Etiquette on Wedding Invitations

Etiquette on Wedding InvitationsCreating wedding invitations is a process. There are many factors to consider even after you’ve taken the time to work out the date, time, and location of your wedding and reception. When you sit down to write out the wording for your invites, you may have to take a step back and think about the proper way to create these invitations. What should be included? And, who’s name goes first? There are several components of wedding etiquette that you should not overlook as you work to create these invitations for your special day. Work with a trusted printer in New York City to help you with this process.

Timing Matters

Etiquette on Wedding InvitationsFirst, consider when you should send your invitations. Work with your printer to ensure they can go out at least six weeks (though eight is better) before your event. This gives people plenty of time to make travel arrangements and to take time off work to attend your event. You’ll want to give your guests at least a month to respond to you and a date to hear back two weeks out from the event.

Registry Information

This can be a hot topic for some people. Should you tell people where you are registered for gifts? It is not a good idea to send out these types of notations in your wedding invitation. Shower invitations are different.

It is nearly always expected there. If your guests want to give you something other than cash, they may be better off contacting a family member for this information.

How to Invite People

Etiquette on Wedding InvitationsKeep in mind that it us up to you to decide who you should invite to your wedding. However, if you plan to host a special dinner or a very small wedding, it is important to choose your wording on invitations carefully. Do not provide an invitation to someone who will not be welcomed. And, when you are creating an event that does not include children, be sure to include that information on your invitation.


What’s more, be sure the formality of your invitation matches the formality of your event. Expect people to use the invitation as a clue into how to dress and what to expect at your event. When you work with an experienced printer in New York City, they can help you to determine what the best outcome and layout is for your event. They can even help you to address invitations properly.

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