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Planning an Event? There’s Lots to Remember.

Event planning can be one of the most stressful undertakings that the average business owner experiences. When your company isn’t big enough to have a full-time promotional staff, but you’re putting on events that could benefit from a full-time promotional staff, you’re likely find that organization can be a big challenge. Focus on the reason that you’re holding the event – it’s likely that your motivation is exposure of your company’s people, products, and services. In short, you’re looking to build your brand. One of the most important things is to ensure that your promotional material is unified, and presents you in the most positive light possible. Here’s a list of things to remember when it comes time to ready your materials.

InvitationsPlanning an Event

Nobody will come to your event if you don’t let them know about it. We use invitations for birthday parties and weddings. Consider using the same strategy for your corporate event. Add an RSVP card to help you plan for the right number of attendees.


If you’re selling tickets, make sure that they’re printed and distributed far in advance of the event.


The best sports, arts, and cultural events use a program to outline the days’ activities. Consider using a printed program to elevate the “feel” of your event.

Menu Cards

If you’re serving food, it’s standard practice to let people know what they’re eating. With food allergies and sensitivities on the rise, many people will appreciate the information.

Nametags and Place Cards

Nametags are an invaluable tool at conferences and other business functions where you expect people to interact. For not much more than the price of a pad of “Hello my name is…” stickers you can have professionally printed materials to give your guests.

Other Promotional Materials

It’s common to give promotional materials to event guests. Pens, stationery, key chains, and T-Shirts and other apparel are popular choices, although you can add some extra “punch” to your message by thinking outside the box, and creating a promotional piece that fits your theme.

Design and Printing Considerations

When planning promotional and collateral materials for a business event, the key concept is unification. You want to make sure that every piece of material that your customers and prospects see that’s associated with your event is conveying the message that you want to put across. If you don’t have access to good in-house design, outsource it!

When it comes to selecting a printer to make your promotional concepts concrete, make sure you’re dealing with an experienced, reputable company. Make sure that you give them lots of lead-time (nothing drives the cost of printing up like a rush order) and ask for proofs to approve at every step of the process.

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