Client Retention Ideas

Getting a client to call you and work with you on their first need is an excellent feeling. You know you are doing something very valuable for them. But, what happens when the project is complete or they’ve made that purchase? Then what? While you may keep advertising for new customers and clients, you also need to focus some of your attention on retaining these exciting customers. These are people that already know you can achieve their goals and solve their problems. But, how do you get them back in the door for additional service.

Send Them Some Mail

retentionIf you have their mailing address, there is no reason not to send them a direct mailer. There are various ways and reasons to do this:

  • You can thank them for working with you, opening the door for additional opportunities to come back.
  • You can send them a special offer since they’ve come to you and worked with you.
  • You can provide them with updates and changes to your business or the services that you offer.

There are plenty of reasons to contact them and with direct mail, it is very easy to do this. Work with a local NYC printer to deliver the best possible product to them.

Create a Rewards Program

If your business is the type of location that can provide a service to a customer over and over again, such as making a food purchase or getting their laundry cleaned, then offer a reward program. This means that, after so many services, they get something for free. A simple card with a hole punch can provide this type of outcome for you. You are keeping your name in their wallet and that will create the results you want.

Send Them Updates

rententionCreate an impactful newsletter, one that offers outstanding information, graphics, and color photos. This is something you may want to do before the season gets underway. For example, a landscaper may wish to send a product newsletter before the start of spring. This puts your product in their hand so they can make a buying decision up close. They are going to hold this in their hands for some time and call on you when they need it.
Client retention means bringing people back. It is essential that you work closely with the best printer in New York City to create this type of relationship with your client.

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