Spot UV Gloss Treatment

UV glossHave you heard of spot UV gloss treatment? What is this type of printing method? If you have not heard of it, now is the time to learn how it can help you and your business. The goal of this and other specialized printing methods is simple. You want your item to stand out. To create this type of visibility and high impact, you can consider the popular option of spot UV printing. Though not truly a type of printing, it does provide an outstanding way for you to create an impressive finished product.

What Is UV Gloss Treatment?

The technique is not very complex but it does involve the coating on printed materials. The process uses UV light to cure a special type of varnish that your printer adds to the printed material, which can be anything from traditional paper to cardstock. The varnish can be applied to any coloring, including white but it is often applied to color printed paper products. By applying this product, it works to seal I the color. It also adds a bit of shine to the product, allowing it to stand out or glimmer a bit in the light. And, the process also protects the printed surface underneath the application from damage including moisture, allowing the product to last longer.

Why Use It?

There are various reasons to use spot UV gloss treatment on your marketing materials or really any other material you need to keep in good condition for the long term. This method offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Improving the overall look of the piece, creating a higher value image to the person holding it.
  • It adds durability to the printed material allowing them to last longer even with ongoing wear and tear.
  • Add some perceived added value to the piece. When your user is holding it, it seems to be heavier and more valuable overall, therefore encouraging users to maintain the item longer.

UV GlossTake a few minutes to consider the use of spot UV gloss treatment. Where can this application help you in your marketing materials or in creating longer lasting and more impressive looking finished products? If you are unsure if this process will work for you or how it can add value, turn to your local printer to find out how the process can help you. Whether the whole paper is treated or just a section and no matter if it is letter sized or just a business card, this method can be highly effective and our NYC printer can help you.

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