Promotional Printing

Promotional materials are the key for every business to grow on a bigger scale. Without promotional printing, it is not possible for a business to grow in sales and popularity. Promotional materials come in different shapes and sizes, and there are different printing processes involved in each material. Today, you will find out the different ways on how you can promote your business using promotional printing.

Printing Methods for Promotional Printing

There are different printing methods involved in printing each type of item, go through the list below to learn about the different methods we use for promotional printing.



1.     Silkscreen Printing

Silk screening is a type of printing technique that you can use to print out promotional items that have digital logos or designs on then, such as different types of apparel. This process is unique and involves a lot of skill. Screen printing takes place on a mesh screen that has an ink-blocking stencil on it. The stencil helps the ink to go on to the substrate by keeping some areas blocked and open on the screen.

2.     Heat Transfer

Heat transfer printing is another type of printing process that you can use for printing out colored logos on items such as caps, mugs, shirts, etc. The process involves a large usage of heat to move the ink onto the desired item. Printing services normally use hot irons to put a decal on the items.

3.     Pad Printing

You can use pad printing to print logos onto promotional items such as mugs, pens, bottles, etc. This type of printing takes place with the help of a metal printing plate that includes ink; the plate has the ability to print out an image under the exposure of UV light. You can use pad printing on materials such as glass, metal, ceramic, wood, and plastic.

4.     Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is another type of promotional printing process. You can carry out this process with the help of a laser engraving system that imprints logos on products such as jewelry, awards, crystal ware, etc.

5.     Digital Printing

Digital printing is a printing process that allows you to print over the entire surface, it does not use screens, unlike screen printing, and you are able to receive full-color prints. You can use digital printing for promotional items such as printing on big posters, banners, or even buttons.

6.     Embroidery

Embroidery is another type of promotional printing process that involves stitching your logo onto a piece of cloth or garment. The embroidery process allows you to change your logo into a digital image; you have to place the embroidery onto the respective machine. Then, it enforces the digitalized logo into attractive threadwork that doesn’t fade.

7.     Debossing

If you want your promotional material to have a 3-dimensional effect, then you should use debossing. Debossing is a printing process in which the desired shapes of metal dies are formed according to your logo. You have to put your product between the metal dies and then apply heat and pressure to create the material according to your preference. You can apply this technique for printing on leather, silicon, and bracelets.

Different Types of Promotional Printing Material

Mentioned below are the different types of promotional materials that are available to use for promotional printing.


Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise consists of many things, such as shirts, caps, notepads, mugs, USB keys, keys chains, and tote bags. All of these items contain the logo of your business, and you can provide these to potential customers as a gift, which is a great way to grow your business. It is advisable for you to use promotional merchandise as its costs are generally lower compared to other types of promotion and it also more likely to be remembered by people. Promotional merchandise is one of the best ways to increase awareness as your promotional item tends to become popular in the eyes of other people.

Print Collaterals

There are many items that come under print collaterals such as flyers, brochures, posters, and postcards. These items are very easily printable and are much cheaper in cost. The best time to use this type of promotional material is when you’re running a new small business. These types of promotional materials give you the liberty to include in-depth information about your business.

Flyers and brochures are usually given out in person, but you can choose to put these up in busy areas. For example, subway stations, poles, outside supermarkets, etc. Flyers are comparatively easier to give out and print compared to brochures as they are only single pages. However, in a brochure, you can include more information and also big images. You can use postcards if you want to promote your business to just potential clients. However, it is not advisable for you to use postcards for a large scale promotion as postcards are sent through the mail, and in today’s generation, the traditional system of receiving a mail is dead.

Custom Packaging

You can also use custom packaging as a means of promotional printing. Custom packaging will include the name and details of your business on the front of the packaging. You will have the liberty to choose different shades or colors in order to create a unique packaging for your business. Click on the link to see the types of material you can use for custom packaging.

Final Words

We at Automation Graphics can provide you with all the promotional materials that you have seen above in this article, and we use all types of promotional printing processes. We ensure efficiency and are very cooperative with all our clients. Contact us today!

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