to offer.

Best large format printing

Large Format Printing Process

Using large format printing, businesses can showcase posters, banners, and blueprints on large surfaces. The printing process involves the flow of ink through large nozzles that goes directly on the desired material. The printing process is very simple and gives a prominent and colorful look. Through large format printing, you get a magnified version of prints. They provide a high-quality appearance of fonts and images that help grab the audience’s attention.

Types of Material Used for Large-Format Printing

In large format printing, you can choose between a variety of materials to get your desired prints on. Before choosing a specific material, you must consider a few factors, such as the type of graphics you want to include in the prints and where you will put up your large format print. You can discuss the different types and their applications with your printing company as they can help choose the best material for your desired large format prints. Mentioned below are the different types of materials used in large format printing:

1.     Rigid Materials

Rigid materials such as wood and metal are very uncommon printing materials. Nevertheless, they are perfect for extraordinary and unique projects that can provide high-quality prints. Such materials usually come in handy when advertising for a specific event. In such applications, you require signage for an exhibition or meeting. Using this material is costly in contrast to others, but it leaves you with extraordinary and outstanding performance.

2.     Paper

Paper is the standard printing material for all printing methods. Many people prefer getting prints on paper as it’s much cheaper. Similarly, it’s easier to handle and apply. However, paper prints aren’t as durable as compared to other materials. If you want to create a display for a short period, paper large format prints will work just fine to capture your audience’s attention.

3.     Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the main materials used in large format prints as it provides a classy finish and appearance to the finished print. Vinyl large format prints are ideal for outdoor applications, especially when showcasing an advertisement on high-rise buildings during extreme weather conditions. There is a lot you can do when using vinyl for your large format prints.

4.     Fabric

You can also use different fabrics for your large format prints and achieve a cool framed or paneled look. These types of prints are quite long-lasting and leave you with a high-defined printed look.

Best large format printing NYC

Why Choose Large Format Printing?

Large format printing has a lot of advantages to offer you, especially when it comes to using it for advertising purposes. One of the main benefits of using large format printing is its level of durability.  The UV-cured ink on these prints allows billboards and other large format products to stay firm and retain color in some of the most severe weather conditions. So no matter how bad it’s thundering or snowing, your large format prints will never experience damage or come crashing down.

Large-format prints are also very prominent, so if your main goal is to advertise something to get people’s attention, large format prints will help you do that. A person can easily see the billboard or poster from a far distance, depending on where they’re standing. For this, you have to make sure you use the right design and font size so it’s clearly visible to everyone. Lastly, large format prints offer different substrates, so you have a lot of variety to choose from. Your options include metal, cloth, vinyl, wood glass, and foam board.

Best Large Format Printing: The Bottom-Line

If you’re currently looking for a way to achieve large format prints through billboards, banners, blueprints, or other products, you first must find a reliable print shop. The best print shop that will help you with all your large format needs in NYC is Automation Graphics.

If you are in need of the best high-quality large format printing services, call us right now at (646) 205-3037. We will meet all of your printing needs!

High Quality Sticker Printing

High Quality sticker printing is among the most popular and trending types of printables businesses use for creative works and many other applications. Sticker printing has significantly evolved now that printing companies have introduced different types of stickers that are generally very attractive in appearance. You can get different shapes and sizes of stickers by choosing the right sticker printing company. If you plan to get a set of stickers for a specific purpose, you must first know the different sticker printing methods and types available.

Stickers may seem like something casual, but they are quite effective when it comes to marketing a specific brand, event, or product. These are the most attractive forms of advertising, and you should get them instantly if you plan to sell or create something. To learn more about sticker printing and the best printers in town, read further below!

High quality sticker printing NYC

Different Types of Quality Sticker Printing

There are different types of sticker printing available. This provides more variety in the types of stickers you can print for your business. Some types aren’t as popular as the rest, so you can select one as per your preferences. Mentioned below are the different types of sticker printing:

1.     Letterpress

Letterpress sticker printing is an old form of printing technique that many printing shops use even today. This method uses an inked elevated surface that you push onto any type of sticker material. Once you push, you will notice all the graphics and designs appear on your sticker. This method is best to make stickers in small quantities, especially designs that don’t require a broad color scheme.

2.     Offset

You could also opt for offset printing or your stickers, but this is a slightly outdated printing method. This printing style involves transferring ink onto the desired choice of paper from a rubber or platter cylinder. One of the best things about this printing method is that it offers a variety of color choices, so you don’t have to limit the number of colors you want to include on your stickers.

3.     Digitalized

One of the most popular and efficient printing methods is digitalized sticker printing.  This method provides high-quality stickers with better residual and appearance. In this method, the printing team doesn’t have to make discs for the ink to transfer onto the paper as it happens automatically. The ink directly appears on the paper instead of having to distribute it around the chosen sheet. Digital sticker printing may not be the best option to produce stickers in large quantities. Rather, it works well to print a smaller amount for small businesses or personal use.

4.     Flexographic

Flexography is a fast printing method and is often how large businesses produce larger quantities in a short time. This printing method involves using a master print to get graphics onto sticker paper. The platter then folds onto the printing paper, creating beautiful, vibrant stickers as a result. This method is quite common and is one of the best ways to achieve high-quality stickers.

5.     Screen Printing

Screen printing stickers involves the use of synthetic screens to print graphics on any type of sticker sheet. This process is very simple and familiar, but not the best to produce a large number of stickers. Screen printing involves a very repetitive process. The machine splashes ink through a screen and onto a surface. It does this for every color with a stencil. This process is quite lengthy and may take a lot of time to complete. If you want your stickers on an urgent basis, this method is probably the last one you should opt for.

Best quality sticker printing NYC

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Printing Company for High Quality Stickers

Suppose you need stickers for business purposes or to boost a new campaign that you have high hopes for. In that case, choosing a professional printing company for your stickers is a great choice. Besides receiving professional help, you get high-quality, attractive stickers. With the right design and impeccable quality, they can work wonders for your specific product launch or campaign.

Most printing companies cater to all types of stickers in different shapes and sizes. They also have some of the best designs to advise you, in case you need stickers on an urgent basis in high quantities. Printing companies will help you do that within no time.

High Quality Sticker Printing: Final Thoughts

These were the different sticker printing methods and what they have to offer you. Now that you’re aware of them, you should consider the best method for your sticker-printing requirements. You can do so by getting in touch with an experienced printing company.

If you’re in search of the most experienced sticker printers in NYC, contact Automation Graphics for high-quality stickers, friendly service, and top-notch printing advice and consultation.

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Sign and Banner Printing: General Info & How Large Does It Get?

With the help of large-format vinyl printing methods, sign and banner printing services are now widely available. These are excellent for promotional purposes and have helped many businesses grow. Without the help of printing services, businesses would fail to create engaging promotional tools. The demand for sign and banner printing has increasingly grown, especially with the lasts technique and methods introduced in the printing industry.

You can design signs and banners according to your personal preferences. From different sizes to appearance, you can design fantastic banners with help from the right printing company. To learn more about sign and banner printing, read further below.

Sign and Banner Printing

The Process of Sign and Banner Vinyl Printing

One of the best ways to get your desired banners and signs is through the vinyl printing process. The first stage of the process is to decide on basic design aspects of your sign and banner. You can create the design using updated computer technologies and then recreate the digital image on vinyl using the software’s mechanical cutter. Make sure you provide the right design and include everything before you get the final digital image. Make sure to relate the image to your business or event you’re designing the banner/sign for.

The next stage involves presenting the final image to your nearby printing company. Most printing companies help you create a design for your sign or banner. With their help, you will gain professional advice as they get many customers who request an instant sign and banner printing.  Once the printing team has your design, they will upload it to their computers and format the design according to the vinyl sheet.

Then, it’s time to choose the type of surface you want to attach the vinyl to. You can choose any type of surface that preferably matches the theme of your banner or signs. You can choose between options like glass, metal, cloth and many other things, depending on what the print shop has to offer you. Some of these items involve unique processes. The surface has to match the size and shape of your design, so it sits well.

Once you attach the adhesive to your design, you can showcase your banner or sign anywhere.  Setting up a banner or sign, especially if it’s very big in size, can get very challenging. You will need professional help for that, and some print shops can offer it.  Make sure the design and size you choose matches the surface you plan to put up your banner/sign-on so that it sits well.

Banner & Sign Size

The size of your vinyl banner and sign will depend on how you want to showcase it and the purpose behind it. Signs and banners come in different sizes. You can get one as small or as big as you want.  Depending on your banner’s shape, if you’re going for a smaller vinyl banner, the perfect rectangular size would be 2′ x 3′. The biggest vertical outdoor vinyl banner would go as large as 4′ x 10′. You can consider the same measurements if you’re going for an indoor sign or banner, but make sure you customize it according to the size of the wall as some walls are smaller than others.

Factors to Consider When Design a Sign or Banner

If you want to make an eye-catching sign or banner and want it to receive adequate attention, you have to put in adequate effort. You should focus on two main things when designing your sign or banner:

§  The Colors

Choose the right color scheme and don’t go too overboard with the colors, as this will remove the main focus of the sign/banner, which is the information included on it. When selecting a color scheme, consider the outdoor and indoor space, so you choose colors that blend with the environment you’re placing it in. It’s best to stick with traditional colors like black and white unless you want something unique.

Best Sign and Banner Printing NYC

§  Fonts/Information

You must include the right amount of information. If you’re going for an outdoor banner or sign, limit the info to two lines. In outdoor spaces, people don’t have much time to read signs, especially if they’re driving past one. Don’t end up including a whole paragraph on your sign or banner, as that would just bore off your potential customers and put your banner/sign to waste. Adding necessary details like the purpose and contact is more than enough.

Sign and Banner Printing: Takeaway

Sign and banner printing can help generate traction for your business, help your products and services garner attention. For high-quality banner and sign printing, get in touch with us at Automation Graphics. We offer the best banner and signs printing services in NYC and the Tri-State area.

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High Quality Printing: What to Look For?

What makes for high quality printing services? When you’re running a business, you need printing services for one purpose or another. Nowadays, getting high-quality prints has become much easier and feasible than it was a century ago. Back then, there weren’t enough printing stores.

Now, you will come across countless print shops in your area. But the high quantity doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. Hence, you’ll want to be sure that you’re going to a reliable print shop for great services. You can’t compromise on print quality, especially if you’re printing out a large order. No matter what kinds of prints you need, quality is a must, even if it’s a simple brochure

For this, you will have to find the best print shops around you. It can get a bit confusing when choosing one shop, especially when so many options are available. The first thing you need to see in a print shop is the quality of the prints. To know what makes up a high-quality printing shop and what you should look for, read further below.

High Quality Printing

Services & Equipment That a High Quality Printing Shop Should Have

1.     High-Quality Printing Machines

With the introduction of so many printing techniques, especially digital printing, which is more used than other printing methods, a print store should have it all. Almost every product goes through a printing process, from banners to clothes to signs; hence your print store should have the right machinery to print anything you like. Large format printing helps get you all the bulky prints, so make sure your print store is familiar with this printing style.

2.     Graphics Software

Graphic designing is a very important stage of printing, and the printing team handles most of it. You must check if your print store uses advanced software with the right tools and features so that you can incorporate any unique design on a specific print you want. Your print store should also have alternative software if, by chance, one stops working.

3.     Offers Lamination Services

Lamination is the icing on the cake for all your prints and is an important step that every print store should offer. If your business requires a specific document or bookmarks, you might want to run it through lamination. You can check with your printing store if they have a working lamination system. When your trusted print shop offers lamination services, you can opt for them instantly whenever needed.

Sometimes you can’t really decide beforehand what you need in your prints, and once they’re ready, you feel like adding some last-minute features to improve the outlook. Knowing that a specific print offers such services ensures that you receive high-quality prints.

4.     Binding Equipment

Binding is another important step of the printing process, and most print shops offer it. But what makes a qualitative print store is one that offers different types of binding services. Your print store should have a variety of binders like wire, thermal, and comb binders. This gives you more choice and helps you create an image in your mind of what will look best if you’re printing books or booklets. Variety is an important feature to look for in a high-quality print shop.

High Quality Printing Services

5.     Advanced Color Technology

Nowadays, with prints, it’s all about how color appears, especially if it’s for promotional purposes. Hence, the print shop you’re going for should update everything with the latest color technology so that you have access to any and every color for your printable materials. Advanced color technology is a quick way to get vibrant colors on prints. Of course, this depends on how professional the print shop team is in handling color technology. Without proper training, they may find it challenging,

6.     Fast Recovery Period

At times, things can go wrong, and your prints don’t turn out as you planned. Here, you may not approve of the final product. In such situations, be sure that your printing team can resolve the issue within a few minutes.  For this, your print shop should have the right technology, such as auto sheet clearing, as this helps clear off any damages within seconds and doesn’t stop the printing process for long. This way, you know that productivity won’t stop, and you can receive all your prints on time.

High quality Printing: Final Words

Print shops offer a large variety of services nowadays. But to get high quality prints, you have to make sure you go to the right print shop. For the best printing services in NYC, contact us at Automation Graphics and consult with our expert team for guidance and assistance.

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High Quality Brochure Printing

Do you need high quality brochures printed?  Brochures are an effective marketing tool that offers informative details about a business or any service to the right target group. There are many different types of brochures, including details about a specific place they’re visiting, a product, a business, and many other things. With help from the right printing company, you get informative and engaging brochures. To design an effective brochure, gather significant details and information you want to include. Then, focus on the aesthetic aspects. After all, your brochure needs to be as attractive as possible.

Too much information just might bore someone and they won’t read the whole thing. Hence, you should incorporate images and other appropriate visual images. If you’re confused about creating a brochure, get in touch with the right printing company first, and you can start printing your own brochures. To learn more about high-quality brochure printing; read further below.

High Quality Brochure Printing

Things to Consider For Your High-Quality Brochure Printing

To achieve the perfect brochures, it’s important to know what you want and what to include to get high-quality brochure prints. Mentioned below are a few factors to consider when deciding to get brochures printed for the first time.

1.     The Brochure Template

First, you have to decide on how you will format the information and pictures on your brochure. This can get a bit tricky when you want a brochure with many folds. You can ask your printing company to give you a few brochure templates and make one according to the one you like the most. Once you have a template in mind, it becomes easier to decide on what you want to include in your brochure.

2.     Fold Type

There are different types of brochures with numerous folds. Some brochures include two folds, and others contain more than 5 or 6. Remember that when choosing folds, it’s important to decide what your brochure will include. According to that, you can select the number of folds. If you don’t want to make a very informative brochure, it’s best to choose a twofold brochure.

3.     The Size of Your Brochure

You must be clear about the size you choose, as the size affects how the words and pictures appear. A standard brochure size is around 8.5 x 11, but you can opt for other sizes as well. The best thing to do is ask your printing expert on what size to go with as they have more knowledge and experience on this when different types of brochures.

4.     Paper Quality

You can choose between various paper options for your brochure printing. The paper type plays a vital role in your brochure’s quality, so you’ll want to choose one with the highest quality and something that’s durable. Most brochures appear on cardstock paper. You can get a gloss coating on it to add additional shiny features. Some brochures include UV gloss as well, which makes the brochure look classy and chic. These features definitely make your brochure look high-quality.

Best High Quality Brochure Printing

5.     Color Scheme

It would be best if you choose an appropriate color scheme that blends with the theme of your brochure. Sometimes, it can get difficult settling on a particular color scheme. You can sit with your printing team and, through proper software, asses the colors you want to include in your brochure and something that will make it look eye-catching and unique.

6.     Graphics

Whatever graphics you include have to appear in the highest resolution. This is your printing team’s responsibility, which is why you have to choose the best one with the right set of machinery and knowledge about printing brochures. When choosing artwork for your brochure, make sure it looks good in there as brochures don’t give you much space to include extensive detailed artwork. Make sure not to overboard or consult your printing team before sending it to them for the final printing process.

7.     Proofread Your Brochure

Once your brochure is ready for printing, proofread your brochure correctly. It’s best if you do this on your own, though some printing shops help you out with it as well. Proofreading will save you a lot of time and money, especially if you notice a mistake after the printings shop has printed all the brochures for you. Ask your printing team to print one first before doing it in bulk. This will give you the chance to highlight any faults that printing professionals can correct instantly.

High Quality Brochure Printing: Bottom-Line

Brochure printing is a lot of fun, but it also includes a lot of planning and decision-making. We at Automation Graphics ensure to deliver you with high-quality brochures.

If you want to experience a smooth and successful brochure printing process, get in touch with Automation Graphics.

Customized Banners

How can you get a customized printed banner? You’ve probably come across big signs and banners at shops, events, and around the city walls. Well, have you ever wondered how these come to life? You can easily customize banners using different printing processes. Most of these banners are for business purposes and events. They help get a message out to people passing by.

Customized banners are a great way to get creative for a particular event, making it more attractive. You can rely on various printing processes to get different kinds of customized banners. If you plan to get a customized banner, read further below. The article goes over different ways to create the perfect customized banner.

Customized Banners printing

Types of Customized Banners

·       Mesh Customized Banners

Mesh banners are perfect if you want to keep them outdoors. Besides being lightweight, they’re durable and strong, making them suitable for extreme weather conditions. These banners include mini holes, allowing air to pass through. This way, they don’t suffer from any damage due to wind. These banners also include a UV-protection coating, preventing screen damage. The UV protection also allows the color and fonts to remain visible for a longer time.

If you want to advertise something on a large scale, mesh banners are the perfect choice as people can view them from afar, and they are quite prominent as well. For your mesh banner to look good, you need to implement eye-catching designs and fonts. The best part about these banners is that they are very cost-effective. Of course, you may have some trouble putting them up unless you have the right help.

·       Pull-Up Customized Banners

Pull-up banners are great for an indoor location or event, such as exhibitions, trade shows, receptions, retail, or event promotion. These banners are quite flexible, and you can place them anywhere you like, unlike mesh banners. Pull-up banners are easily visible as people have a closer view of them and can correctly read the mentioned details of a specific event or product, hence making it an effective marketing tool.

You will have to work your way through the design and make sure you include an appropriate font size that appears properly on your pull-up banner. Use fewer words and get creative by adding designs and pictures to make your pull-up banner more attractive. Pull-up banners are also an excellent way to get qualitative information passed through. So if you just want to include words, you can easily include them on a pull-up banner.

·       PVC Customized Banners

PVC banners are also known as vinyl banners, and these types are perfect for outdoor and indoor events, exhibitions, fetes, building signages, and other celebrations. PVC banners have many features of pull-up banners as these are easy to set up, and you have a closer view of them. These features mean you can read the information on them correctly. You can change these types of banners on buildings, fences, and walls, and they are easily movable from one place to another.

So you don’t only have to use them once for a specific event, especially if you’re catering to a three or four-day event. PVC banners are weather resilient, just line mesh banners, so you don’t have to worry about color fading out or suffering from extreme weather conditions if you place your PVC banner outdoors. Just make sure to include the right design and words to get your message across, and you’ll see how beneficial a PVC banner is.

Printing | Best Customized Banners

Process of Customized Banner Printing

·       Showcase Ideas

Once you get in touch with a professional banner printing company, you will first showcase ideas you want to include on your customized banner. Or, you can take a few suggestions from them if needed.

·       Choose Banner Type

From the three banner types mentioned above, choose one that will suit the purpose of having one in the first place. You will also have to decide whether you want a one or two-sided banner, depending on where you will put it up.

·       Banner Printing

Once your printing company has the necessary details, they will carry out the printing process and may help you put your banner up.

·       Showcase your Banner

Once your banner is ready, you will receive it at the desired location, and you can finally install it in an appropriate location.

Customized Banners: Takeaway

With the help of this article, you’re hopefully aware of the perks and processes of customized banner printing. It’s time you get to fulfill your customized banner needs by getting in touch with a high-end printing company.

Contact NYC’s finest printing company Automation Graphics and achieve the best customized banners.

Custom Yard Sign Printing

As the printing industry advances further, it is introducing different varieties of custom yard sign prints. Yard signs are quite an attractive feature, making them ideal for marketing different products and services, especially in the real estate industry. You can now get your own customized yard sign with all your requirements included. There are many options available when it comes to printing custom yard signs.

From choosing the display to how many sides it will have, customizing a yard sign is an engaging process. Besides real estate purposes, you can rely on yard signs to host different events or even as décor around your house or workplace. While some yard signs have wire stakes, others you can hang anywhere. If you plan to get a custom yard sign, read further below and learn about the printing process and other important information regarding custom yard sign printing.

Custom Yard Sign Printing

Printing Process of Custom Yard Signs

For custom yard signs, you opt for the large format printing process. This is a common printing method, and many print shops offer it. With this method, you can create various types of yard signs featuring customizable detailing. You can rely on various techniques to make your yard sign attractive. Features such as embossing, die cuts, foil stamping, and metallic ink give your yard sign a unique touch. This way, your yard signs can garner attention from the audience.

Advantages of a Custom Yard Sign Print

·       Weather Resistant

Yard signs contain durable corrugated plastic, which helps make it last in extreme weather conditions, especially if you’re placing your yard sign outdoor. If you happen to incur a heavy rainstorm in your region, your yard sign will luckily stay strong as ever due to its protection from heavy water exposure. The water-resistant feature helps prevent the sign from fading, which maintains its overall appearance.

·       Different Sizes Available

You will have many size options to choose from when making your customized yard sign. This gives you the freedom to place your yard sign anywhere and incorporate any size you want. You will have size options ranging from small to medium. So when choosing a size, considers the type of design you want in your sign and where you would want to place it.

·       Display Options

You can showcase your yard sign in two ways. You have the option of either hanging it against a wall or any hard surface or make it stand with the help of H-shaped stakes. These stakes help your sign stay still on the ground. When choosing a method to showcase it, consider your yard sign’s purpose and what you want it to achieve.

Custom Yard Sign Printing Shop NYC

How to Make Your Yard Sign Stand Out

If you’re going for a customizable yard sign, there’s a lot you can do to make it distinctive and eye-catching.  You need the right details that you will give your print shop who will help incorporate all your creative preferences in the yard sign. Mentioned below are a few ways you can make your yard sign attractive:

·       Minimize Colors and Fonts

Make sure not to go too overboard with the colors and font, as you don’t want to distract a potential customer from reading the necessary details in your yard sign. When choosing a color, stick to a color scheme with two to three colors and make sure the fonts are clear so it’s easier for everyone to read.

·       Mention a Call to Action

A yard sign without a call to action will not serve the purpose of having one. This is especially if you’re doing it to promote a product or service. Call to action includes your business details like the emails, number, etc. Create a creative call to action that’s attention-grabbing and will make the customer want to get in touch with you.

·       Go Light on the Words

Accept it; no one is going to want to read a whole paragraph on a yard sign. So when including a message, keep it as short and sweet as possible. Remember, people only have a few seconds to see an advertisement on a yard sign, especially if they’re passing by in a car. A maximum of two lines is more than enough.

How Much Will a Customized Yard Sign Printing Cost?

The cost of a customized yard sign print varies in different print shops. But to give you an idea, the cost will depend on your yard sign’s size and design, including how you showcase it. On average, a custom yard sign will cost around $6-$24.

Conclusion: Consult the Best Printing Company in NYC Automation Graphics

Yard signs are excellent marketing tools, so why not benefit from them? With the right help and details, you can get awesome custom yard sign printing. Reach out to us at Automation Graphics for help with your printing needs. Our experts can assist you in creating effective and eye-catching yard signs.

Custom Decal Printing

Do you need custom decal printing? Customized printing has helped many businesses make a good impression on potential customers.  Custom decal printing involves customized design and graphics on vinyl material like plastic adhesives. The adhesives allow prints to stick anywhere from floors and car doors to walls. All you need is a flat surface, and you can showcase your decal printing anywhere.

You can get customizable decal prints for your business in a way to grab potential customers’ attention. Decals have attractive features, including big fonts and colors. There is a very slight chance you’re going to just walk by it without seeing the print. Of course, this depends on how and where you present the decal prints. The best part is that they are easy to apply and remove.

Custom decal printing gives you the freedom to get as creative as possible and might be something you need for your business or personal use. Read further below, and learn more about custom decal printing.

Custom Decal Printing

Printing & Application of Custom Decals

You can print custom decals according to your preferences for shape, size, design, and more. Each decal goes through a specific process to incorporate all your specifications. You can opt for a die-cut decal that includes unique and intricate lettering combined together, creating one proper customized decal. To achieve a specific design or words on the decal, each detail is kiss cut from paper, and whatever waste included is removed. In the end, you get the designed signage on silicone paper.

After this, with the help of a hi-tack application, the printing team will then apply pre-masked tape over the pieces as this will help keep up the spacing of each part. The last step is decal application, which you can do yourself. Or, you can ask a team to help you out if you have to showcase them in different areas. To apply this, you first have to smoothen out the graphics on the desired surface and then apply the appropriate signage.

When applying the signage, make sure to carefully peel off the tape from behind and stick it out on the appropriate surface. The application of custom decals is easy, but this also depends on the size and design. You can get whatever type of decal you want. Before placing an order, make sure to take in realistic factors, such as the platform where you want to showcase your decals. Then, select your design and size accordingly.

Custom Decal Printing specialist shop NYC

There is a lot of variety when it comes to decal printing, so you can choose between various designs. You could include a sign, letter, or a large phrase, depending on the purpose of your decal prints. If you need it for business purposes, you must opt for something that will put your business in the creative spotlight, making it as eye-catching as possible.

Stickers vs. Decals

Many people have constant confusion that stickers and decals are the same. While they are similar, all stickers don’t have decal-like properties. Most sticker prints consist of paper label stickers and are usually much smaller and cheap compared to decals. Decals are more durable and include a high definition of colors and fonts in contrast to stickers. A great thing about decals is that you can use them on just about any outdoor surface, such as floors and car bumpers.

Sometimes it’s hard to apply stickers on outdoor surfaces, but it ultimately depends on the quality of the stickers. Decals are both easily removable and durable enough to reapply. On the other hand, you can’t reapply stickers once you remove them. Stickers are also not very long-lasting, especially in wet environments, but they can vary depending on the quality. For business purposes, you need something durable and prominent, and decals are the best option.

Custom Decal Printing: Final Words

With custom decal printing, you can be as creative as you like. You can personalize your business environment as per your preferences. From advertising to creating an aesthetic appearance, decals are the perfect choice for printing materials. Now that you’re aware of how a decal will look and have chosen your design and outlook, it’s time to get in touch with the best printing company.

If you’re searching for a printing company in NYC, head over to Automation Graphics. We can help you achieve some of the best decal prints keeping all your preferences in mind. At Automation Graphics, we have a team of skilled professionals working to deliver excellent quality and seamless designs.

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Custom Business Cards: Different Types & Styles

Custom business cards have made quite a comeback thanks to different printing and designing techniques available. With these techniques, you receive high-end business cards. Business cards play a vital role in portraying your company as reliable and relevant. This is one of the reasons you should want eye-catching and attractive business cards. They are sure to leave a good impression as soon as you give them to someone.

Business cards may not seem like a big deal, and that’s why many people don’t put in much effort when designing them. You may realize the importance of eye-catching design when giving your business cards to others. Seeing others take a second to admire your business card is sure to make you feel good. To get the best custom business cards, finding a reputable printing company is essential. But first, you have to decide on a design and look for your business card. To help you out, here are some types and styles of different business cards.

Custom Business Cards-Types Styles

Types of Custom Business Cards

1.     Custom Matte Business Cards

Matte business cards give an attractive, eye-catching look without having to put too much effort into the design. The matte texture offers a professional, no-nonsense appeal. This type of card comes in various sizes, helping you showcase details on your design clearly. It makes an impact if you add a short statement such as a motto. It gives out a robust glaring feature, making it easier for the person to read. This card also leaves you with a minimalist finish, and you can design it with personalized details.

2.     Standard Custom Business Cards

If it’s your first time printing business cards, you’re probably looking for a safe idea before exploring any creative options. If that’s the case, opt for a standard business card design. This type of business card includes your company’s identity and is usually on a small rectangular piece. You can always adjust the size according to your liking and what you want to include on the card.

This type of paper is non-coated and leaves a very simple standard card look. These types of cards are easier to create, and you can print them in no time. If you don’t want to put in too much effort to design your business card or are afraid that it won’t turn out right, start off with a standard business card.

3.     Customized Gloss Business Cards

Gloss business cards give out a unique look, so colors appear more vibrant. This is a great choice if your company or brand’s message is one of luxury. In this card, you can include elements such as pictures and unique fonts, which will stand out on your gloss card. The best part about this type of business card is that it lasts longer. As a result, your clients and customers can clearly read contact details much later after getting your card.

The downside of this type of card is that it’s not as readable as other business card types. This is because of the glossy finish that leaves a shiny look on the cards. Sometimes, a glare can keep customers from reading details correctly. When designing, pay close attention to the fonts and size so that you achieve clear readability.

Custom Business Cards Printing

4.     Premium Custom Business Cards

Premium business cards are the perfect way for your business to leave a good impression on clients and other potential customers. These cards come in different styles and designs, depending on your budget. What makes these cards ‘premium’ is the material as well as the designs.

You can opt for whatever size you want, from a square-shaped look to any unique shape that matches your business’s theme. You can choose any color and print it on a gloss or matte sheet. Regardless of the design you incorporate on your premium business cards, it will give a modernized and sleek look.

5.     Embossed Business Cards

Embossed business cards help keep up a classy look of a professional, luxurious brand or business. These cards highlight your logo or company name on the card. It does so by raising the surface of the paper your brand name is printed. When you touch the card, it will leave you with a unique feel that customers can relate only to your business. Creating a unique identity for your business with this type of business card is what you need.


It’s time you get your business out there and inform people about it through unique business cards. Make sure to go through all the types and choose one that suits your business the best. For great printable business cards, contact Automation Graphics. We provide you with high-quality, luxurious business cards, incorporating all your preferences and likes.



Commercial Printing: An Overview

Do you need an overview on commercial printing? It’s impossible to think of the business world flourishing without the help of commercial printing. Commercial printing plays a vital role in helping businesses market different products and services. This type of printing functions on a large scale and involves printing materials such as business cards, brochures, leaflets, postcards, sale signs, menus, T-shirts, notepads, catalogs, and newsletters.

In commercial printing, you’ll come across different printing methods. In that case, you have to choose a suitable method as per your requirements. The printing team makes a decision according to the required product and desired quality. At the same time, choosing a professional printing company for business marketing tools is essential. This means choosing one that excels in commercial printing. Read further below and learn more about commercial printing.

Commercial Printing Overview

Types of Commercial Printing

1.     Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most modern printing method of all the others. This type of printing method is perfect for getting faster prints in a limited time. Digital printing also helps produce high-quality prints with an amazing color definition. This makes it ideal for printing out items like brochures, leaflets, and signs with an eye-catching effect.

The best way to get high-quality prints via digital printing is to come up with a proper design. We don’t just mean an aesthetically pleasing one, but it allows the printing team to operate properly. In this scenario, only a digital professional can achieve the exact print you want. If you want to get prints of letters, labels, banners, or any other customized products, digital printing is ideal.

2.    LED UV Printing

If you want super high-quality prints, try out LED UV printing. This method creates prints under UV lights curing-dying process. This produces end materials with a high sharp color definition. Using such a technique leaves a pretty good impression on businesses as it an eco-friendly technique that doesn’t use much power and eradicates CO2 emissions.

The LED UV printing method makes it easy to get superior quality printed materials. Items such as magazines, leaflets, brochures, handbooks, and many other high-end items are perfect for this type of method. The look of the prints has a unique appeal that enhances your brand image. Consumers will be able to tell you’re your brand has put in a lot of effort in getting the right kind of prints and wants to showcase their products and services professionally.

3.     Offset Lithography Printing

Offset lithography is one of the most common types of printing methods that just about every printing company uses. Using this method, printing companies can make a large number of prints from the original in a short time without compromising on quality. This method involves inking a plate, and then the image is offset from the inked plate to a rubber blanket. In the final step, the rubber blanket sticks to the surface for printing. This printing method allows you to get prints on a flat surface from paper to plastic. As a result, you can choose from a large variety.

Overview on Commercial Printing NYC

Since businesses often require a large number of prints, most printing companies use large rolls of paper. They attach the rolls to printing units and get great prints. This form of printing takes more time than other methods, and you may find it more costly, but you will definitely get awesome quality. You should opt for this method if you want products such as stationery, newspapers, posters, and books.

4.     Large Format Printing

Large format printing is the best way to print on any type of material. This type of commercial printing is perfect for printing large items such as pop-up displays, billboards, floor graphics, wallpaper, signage, vinyl banners, and many other large items.  This printing method involves heavy equipment and professional techniques to get the right prints. Professionals help operate the machinery properly.

Large format prints are the best way for your business to garner attention from potential customers. You can showcase these prints on high-rise buildings or any other higher surface. You could also get ones that stand, allowing plenty of applications to grab consumers’ attention. This printing method will surely help create an eye-catching feature of the message you want to get out to the public. Such a benefit makes it one of the best marketing tools. You definitely can’t miss out on this!

Commercial Printing Takeaway: Consult with an Experienced Print Shop

Now that you’re aware of the purpose of commercial printing and the different methods to achieve some high-quality prints, it’s time you find the best commercial printing company around you. The best printing company is one that can print any and everything you need offering you a variety of printing methods.

For the best printing quality of your business needs, get in touch with Automation Graphics, as we’re the best NYC has to offer you when it comes to commercial printing.


Label Printing

Label printing plays an essential role in many businesses, as it provides them with a finished product. Some labels include a single name or image, while some consist of information regarding nutrition, ingredients, and production dates. While these labels may not get the value they deserve, they are still high in demand because of the many products entering the market daily.

Label printing goes through different processes and dates back to the 1800s. They have come a long way since then. To learn more about label printing and the process, read on.

Label Printing

History of Label Printing

Label printing made its debut in the 1800s through paper labeling for fruit crates and drug containers. Labels underwent lithography, a printing process that was common in the early years. In this process, the machine transferred an oil-based image on paper. Adhesive labels started growing more common and popular to display slogans, ingredients, and important information on other products.

Modern Label Printing

Label printing has significantly evolved over the years with the help of flexographic printing, or digital printing, which came about in the 1990s. With the help of digital printing, you can now achieve high-quality labels with high qualitative color and appearance. Most printing companies rely on digital printing to help you get labels for any type of product. The best part about labels today is that they don’t make as much waste as they did earlier. Similarly, they require less labor to make.

The Process of Label Printing

Label printing via digital printing follows the below-mentioned process. It also goes over how a label design transforms into a high-quality label product:

1.     Label Artwork

To start off with your labels’ digitalized printing process, you need to provide all your label requirements, from the appearance to the size. Make sure you’ve provided your printing company with proper details so that you get to achieve the design you’ve envisioned. Once you’ve provided all the details, send in your artwork to see if the company can provide what you want.

The printing team will then evaluate different aspects to ensure the label turns out the way your design it. This includes identifying the color, fonts, pictures, and other important details that wanted in your labels.  This is the time to make any changes before it goes through the printing process.

2.     The Printing process

Once you and your printing team have settled on your label’s final look, they will start off with the printing process.  Digital printing uses HP indigo. The ink electronically transfers onto the surface paper, unlike other methods that require plates and took a lot of time to set up the whole system. Label printing starts off by adding label material to the printer. These are available in long rolls. The printing machine prints the required design on whatever material you choose. This is a very simple step, and the rollers do most of the work, so it doesn’t require as much labor.

3.     Finishing and Die Cutting Treatment Process

The step involves the printed labels going through the finishing machine, which helps give your label the finishing touches. This process involves adding design elements like hot foil stamping and embossing. The finishing process also involves die cuts for each label, making it easier to manage the print rollers. Each roller is slit with the help of razors to get at least three or more separate rollers. The separated rollers make it easier for the other step mentioned below.

4.     Rewinding

Lastly, the labels go through the process of rewinding, which helps to re-roll all the labels to create more. Sometimes, all of the labels don’t come off, especially if there are so many. Hence, rewinding is essential. Once your labels undergo the rewinding process, they will run through a quality check. Then, they are shipped off to you!

High End Label Printing New York

Benefits of Using Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing has greatly evolved not due to its popularity but because of the amazing printing advantages it brings:

·       Flexible

You can get whatever you like, printed at any time

·       Efficient

Faster label production without having to set up press plates

·       Affordable

Smaller print runs without any additional costs

·       High-Quality Labels

Provide better print and color resolution compared to the early printing methods

·       Use of Variable Imaging

Achieve labels printed through texts, graphics, barcodes, and many other things

Conclusion: Get A Label Quote from an Experienced Print Shop

If you’re planning to launch a new product, you will need the right labels to correctly advertise your products. For the best labels printing services in NYC, get in touch with Automation Graphics. With design professionals and printing experts on their team, they can definitely help you with all your printing needs.

Wide Format Printing

What is wide format printing? Just as we see technology get better and better, the same progress is taking place in the printing industry. A few years ago, wide-scale development in printing was not common because of the absence of available material, inefficient cost, and extended time.

Luckily, wide format printing presents you with a solution to print for large business groups who focus on money-making with available printing materials and turnaround times. This is the reason widescale printing is common in all offices, no matter what the size it is.

Wide Format Printing

The industry knows this printing technique as a grand format and large format as well. This technique is a common option for larger printing jobs, typically 11 inches by 8.5 inches. These printers can also print 18 inches by 100 inches – the industry term for these sizes is ‘Plotters.’

Advancements in technology have improved printing quality. Even the ink, an important component of printing, is now becoming environmentally-friendly, thanks to a focus on having low impacts on the environment and sustainability. This is a crucial aspect of printing at Automation Graphics as we care about the future of the environment.

Wide Format Printing

Where Can You Use Large Format Printing?

Uses of large format printing are practical and expand beyond posters. Large format printing offers unmatched versatility compared to other printing techniques. Foam, ceramic, coated metal, wallpaper, fabric, wood, and vinyl, to name a few, are suitable materials businesses can choose for this printing type. Items you can include in your printing list are not limited to:

  • T-shirts
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle graphics/ wrappings
  • Wall art
  • Floor Displays
  • Business Directories
  • Banners sign

Materials Used In Large Format Printing

In an original production of large format graphics, many exciting materials work as substrates. These include materials like vinyl to paper and fabrics or metal. Depending on the purpose, various materials work in a wide variety of ways. These materials act to provide a wide range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Printers select substrates based on their suitability to fulfill the needs of a particular project. When printing graphics for retail purposes, they may use a less durable and affordable material, such as vinyl.  This is opposed to vehicle graphics or outdoor hoarding graphics that need durable materials. When preparing graphics to use in the city centers, printers rely on anti ‘graffiti’ vinyl to put off the vandals, who run around ruining the visual aesthetic of the structures. The substrates are of two types; one that is firm, like vinyl, and the metal sheet. Not all suppliers provide substrates, but these are some of the common examples.


Paper is widely available and highly adaptable. Hence, it’s no surprise that paper takes a spot among the most popular printing substrates. Paper is cheap and easy to find, but it is the most durable substrates, and if you are looking to install the print on a long-term basis, you may go for it.


For long term installation and outdoor going, vinyl is the best choice because it is very flexible and easy to shape and cut. Not to mention, there are many types of finishes for it – from gloss to matte and even the reflective mirror vinyl. This is a popular option for outgoing and for wrapping the vehicle because of its versatility and affordability. Printers also use it in the background for more durability and support.

Textile and Fabric

As new big format installation is available, they have tension fabric frames. There has been an increase in the number of suppliers offering prints on the fabric.

Metal, Wood, and Other Substances

With a wide print format, suppliers can also print on solid and rigid materials, including wood or aluminum. As vinyl is very common, businesses can use large format printing for unusual projects such as exhibitions, photography, and art.

Best Wide Format Printing NYC


With wide format printing, you get many benefits and options. Thanks to the help of many choices, businesses can print whatever they want. These include large ads, posters, blueprints, and large maps; the sky’s the limit!

If you are in need of professional large format printing services, contact us! Reach out to us at Automation Graphics by calling at 646-205-3037 to learn all about the wide format printing solutions we offer.

What to Look for in a High-End Commercial Printer

What things should you look for in a high end commercial printer? In the past, businesses used to incur minute expenses like printing, storage, internet café, and photocopying on the daily. Businesses did not think much of it. However, when you compile these minute expenses at the end of the year, they become a huge expense.

Businesses come up with a solution to overcome smaller daily expenses. It was to buy expensive equipment and cut down on smaller expenses. For this reason, hiring a commercial printer has become a basic business expense.

Commercial printing is an essential service. However, a high involvement service like it costs thousands of dollars. For this reason, you need to read a buying guide before selecting a high-end commercial printer.

High end commercial printer NYC

Key Features to Look For in a High End Commercial Printer

As an organization, getting a printer service will be a great way to improve your marketing strategies with impressive banners and printed material.

When you plan to hire a printing service, you need to keep some key features in mind. Considering these features will allow you to select the best commercial printer for your organization.

Check Their Printing Quality

The first thing you need to see in a printing service is its product quality. Sure, it’s great that their clients approve of them, but you need to check for yourself to see if their services match the standard you’re looking for. Thoroughly evaluate their portfolio to determine their product quality. This will allow you to see how the picture is laid over the form and whatnot.

Are They Reliable?

Another thing you need to check is the reliability of the service. After all, quality means nothing if not delivered on time. You need to ensure that the commercial printer is swift enough to provide you with the necessary services on time. After all, your organization or small business needs to launch its marketing campaign on a tight schedule. To avoid delays, it’s a must that you receive your order on time.

Who Are They Working With?

While hiring the printing services, you need to see who the service is working with at the moment as top-notch printing services are already in contact with a reliable business that provides a good quality product.

What Services Can They Provide?

Another important aspect to check is the number of services the printing shop can provide you. When you come in a contract with a printing service, you will surely need more than one service. Therefore, it is wise that you hire a high-end commercial printer service that can provide multiple printing services such as mailing, binding, etc. And other necessary services like detailing of margins.

This allows you to give your marketing campaign more time and spend less time worrying about how to get your marketing materials out there. This also means opting for a commercial printer with the necessary equipment to take up a variety of different printing jobs.

How Do They Rank in the Customer Service Department?

Since your business will be seeking a greater scale of services from a commercial printer, you will require top-notch customer service. If anything, you need a commercial printer who is deeply interested in your project and is invested in meeting your requirements. Talk to the printer’s customer service representatives, as well as clients, about their experience when asking for help. Did previous clients find customer service representatives to be responsive and helpful? If so, you’ve found the best commercial printer.

High End Commercial Printer: Who to Hire?

If you are looking for a printing service in New York City, I highly suggest that you check out Automation Graphics. They used to be in the printing machine-building industry. Long ago they  they spread their wings and have been leaders in the printing business in NYC for many years.

They provide you with top-notch services and a high-quality product. They are the perfect service to hire if you need a copy printing, banner printing, offset printing, wide-format printing, or any other printing services. They will provide you with a high-quality specialty printing job as well, like engraving, stamp foiling, and letterpress. The best thing about them is they provide you with quality services as well. They are very kind, humble, and patient with all their clients.

Best high end commercial printer NY

Final Feedback

Your printer is a high involvement good and can cost a fortune. For this reason, before buying a printer, you should look at all your options and compare them effectively. It would be best if you took printer reviews from people you know. You can head over to the internet to take help as well.

Contact Automation Graphics for your printing jobs. They are fast and provide you with quality service and products.


Specialty Printing: Letterpress, Engraving & Foil Stamping

If you want your business to grow using the print market or direct mail, you need to master the art of advertising in a sea of clutter. The best way to achieve this is by utilizing special printing capabilities in the market. Furthermore, customers remember direct mail more than they remember internet-based email campaigns. Some companies utilize the benefits of specialty printing services. These include the insurance, travel, and automotive industries.

Specialty Printing

Special printing is a better idea than traditional prints as it improves the print piece and direct mail a business sends to customers. Embossing/debossing, foil stamping, and UV coatings these materials help create perfect and stunning ads using the art of painting.

Paper Utilized by Specialty Printing Services

Our printing company offers you different types of paper options, such as heat-resistant paper and plastic. Other kinds of paperwork perfectly with specialty printing, but I suggest that you use a stock that is heavier than 80 pounds. You can ask our printing experts as to which paper would be best.

Specialty Printing | Stamping, Letterpress, Engraving


You simply put the paper as in relief printing, where the picture and the text are raised. Printers use ink on the surface to transfer the text or the image on the paper. Printing from the moveable types was founded in China in 1041, and then, around four centuries later, it first started in Europe. China’s invention was undone by a scholar in Germany, Mainz Johannes Gutenberg. His invention allowed the process to use many pieces at once. It also allowed him to print books at an exceptional rate. Letterpress printing remained a primary printing method up until the 19th century, even though they later developed presses where they manufactured machines that were different from that of Gutenburg’s.

Now, many observers love letterpress printing for leaving a visual and tactile impression in the paper. Few people call this “debossed” even though this practice is very exclusive to the current printing of letterpress. It also communicates a handcrafted and elegant quality that no other printing method provides. Hoban cards are not hand-printed individually on a 1911 or 1902 Chandler and Price Letterpress platen. Every order utilizes its own photopolymer letterpress plate made using a digital file.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping involves foil on materials and metallic print applications such as card, paper, and plastics using pressure and heat. Printers use it to make various textures’ such as holographic, glossy, matte, and metallic on the medium. The printing process is different from silk screening and pad printing and ideal for printing on a product with a dark-colored surface. It also involves the use of ink. Hence, the texture or color of the medium doesn’t affect the overall result.

This process of printing stamping foil came about around the 19th century and helped create products like book covers, presentation folders, business cards, save the date cards, wedding invitation ideas, holiday cards, scratch-off foil, etc.

NYC Specialty Printing | Stamping, Letterpress & Engraving


Engraving is a printing technique that involves cuts in a metal plate, which forms the printed image and holds the ink. What way is better to magnetize the attention of busy consumers and then to give the dimension using embossing to your mail: indenting areas of paper or raising areas of paper?

With the help of a burin, the design is cut in an engraving plate. Bruin is an engraving tool, such as a fine chisel, along with a lozenge-shaped tip. Using bruin, printers make cuts in the metal with varying pressure at different angles. This represents the ink quantity the line will hold. That will create variations in darkness and width when printed. The engraving technique on metal hails from the classical era of decorating objects. However, engraving plates were common in 1430, Germany, for printing purposes. Another process, photoengraving, uses acid on a metal plate to produce an image, which is then printed.

Conclusion: Call Automation Graphics for Specialty Printing

Whether you want to create life-like photographs or attractive marketing materials, choosing the right print media is as important as selecting the right printer. Here at Automation graphics, we have solutions that include all printing photo paper using linen surface cover stock and foil card stock.

We possess a wide range of specialty inks and printing equipment, and our team is ready to get to work and create memorable printed materials for your business.

Contact us at (646) 205-3037 if you have any queries about our printing process or want to learn more about our printing solutions.

What Is Decal Printing?

A decal is a relatively newer printing technique. Currently, it is gaining popularity in the automobile enthusiast community. And for good reason- it is easy to put on, and it comes in two different kinds that users can choose from.

In the past, large format printing was much more popular as a means to print promotional material for businesses. Now, decal printing is gaining momentum because it looks more natural, and you can print it on a car rather than just sticking it on top.

A major problem with large format printing is that it is not eco-friendly at all. It involves plastic, which can end up in landfills. Decal is a more sustainable option because you are transferring the graphic or design over the car rather than only sticking a large plastic sticker. However, you can get it in cut form as well, which will still look better than large format printing.

In this article, I will talk about decal printing in detail. That means answering questions about what it is, the process behind it, and why it is a good option.

Decal Printing

 What is Decal Printing?

Decal is a Printing technique, which is now growing famous amongst automobile enthusiasts. A major reason for it becoming so popular is that it looks very clean and provides you with a natural-looking print. Other car decorating techniques do not provide you with that clean of a result.

Decal printing on your car involves adding three layers;

  1. First is the mounting film that you wrap over the place where the decal is going to go.
  2. The next layer is the transport paper layer, which you put on the back.
  3. The third layer is the decal, which has the design printed.

The decal paper has two sides. One side is the decal, while the other side is a transferable surface.

To apply the decal paper over your car, you will need to pass the decal paper through and eco-solvent.

What Makes decal better than other Printing Techniques

A major benefit of the decal is that it involves a more eco-friendly process. On the other hand, you can use decal for multiple things.

Decal comes in all shapes and sizes. You can get a decal job to decorate your laptop, water bottles, restaurant plates, and other smooth surfaces. However, you can get special decal jobs to decorate or tint your car windows, car doors, bumpers, and much more.

You can use it to personalize your business cars. Since it is long-lasting and robust, it is the perfect candidate for the job. Compared to decal printing, other printing jobs like vinyl and car stickers might come off after some time.

Another benefit of using decal is that it is very long-lasting. A normal decal-printing job will last for almost five to seven years. However, if you take good care, it can last even longer.

Is Removing Decal Risky?

Decal applies beautifully. However, people do eventually get bored of it after some time. If you are someone like that, I wouldn’t recommend that you opt for decal for one main reason. Removing decal from any surface is very risky. While removing it will become a tad bit safer if your decal job involves several layers, it still won’t be entirely safe.

This is because the professional applies the decal sticker very robustly that it does not come off for several years. It is a big job. Therefore, removing the sticker is not safe at all. It might peel the surface underneath the sticker.

Process of Applying a Decal

If you were planning to apply decal on your own as a DIY job, you should probably reconsider. Applying decal is not a job for untrained individuals. It involves four steps that might look simple, but you need proper equipment and chemicals to do the job properly.

The professionals call the decal applying process “wet application”. The wet application involves four steps.

The first step is to clean the surface where you will be applying decal, using chemicals. In the next step, you need to mix dish-wash liquid and water and apply it on the surface that you cleaned. After this, you need to peel the back of the decal and put it on the wet surface. In the last step, you will need to smooth out the decal.

Decal Printing Printers

Final Feedback

If you are searching for the best decal printing in NYC and the tri-state area, contact Automation Graphics today for an instant quote. 

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NYC Print Shop 2020-2021

What makes the best NYC print shop for 2020-2021? New York City is one of the biggest and busiest cities all over the world. People all over the world know New Yorkers for their fast lifestyle. In the city, everybody is busy doing his or her own thing. You might not know this, but New… Continue Reading

What Is Large Format Printing?

What is the best large format printing? Like every sector in the world, the printing industry is booming as well. Multiple types of printing services are available, and settling on one to make your next banner is as challenging as you think. However, in this massive printing industry, large format printing is gaining a lot… Continue Reading

Custom Invitation Printing

Are you looking for information about custom invitation printing? Digital invitations, despite their convenience, can’t replace the exclusivity of printed invitations. You can’t deny that they seem more personal; a printed card make the invitee feel welcomed and special. As a result, people come up with some interesting invitation card designs that seem cute and… Continue Reading

Custom Banner Printing

What is custom banner printing? In the past, advertisers would only write phrases like “NOW,” “LIMITED STOCK,” and “DO NOT MISS” to get the public’s attention. However, things are changing now. In today’s environment, you need to be very creative to get people’s attention. You need to put some value into your banners to get… Continue Reading