Commerical Printing: Us vs. Internet Printing

Commercial Printing Has Not Been Replaced by the Internet

While the Internet and social media has certainly simplified and streamlined marketing in a lot of instances, increasing reach while decreasing costs, it’s not the be-all and end-all. There are certain demographics that want a hard copy, and it’s easier to track advertising when there are printed coupons involved. Truthfully, the number of businesses that have turned their backs on traditional printed promotional material has actually created opportunities for businesses that still do so, by reducing some of the “noise” they need to cut through. Here are some examples of print material that can (still) benefit your business.


The simple brochure is a standard in the marketing world. Conveniently sized and relatively cheap to produce (most are printed on standard letter-size paper), brochures are easily distributed. They fit into standard display racks, and can be mailed in a letter-size envelope. Designers are very familiar with the form, consumers tend to keep them, and commercial printer will have not trouble helping you with the technical aspects of preparing it for print.

Press or Identity Kits

An identity kit usually contains several discrete pieces of promotional information (a letter, a report, white papers, etc.) held together in a single folder. They’re an effective way to communicate a lot of information, usually about your whole business as opposed to a single product. While they’re a little big, both in size and scope, for communicating with individual customers, they’re ideal for shareholders meetings and B2B proposals.


If your business sells a variety of products, consider a catalog. Consumers tend to save them, and will generally reach for them when they are ready to make a purchase, which can make them a very effective tool.

Postcards and Invitations

As more and more companies are turning to the internet to deliver their messages, consumers are finding the volume of promotional material in their mailboxes is decreasing, which increases the likelihood that your message will find it’s way into their consciousness, especially if you take the time to design and produce a quality piece of marketing to send to them.

Traditional, print-based marketing campaigns evolved because they can bear fruit when properly executed. Don’t discount the power of printed material when designing your marketing plan. Call the best printer in NYC today for a free, no-obligation quote on all your commercial printing needs.

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