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Automation Graphics has been called the best commercial printer in NYC.

We specialize in producing custom printing specifically tailored to your specific needs. We excel in custom service. We listen to you and tailor your printing job to your exact needs. We know that every customer and every job is different.

Commercial Printing: The Basics

You’re a home improvement company looking to tell potential customers about your new power washing services. You’re a candidate running for the local school board or the one open Senate seat this year, but no one knows you’re running. You’re a youth group sponsoring the neighborhood cook out, a Boy Scout troop who needs volunteers to fix up an old park, an organization looking to raise funds for the local animal shelter…etc.

Believe it or not, all of these people have one fundamental thing in common: they all need to advertise, and one of the fastest and most cost efficient ways to do so is commercial printing.

By “commercial printing,” we mean professional design and clean, immaculate, durable products which will reflect the quality of you and your organization.

But even if every one of the groups mentioned above needs commercial printing, they don’t all need the same products. Commercial printing will accommodate a multitude of budgets and marketing needs and we will guide you along the way for that perfect job.

Postcards, Mailings, & Direct Mail

Best Commercial Printer NYC Blog 02 Direct mail and postcardsEverybody’s seen the letters and postcards you get in the mail for a variety of services. The best ones are bold, colorful, and immediately reflect the services or products provided by the company who sends them.

Anyone looking to attract a large, local audience from your local contractor to politicians looking to secure their voting base should consider direct mailings. Time-sensitive projects beyond a vague seasonal promotion should probably avoid it, though; as the amount of time involved getting direct mailing set up can become an issue. Again, we are experts in the field and will guide you to a successful outcome.

Direct mailings take some time! Far from a “shotgun” type campaign, direct mailings require research, as specific communities and demographics can be reached if you choose the right route.

Design matters, too, because the post office is going to reject anything that isn’t correctly formatted nor has the wrong paperwork.

Choosing an experienced print and design company not only to print your product, but also design and ship it for you, could save you the migraines and the money from doing it wrong.

Posters and Banners

Best Commercial Printer NYC Blog 03 Large Format PrintingCharities and organizations seem to be hosting events every other weekend, and they rely on large-format printing to get the word out.

Posters and banners have been staples of advertising since Best Commercial Printer NYC Blog 04 Poster and banner printingGutenberg invented moveable type printing press, and today’s modern technologies have provided a range of colors, sizes, and materials that would make a rainbow envious.

Posters and banners need to carefully balance eye-catching graphics with informative text about the event advertised. Banners are simpler, often used for large text-based graphics with a direct call-to-action (“Volunteer at PrettyPaws Animal Shelter!”).

Depending on the design, banners made out of durable materials like vinyl can be used for multiple occasions; posters wear out more easily and are typically done after a single use.


Best Commercial Printer NYC Blog 05 Brochure Printing nycFor those of you whose services can’t be restrained to a poster or postcard, why not try a brochure? Perfect when you’ve got a lot going on and need an easy, beautiful presentation, brochures and other marketing materials can really enhance your business’s public perception.

Like posters, brochures require a delicate mix of both copy (aka the words on marketing materials) and visual elements. Unlike posters, people expect brochures to have important information, so brochures can have much more space devoted to the details that make your business unique.

Marketing & Promotional Materials

Best Commercial Printer NYC Blog 06 marketing and promotional products custom printedAs for marketing materials, just about anything you can print, you can use to advertise your business. I recently saw an adorable “dealer” bear available for casino-type events or businesses, but get creative! Why not add something like “Don’t take risks! Call ABC Builders”? We specialize in custom promotional product with clever copy and relation to our customer’s individual needs and businesses.

In addition to the ever-popular and effective pens, mugs, and buttons, you can stand out by using distinctive items and connecting them with your business and values.

Of course, this is just an overview of the many options available to you by using us as your commercial printer. By partnering with a successful and versatile design company with top-quality products, you’ll guarantee a successful marketing campaign. We’ll go into greater detail with other blogs, but for now, this is an overview of what the Automation Graphics team can provide for your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can be your one stop shop for all your commercial printing needs!

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