Email Vs Direct Printed Mail

printingCould the use of direct printed mail be a better option than email marketing? You know the value of email marketing. It is a good way to reach your readers and newsletter signups through digital means. In some ways, this method of marketing is very valuable and highly effective. However, many marketers as well as small business owners find themselves overlooking direct printed mail. This type of marketing could be more powerful and a better fit to many of today’s business owners. Could it be the right option for you? Consider these reasons why direct printed mail may be the better option.

It’s Too Overcrowded in Your Inbox

Take a look at your inbox. How many pieces of email do you get in a given day? Many mail programs even divide these beyond spam to promotional emails and social networking emails. How often do you hit one of those tabs to see what the latest promotional offers are that are available to you/ The bottom line here is that while email marketing is overcrowded, direct printed mail is not. Think about the mail you receive in your mailbox each day. Do you look through each piece? Most people do.

It’s More Personal

Direct printed mail is a far better option because it offers a personal touch. A properly delivered message really does get opened by the person who is supposed to open it. It does not land in the spam or garbage. Rather, it provides a personal message that people tend to remember.

People Trust Direct MailPeople Trust Direct Mail

printingMost people think that a good majority of their inbox is filled with spam. If you have a special offer to provide to your readers, chances are good they will open the offer in the mail long before they open the email. That’s because people know that these types of emails tend to be clickbait – messages meant to just get a click on a link or they could be spam promotions. And, there’s also the threat of opening any mail from someone you don’t know. Could this be spam or a virus? The bottom line here is that people trust direct printed mail.


If you have yet to see how well direct printed mail can work for you, consider running a promotion today. What you’ll find is a higher response rate especially when you turn to the best printer in New York City.

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