Letter Press Invitations

Letter Press Invitations

letter press invitationsAre you ready for your big day? This is your opportunity to show the world just how powerful your love is and what value this new relationship is adding to your life. When creating memorable invitations, especially for weddings, the details really do matter. And, in many cases, the creation of letter press invitations may be the ideal solution. You can use this type of method for the lettering on any type of invitation including weddings, showers, graduations, and much, much more. It is often used with wedding invitations because it is so impressive and beautifully done. Could it be the right option for your needs?

Why Use Letter Press Invitations?

This particular type of invitation creates an instant statement. It is a form of printing that is very formal and elegant. It adds to a significant level of uniqueness and special flare to the event planning, too. And, it is not necessarily a new technique having been used well back in the mid-1440s. This really can add some charm and character to it.

This method creates deep impressions on the paper. It is often done on cotton paper as well, creating an added level of interest and depth. The main reason to invest in this type of invitation, though, is because of the quality it adds to any invite. In short, the letter press invitation will create a deep impression that adds a layer of texture to the paper. Because this paper is much thicker to allow for the deep impression, it creates a significant amount of feel to the invite. When someone opens it up and holds it, they feel the weight of the paper, the perceived higher value, and the groves of the invite.

letter press invitationThe higher cost of this type of invite is due to the material involved in it. And, it also takes a bit more skill and expertise to create this type of invitation. Letter press invitations do make an impression, though, and for that many people are interested in this style of print than any other.

If you are going to invest in letter press invitations, though, you will want to turn to a local printer with ample experience. The success of this style of invite really does come from the quality workmanship provided. Choose our local New York City printer, one of the best in the area, for your project.


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