Send Postcard Announcements with These Tips

postcardPostcard announcements are a fantastic tool to get people into your establishment or at your event. What makes postcards so effective is that they are inexpensive and they provide all of the information your reader needs right on the outside – that means they do not have to open them up to get to the information. They can see and read it right away. To achieve the best possible result from postcard announcements, though, there are a few steps individuals should take to achieve their goals.

#1: Define your Goal

What do you want your customer or postcard reader to do? The most important message to get across is the action you want these individuals to take. That may be visiting you or it may be calling you. It may even be a reminder that you are stopping buy. Be sure that the message provides a specific set of directions to guide your readers where you want them to go or to do what you want them to do.

#2: Use color and graphics

Postcards do not and often should not be basic and boring. You do not want them to get lost in the other pieces of mail that your customers get. That means it is often ideal to:

  • Use a bright color
  • Use dark lettering that helps the message stand out
  • Use photos or other graphics on the postcard to help it to grab the reader’s attention.

#3: Make it simple

moving-announcemnet-postcard-design-2Postcards do not provide an incredible amount of room, but that is okay. When you minimize all of the messages you are sending to your readers through the postcard, you get more zeroed in results. They are better able to respond to you and they know specifically what you are going to do for them. Postcard announcements specifically, whether for marketing or any other purpose, should be very specific and provide very outlined information.


You can use postcard announcements within your business marketing. You can also use it as a way to remind people of an upcoming event. To achieve the goals you have for postcard announcements, it is very important for you to work with a quality, established New York City printer. You want the highest level of results every time and to achieve that, you need an expert helping you to create, modify, and print off these announcements right away.

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