Rewards Cards: Tips and Tricks to Getting Results

rewardsCould a rewards program be just what your business needs to get clients in the door more frequently? Rewards programs are very common and they work. You can tell how effective they are simply by taking a closer look at how many companies are using them.

There’s no doubt that people want to be given something at a lower cost or even for free, but to make the most out of these offers, you really do need to create an effective and somewhat lucrative opportunity.

Determine What You Can Offer

Do you want to give your clients something for free? For example, some reward card offers allow for a simply hole punch for each visit. At the time when the card is filled, the individual earns something for free. Or, do you want to give them the ability to get a discount all of the time? For example, many retailers offer members of their program a slightly lower price on some commonly purchased products. Define what you want to offer through your program as the first step.

Create Cards

Work closely with your local printer to create the reward cards themselves. Choose a material that is durable and will last for some time. You want them to see the value of these cards and keep them in their wallet for use later. And, you also want to ensure that the reward card is going to remain effective as long as possible.

Build Communications

rewardsWith your reward card in place, remember that this is giving you the opportunity to connect with your clients. Send them a flyer every few weeks or a piece of direct mail that offers something special. Use their address to create a program of special announcements or a sales flyer.

The key here is to make the most out of the information you are being given and then turning around and communicating with those customers about what you can do for them.

A rewards program can be highly effective. It allows for your customers to get to know you and what you have to offer. At the same time, the rewards card keeps your name and service right in the wallet of your customer, reminding them every time they open it up, that you are available to help them. Work closely with the best printer in New York City to create your card.

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