High Volume Printing

What is high volume printing? If you want to achieve large-scale printing, it is important to choose the right printing process and the type of printing machine. The materials you use affect the volume of printing. There are many additional factors that you have to consider before you choose the right process, for example, your budget. This article will help you out with your decision to achieve high volume printing.



Types of Printing Process You Can Use

Mentioned below are the most frequent and efficient industrial printing processes:

1.     Offset Printing

Offset printing is used to print out a variety of products in a large number such as magazines, cards, brochures, leaflets, and stationery. Offset printing is used in the Lithography process. If you do not know, offset is basically a substance that helps transfer the image ink from the printing surface to a sheet of paper. If you need massive volumes of printing while working offset printing, then you should use rolls of paper that allow a much larger printing press. It will save you time and energy, especially if you have a high number of prints to take out.

2.     Digital Printing

There are two types of machines used in digital printing:

  • Inkjet Printer: You can use inkjet printers to print out a variety of things such as canvas, paper, floor tiles, plastic, and doors. Inkjet printers help to print out pictures by releasing small droplets of ink through the nozzles of the printer. This type of printer is very commonly used and can help you achieve high-volume printing.
  • Xerography: Xerographic printers are basically laser printers. The printout is a result of the attraction between negatively and positively charged particles near the printing drum. The drum rolls to allow the paper to pass. The particles of the ink have a negative charge on them. Underneath the paper, you have a strong positive charge. The pull of the positive charge on the negatively charged ink particles causes them to form an image on the paper.

3.     Flexography

In this type of printing process, your image is printed out on a printing plate made out of rubber. The plate is fully inked, which then helps to transfer the image onto the printing surface. You can use this process to print out materials such as paper, cellophane, metals, plastic, and many more.

4.     Gravure

Gravure is one of the best printing processes in commercial use. This method proves to be the best for high-quality printing magazines. The process engraves the image into a printing cylinder, which is inked; this ink then passes onto the paper. It is advisable to use Gravure as a printing process if you want to produce high-quality magazines, newspapers, or packaging materials.

5.     Screen printing

Screen printing is carried out on a screen, which is a woven piece of cloth. The areas of the netting are coated with non-permeable materials and have open spaces, which allow the ink to push through the screen and onto the material. You can use screen printing to print out many materials such as textiles, ceramics, glass, metal, and of course, paper. This technique helps you to achieve thick films, ensuring its good quality.

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Choosing the Right Printer

Before you choose your printing machine, there are a few things you should consider:

  • The Type of Printing Process You Want: If you want to print out a normal, plain set of documents or spreadsheets, then you should use a laser or LED printer.
  • The Size and Volume of Your Prints: If you are looking to print a small number of prints, then you should use an inkjet or laser printer. This will save you from a lot of cost of buying a large printer that you might not even use every day.
  • The Speed You Need the Printing At: It is advisable to purchase a printer that has an output speed ranging from 20ppm to 40 ppm. Anything slower than that will take too much time to complete even a small printing task.
  • The Paper Capacity of the Printer: As a standard, the number of papers a printer can hold is 150. If you need a lot of printed papers daily, then you should consider buying a printer that has a secondary tray or a model that has a higher capacity of papers.
  • The Functionality of the Printer: If you use your printer only to print out documents, then you should purchase a single-function printer. However, if you need one for your office, which all the officers will be using for scanning, faxing, photocopies, or printing, then it is best to buy a multi-purpose printer.
  • The costs of the ink and toner: To cut your costs, you must research the prices of the ink and toner. The cheaper the printer is, the more expensive are its ink or toner. So you need to carry our proper calculations.
  • From where to buy the printer: It is best if you seek help from an IT specialist before you purchase your printer from the shop. Go to recognizable brands and shops that may off additional support such as warranty and discounts.


It can be tricky to achieve high volume printing, but if you want to refrain from making any mistakes or avoid getting low-quality prints, you should get in touch with Best Printing. We can assure you that our printing services are professional, and we will maintain high-quality prints no matter the size of the task or the tightness of the deadline.

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