Seasonal promotional products for your business

Seasonal Trends for Promotional Products

In the early days of advertising and promotions in America, there was a real peak in promotional activity in November and December, as advertisers took advantage of the Christmas season to send their customers and prospects a token of their appreciation, and remind their clients about the products and services they sold.

For a variety of reasons, there is less cultural identification with Christmas today. Many companies don’t do any Christmas promotion, because many of their customers don’t observe the holiday.

Promotional activities don’t need to be connected to a holiday in order to be successful, but when they are aligned with a seasonal event, you have a chance to connect with your customer on a more personal level. There are many religions and national holidays throughout the year, and depending on your business, your products and services, and your customers, it might be appropriate to connect with some of them. There are some new events, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that are all about commerce. People are prepared to make purchases during these events, and it’s possible you can make some sales simply by advertising at this time.

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Holidays offer an opportunity to be creative with your promotional items. If you can associate your products or services with one of these days, it gives you a chance to create something memorable to give to your customers. It can also let you connect on a personal level – a handwritten note in a Christmas, Valentines Day, or Birthday card can be far more effective than simply sending another flyer.

Planning Your Printing Needs for Holiday Promotions

Many businesses take advantage of religious and secular holidays to connect with their customers. Commercial printers are likely to be busier than usual around these times, and so will require more lead time to produce promotional and marketing materials for your. In order to make sure you’ve got your material on time, have your artwork ready to deliver to the printer far in advance of your deadline. Work with a reputable printer who’s good at communicating, and insist on proofs to sign off on at every step of the process.

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