Most Popular Promotional Products for 2019

Popular promotional products offer an excellent way for businesses to get their brand name out to the masses and gift customers or potential customers with an enticing product, too. From mugs to tote bags to t-shirts, promotional products are wide and varied in content. When trying to find that ideal promotional product to hand out with your company logo on it, you can look to the current trends and check out the most popular promotional products for 2019.

Products Which Have Subtle Branding

The popular promotional product trend for 2019 is products which are subtle with regard to the brand names. When you choose a product and it comes time to put your brand name or logo on the promotional product, it might be best to do so in a low-key manner. Don’t place your company name all over the tote bag or beach towel. A small logo or subtle lettering will do the same advertising trick but not be offensive as it might if the lettering was large and really visible on the entire promotional product.

Useful Products

Another popular trend for 2019 with regard to promotional products is to choose items which are useful in nature. Sure, plastic Frisbees are fun to look at and affordable to produce, however, these items won’t be used that often. Select items which individuals will be happy to receive and put to good use. Some potential promotional products include USB cables, phone chargers, water bottles, tote bags, and other daily use items. When you choose useful products as your promotional items, you’ll not only get your brand name out to the community but you’ll impress these individuals as well by providing them with items they can put to good use.

Reusable Products

With the community becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, offering reusable products as promotional gifts is a good move to make. Reusable grocery bags make excellent promotional products as they will carry your brand name multiple places, be put to good use, and be applauded by those who are always on the lookout for environmentally-friendly products. They will also be appreciated by customers and potential customers who like companies which hand out these items with nature and the environment in mind.

High Quality Promotional Products

Another type of popular promotional item for 2019 is a high quality promotional product. When selecting the type of item you want to adorn with your company name and hand out for free, make sure that the items are of a high quality. This type of promotional product is quite popular these days. For example, instead of purchasing thin plastic cups and putting your company logo on them, why not purchase a well-made, sturdy water bottle or creative coffee mug. Promotional items that will last long are smart ones to choose.

Automation Graphics Offers a Wide Array of Promotional Products

At Automation Graphics, we keep up with the current printing industry trends, including those related to promotional products. We stock an extensive amount of promotional goods which you can choose from and put your company logo on your desired promotional product. Our professional staff will take you through the various options and help you to select a promotional product which your clients and potential clients are certain to love.

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