The Advantages of Offset Printing

Printing processes have undergone tremendous transformation over the years. You can now quickly create huge quantities of high quality prints in a short time at affordable rates.

In a competitive market, clients want you to finish printing jobs in record time. Nobody wants to wait.

Offset printing is a highly efficient method capable of generating huge quantities of prints. It is the most common method of printing employed by commercial printers because it creates quality prints at affordable rates.

Offset printing is being used these days for both commercial and personal uses. Using offset printing, you can create brochures, business cards, catalogs, flyers, calendars, and postcards.

Offset printing uses multiple cylinders and rollers. In offset printing, the paper doesn’t come in contact with the plate. The inks are ‘offset’ onto a offset printingrubber blanket which prints the images onto the paper.

High resolution images

Offset printing produces high quality prints with great detail. It is widely used in commercial printing. In offset printing, inked images on a printing plate are printed onto a rubber cylinder. These images are then transferred to paper or some other material. The use of the rubber cylinder makes this form of printing highly flexible and permits printing on a variety of materials like cloth, wood, metal, rough paper and leather.

In offset printing, the matter that you want to print is neither placed below the surface of the printing plate nor raised above it. Instead, the matter is flush with the surface of the plate.

Grease and water do not mix. This is the principle behind offset printing. Since grease does not mix with water, greasy inks can be attached to the printing areas of the plate treated with grease. Non printing areas covered by a thin film of water will reject the ink.


Offset printing is used to produce huge volumes of prints. It does not forsake quality. You can print thousands of copies in a few days and each print will maintain consistency and quality.offset printing

Offset printing comes with several advantages. Give it a try to have a better idea of the quality it provides. When you use offset printing, you can rest assured that the prints will turn out the way you expect them to be.

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