Different Types of Printing Paper

What are the different types of printing paper? Paper is one of the supplies you need when you have an office with many employees. It can be a bit tricky for you to choose the right type of paper. Some businesses take it very seriously when buying the paper because they might have a small budget and don’t want to waste their money on buying the wrong type of paper. If you want to avoid this type of mistake, we’ve got you covered. Mentioned below are the different types of paper and their properties, including their benefits and uses.

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Coated Paper vs. Uncoated Paper

There are two main types of paper, coated and uncoated paper. Coated papers have a very sealant surface that contributes to this paper’s weight, smoothness, glossiness, and ink absorbency. Coated papers are known for their non-absorbent nature; hence, they are best for printing out pictures. You should use coated paper whenever you want to print out documents that consist of bold images.

On the other hand, the uncoated paper does not have a glossy surface. However, it does have an absorbent nature. This type of paper is very absorbent, which causes the ink to dry fast on its surface. There are many varieties of uncoated papers to choose from.

Types of Coated Paper

1.     Matte Paper

This type of paper is coated with white and has a non-glossy finishing. The white coating makes it easier for the ink to dry faster. The paper has no shine, which helps colors look natural on its surface. Matte paper is used for daily tasks, especially when you need a document right away, as the drying process is quick. You can use matte papers to print out leaflets, reports, and flyers.

2.     Gloss Paper

Gloss papers are very lightweight in nature and much cheaper compared to matte paper. The glossy texture of the paper helps absorb ink, which helps to produce high-quality images. It is preferred that you use gloss paper for printing pictures as it produces high-quality color definition. You can avail of different variations of gloss paper such as premium grade, semi-gloss, and color-life paper.

3.     Silk Paper

This type of paper has no shine to it, which means you can easily read whatever is written on it. You can use silk papers for printing out many items such as books, magazines, and catalogs. Silk papers have a very smooth finish, which contributes to the high quality of the finished content.

4.     Dull Paper

Dull papers are also low on shine but have a very smooth texture, which contributes to their high-quality definition. Dull papers are just like matte and glossy papers. However, dull papers may be pricier for you compared to a matte sheet.

Types of Uncoated Paper

1.     Laid Paper

This type of paper is manufactured with textured vertical and horizontal lines on its surface. You should use laid paper for printing out business cards, envelopes, and letterheads.

2.     Woven Paper

Woven papers are very smooth in nature and appearance, and have no textured lines.

3.     Linen Paper

Linen paper has a unique textured appearance. The surface of the paper also has textured lines, but they are finer in appearance compared to laid paper. The best use of linen paper is for business purposes.

4.     Bristol Paper

Bristol paper is very heavy and thick in nature. You can use Bristol paper to print out tickets, invitation cards, book covers, and file folders.

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Other Types of Paper

There are many other types of paper other than coated and uncoated paper:

  • Recycled Paper: If you want to work towards the benefit of the environment, then you should use recycled paper. You can use this type of paper to print official memos, documents, and reports.
  • Index Card: This type of paper is stiff and thin and comes in different sizes. This type of paper is best for printing postcards and magazine inserts.
  • Watermarked Paper: Watermarked paper is expensive. The watermark on the paper creates a specific effect on the document that makes it look unique. You can use this type of paper to print out certificates.

Paper Weight

You need to choose the right weight of the paper whenever you’re printing something big or important. The weight of the paper refers to the thickness of the paper, which you will usually measure in pounds or GSM (grams per square meter). Mentioned below are the different types of paper to elaborate on the basics of the weight of a paper:

  • Promotional posters weigh around 130GSM – 170GSM
  • Newspapers weigh around 35GSM – 55gsm
  • Business cards or any other card type material weighs around 300GSM+
  • Magazine covers weigh around 180GSM – 250GSM


It is very important to choose the right type of paper when you have to print something. Pay even more attention to these details when you are going for a big-scale printing project. Contact us at Automation Graphics to achieve the best quality prints. We deploy a variety of printing processes to give you the exact product you want.

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