Planning a Tradeshow Event? Remember These Print Tips

tradeshowTradeshow events have become one of the most intense of all types of marketing events. They are also one of the most powerful tools you have to reach a large audience. The problem with these events is that there is a great deal of competition at any one of them. And, it does not matter how many people walk through the door, you need to make an impression on each one of them to get the outcome you desire. What steps can you take to ensure your next tradeshow actually delivers? Consider these printing and material tips.

#1: Make sure your graphics and trade show displays stand out

Simple, you need to stand out. That does not mean you have to have the largest display. It does not mean you have to have the most expensive one. What you do need to do, though, is to have a display that, in some way, stands out. If you are not working with your printer to create something that is one of a kind and truly attention grabbing, you will miss out.

#2: Give something away

While many businesses do not want to spend the extra money on this type of give away, it can be a very important tool. For example, printed magnets are simple and usually inexpensive, but they get put on the refrigerator of your customer and, when there is a need, they are likely to call you to talk about it. Find a way to give something back to those who stop and talk to you. That will work for you for many months to come.

#3: Let your promotional material sing

tradeshowVery few people will actually remember who they talked to or the name of the company they interacted with on the sales floor. Rather, to make these events successful, you need to provide your readers with a solid amount of information to take with them. That means full color promotional material and even product guides. You want them to have the information they need to take action and respond when they get home, after they have thought about everything else.

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