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With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

We are also able to meet any requirement for long run offset printing. We can print large quantities of anything, annual reports, catalogs, posters, mailings, postcards, booklets, and any other type of mass printed materials. No job is too big. We will deliver your job on time and for an affordable price. It’s no wonder we have been printing for large corporations and investment banks for over 50 years.

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Why Print Quality Is Not the Only Factor in Business Orders

Business printing When looking for the right partner for a business print order, many people obsess endlessly over the idea of getting the best printing quality, paying little to no attention to other features. That can quickly lead to disaster if you’re not careful though – there is much more to a good printing job than the raw quality of the final output, and you have to learn to recognize the good potential partners on the market, and weed out the bad ones. Here are some extra features you might want to consider in your search, which can have a strong impact on the final result.

Turnaround Time

Business printing This one might seem obvious, but sometimes people are willing to make sacrifices if it means getting a better deal, and unfortunately, the speed of delivery is one of the first things to get compromised in these cases. You might not think that it matters too much if you get the order a day or two late, but this can quickly stack up over a short period of time, putting you in a disastrous situation where all your promotional campaigns are falling behind schedule due to no fault of your own.

Bulk Discounts

If you are planning to place lots of orders in the foreseeable future and you’d like to make sure that you keep getting a good deal on all of them, you should discuss potential bulk discounts with the company before starting to work with them. Give them a rough estimate of how much you’re going to order and discuss some potential prices for a volume like that. Don’t be afraid to haggle if you know you’re about to send a lot of business towards that company, they are certainly going to appreciate the prospect of a reliable, steady client, and might be willing to back down on their prices a little bit.

Paper Quality

Business printing Another feature that sometimes gets overlooked, you should pay attention to the kind of paper your materials are about to get printed on. Some printing companies will make it seem like you have no choice in this regard, when that’s quite far from the truth.

If you don’t want to find yourself stuck and confused trying to figure out which company to work with, just give us a call and we’ll sort things out for you. Working with the best printer in NYC can make all the difference in your projects.


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Creating Flyers That Actually Get the Job Done

Creating flyers If you’ve run a few promotional campaigns based on flyers and have been consistently disappointed, there might be several reasons for your failure. It’s not necessarily a question of bad design, it could also be related to the quality of the printing itself, the way you’re distributing the flyers, and more. But if you’re concerned with the core design of the flyer, there are some common guidelines that can help you get the job done right.

Rectangles Aren’t Everything

While it can be a bit annoying to cut out your flyers into special shapes, sometimes it can make all the difference in the success of your campaign, and it’s an idea you should definitely not ignore. Sometimes it might even be possible to get the flyers pre-cut in a specific shape, so talk to your printing partner to find out what your options are. Even if you have to do it yourself, though, it can often be a very rewarding extra touch to your design.

A Flyer Is Not a Minimized Poster

Creating flyers It’s not rare to see people trying to approach the design of a flyer the same way they would that of a poster, and that’s a common mistake that often leads to terrible results. There are many reasons why this doesn’t work, from the general layout, to small details like font sizes and shapes. Don’t just shrink your successful poster designs down into flyers and hope for the best – if you want good results, you should start from scratch and come up with something that’s designed to go on a flyer in the first place.

Testing Several Designs

Creating flyers If you can afford it, comparing the success of different designs can be a very good idea that can quickly help you identify the successful ones and weed out problematic features. The most important point to consider here is that you should have a good system set up to track the performance of each flyer against all the others, and have some way to analyze that data.

The final step in making sure that your flyer won’t end up in a trash bin is to get it printed by someone you know you can count on. That’s where we come in – just give the best NYC printer a call and we’ll take you through the whole process from start to finish. All you have to worry about is coming up with a proper design that works.

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Creative Ideas for Poster Designs Don’t Have to Be Difficult to Come Up With

Designing a catchy posterWhen it comes to designing a catchy poster, it seems like even some experienced designers find themselves blocked and unable to come up with anything worthwhile. What is it about posters that brings out this anxiety in people, and how should one approach such a design task if they find themselves faced with one?

One of the biggest perceived challenges is often related to making good use of all available space. A poster offers a large area to work with, and you have to make sure that it’s utilized properly. However, as we’ll find out below, this doesn’t mean filling up every single square inch with artwork.

Guide the Viewer’s Attention

Designing a catchy posterA technique commonly used in photography involves the creation of an invisible, subtle “path” that will guide the eyes of the person looking at the photograph. This can work very well for the design of a poster as well, and it can actually be a very powerful technique in this context when used right. If you have some intricate knowledge of color theory and similar topics, you can easily make sure that your audience will follow a very precisely defined path.

Make Proper Use of Negative Space

As we said above, you don’t necessarily have to fill every part of the poster with content. In fact, leaving wide open spaces can be a very powerful technique with a great impact on the perception of the final image, but it has to be done with caution and knowledge. It’s very easy to mess things up and create the wrong impression when trying to rely on negative space in your design, so if you’re not feeling too confident with that, you should definitely leave that part of the job to a professional designer.

Pick the Right Fonts

Designing a catchy posterA mistake that commonly gets overlooked, the wrong choice of fonts can have a disastrous effect on the overall perception your poster creates. Not only among people knowledgeable in design, but all viewers in general. Make sure that you coordinate these decisions with someone who understands this field and knows which fonts work well and which ones don’t.

And once you’ve secured a good design, you of course have to make sure that you can get it printed properly and without any complications. That’s where a reliable printing partner comes in, and if you don’t know where to turn for such services, get in touch with us, the best NYC printer, and we’ll show you the way.

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Designers and Printers: They Both Matter

Designers and PrintersWhen trying to launch a successful marketing campaign that relies on printed promotional materials, finding a good partner to handle the actual printing is critical. However, many people underestimate the importance of having a good design in the first place, and believe that this can be settled at a later point. The reality is that you need to sort out this part of the campaign as early as possible, as it’s going to dictate the way things run to a large extent.

A Good Designer May Need Time to Perfect Your Campaign

While a low-grade designer will do their best to complete the job in as few steps as possible, a professional should recognize the importance of iterating over and over again until you’re truly happy with their proposal. This makes it important to hire your designer as early as possible so that they will have enough time to sort everything out. Otherwise, you might be forced to use an intermediate design that’s not as good as what it could have been.

Mistakes in Design Can Leave a Lasting Negative Impression

Designers and Printers

A bad printing job will be noticed and it will turn some people away, but it’s not the end of the world. However, a mistake in your actual design can be catastrophic, and if it’s bad enough you might eventually find yourself on a humorous website, and not in the good way either. While nobody is perfect and no designer on the market can guarantee a mistake-free job, hiring an experienced professional will at least give you some extra degree of reassurance that they know what they are doing. Plus, when using the Internet to find the right person for the job, you can benefit from looking up reviews and comments about the person.

Experienced Designers Can Direct You to Reliable Printers

Designers and PrintersFinding a good printing partner can be just as hard as finding the right designer for the job, and if you’re not sure where to look, a good designer should have some connections available that can help you get started. Of course, you should do your best to research the market on your own as well, and look up some companies in your area.
If you want to be sure that the job will get done properly and you will be confident coming back for more orders, let us show you how the best printer in NYC works and what a difference working with us can make!


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How to Get a Good Deal on a Bulk Print Job

Bulk Print JobIf you’re planning a large-scale promotional campaign that’s going to rely on a lot of printing, you should plan your expenses in advance and ensure that you’ve got the funding necessary to move forward. It’s usually not very difficult to get a great deal on a larger number of items, but you should approach the market with caution and have a good idea of what you want to get in the first place. Knowing which company to work with is just as important, but thankfully, it’s not that hard to ensure that this condition is met these days.

Know Your Order Size in Advance

Bulk Print JobThis might sound like a point that doesn’t even need clarifying , but it’s something that gets forgotten surprisingly often. If you don’t know how much you need to print in advance, this can make the project significantly costlier for you. Whether you end up with insufficient materials and need to place another order, or you purchase too many, you’ll waste some money in both cases and this can burn through your budget faster than you realize.

Scout the Market for Some Time if Your Plan Allows for It

If your campaign is not time-critical and you have a few weeks to comfortably look around for a good deal, this can significantly boost your chances of finding something that works well for your needs. Be on the lookout for discounts and coupons for companies in your local area, and don’t be afraid to call around to find out who can give you the best deal for a specific volume. Don’t rush the order, and if you can postpone the final purchase for some time, that can usually put you in a better bargaining position.

Consider Alternative Printing Settings

Bulk Print Job

You don’t always need to print your materials at the highest quality settings, or even in full color – talk to the printing company to see what adjustments can be made to the order that could potentially reduce your final price. Of course, there is a reasonable limit to that, so make sure that you get a good preview of how the final product is going to look so there are no surprises.
If you want to ensure that you’ll partner up with someone who truly understands their line of work and can give you the best deal for your set of requirements, give the best printer in NYC a call and we’ll work something out in no time.


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Classic Promotional Tactics That Still Work

Promotional TacticsAs more and more people are actively using the Internet in their daily lives, many companies have shifted their marketing focus to that area, largely forgetting about the physical mediums that established the marketing industry in the first place. And while that makes sense in some cases, it’s often not a very optimal approach in the long run. Many businesses can still benefit from traditional promotional channels, especially those that rely on specific customer segments as their main source of revenue.


Many people still love to cut out paper vouchers and tuck them away in their wallets, even though pretty much every major store has their own app for this purpose now. There’s a reason so many of them still invest in paper promotion at the same time, and you shouldn’t ignore the great opportunity for new contacts that a few well-placed vouchers can create. As long as you calculate your deals carefully and aren’t too annoying with the way you’re spreading your materials, this can be a fantastic way to boost your current market presence.

Promotional Mail

Promotional TacticsYou probably throw away most promotional letters you get by default, but every once in a while, something sticks out. Be it a flashy envelope or an unusual promotion, there are certainly ways to entice a potential customer to open your promotional letter and take a look inside. This tactic is still heavily used by thousands of companies across the globe, and it’s not likely that it will die down in popularity anytime soon. In fact, there are some indications that its use is on the rise in some areas.


Promotional TacticsA good flyer is always a solid trick that you should have up your sleeve, and if you have a couple of experienced designers under your roof, attracting customers is a piece of cake. You will just have to make sure that the quality of the printing itself is good enough to replicate the original designs as closely as possible, as a small mistake can make a huge impact on the final impression you leave on your contacts. In the end, this can waste a lot of your budget.

As long as you know who you’re working with, though, this should never be a problem. That’s why you should contact the best printing company in NYC and let us handle the rest – all you’ll have to do is focus on making sure that your designs are catchy enough!


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Why Business Printing Is Not Something You Should Do Yourself

Business PrintingAccess to advanced technology is not as restricted as it was some time ago, and people can easily do various tasks in the comfort of their own homes without having to contract a professional’s services. And while areas like 3D printing are becoming more and more developed in this regard, this can create the impression that all types of printing can be replaced with DIY substitutes. That’s quite wrong though, especially when one looks at a specific example like business printing. If you have a bulk order that will eventually end up in potential customers’ hands, trying to do it yourself can quickly lead to disaster.

A Small Mistake Can Cost You a Lot

Business PrintingProfessional printers know how to do their job and what kinds of things could potentially go wrong in a large order, and they are prepared to eat any additional costs that arise from human error. On the other hand, a small misalignment on your end can leave you with a whole batch that’s completely unusable, costing you a lot of money, not to mention nerves.

It Might Actually End Up More Expensive

Business PrintingOn top of what we described above, even if you get everything perfect and the first run produces a perfect batch, you might still end up paying significantly more than you would with a professional printing service. The reason is that large printing presses are designed to handle large volumes of repeating patterns, unlike your home/office printer. Be prepared to pay for a lot of ink if you want to get the job done at a matching quality level, or to purchase an expensive laser printer. Plus, you’ll need some extra space for the whole job, unless you want to spend a lot of time shifting boxes around and doing a lot of manual work.

You Can Focus on the Rest of the Project

A great reason to use professional services of any kind for jobs that tend to take more than an hour or two is that your time as an entrepreneur is valuable, and it’s often better spent coordinating the project and sorting out more critical details. By leaving things in the hands of professionals, that’s one less worry on your shoulders, and one more thing that you’ll know will get done exactly according to specifications.

Give us a call and find out how working with the best printer in NYC can change your projects completely.


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How to Select the Right Print Shop?

Print ShopsChoosing the right printing service is critical for any business, especially when you have a lot of marketing collateral that needs to be printed out throughout the year. You want to make sure you are working with someone who best fits your needs in terms of knowledge, quality and output. When confronted with a myriad of potential suppliers, how do you pick the right one? Take a look at the following steps that should be taken to establish a healthy, long-term relationship with the print shop of your choice.

Review their portfolio

Take out time to see the work of your proposed print shop. Thoroughly go through their complete portfolio so that you can assess the level of quality and the kind of service you will be dealing with in the future. Take a look at the fliers and brochures, posters and banners and any other marketing materials they have produced.

Meet the team in person

print shopYou want to feel certain that your printer shop (and the team involved) offers all the latest information regarding how your business can benefit from the most high-quality and cost-efficient printing. The printing staff should be able to guide you on the right materials to achieve the results you want. Make sure your proposed printer keeps up with the latest technology since printing has gone through many changes.

See if they meet deadlines

Find out if the printing shop of your choice can meet your deadlines and budget. You need to feel confident that the company has the correct equipment and the team is capable of understanding and acting on your needs at a price that is affordable.

Other services

At the end of the day, you may require someone who offers more than just a printing service. A lot of printers offer valuable services like graphic design, direct mail, digital and web solutions – all of which your business might need in the near future. Go through the services offered by the printing shop of your choice as you could end up economizing your money, saving time using just one company.

References and testimonials

If you are serious about building up a partnership with your printer then inquire about some of the names of their clients who will be happy to answer your questions if you contacted them personally. If you are going to be using someone’s services frequently then you want to know if they can deliver exactly what you expect of them.

Take into account their experience

A customer should always investigate the printing company’s length of time in business since longevity indicates reliability and experience. The longer the company has been in business, the better.

If what you are looking for is quality, diversity and affordable rates, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best printer in NYC!

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Why High-Quality Printing Is Necessary For Business Documents

Why High-Quality Printing is necessary for Business DocumentsThe content of the business document is highly significant, but so is its appearance. The components that fashion business documents are responsible for creating the right image of your company. High-quality equals high professionalism.

The quality of a business document associated with your company will convey your standards of quality. Topnotch printing can have a serious impact on your potential customers; by making the right first impression.

Print quality is therefore imperative in any business for both internal and external documents. Contracts and negotiations that require signatures or detail the features of any product should be clear and aesthetically pleasing. Beautifully designed prints are sure to catch the eye of the potential audience.

The reputation of the business is often attached to the materials they use in their negotiations and meetings. How well you treat your potential and existing clients, counts. A well-reputed business will opt for better products and services. Keeping the aesthetic and readability factors in mind, the choice for high-quality printing should be made.

Here are a few details that should be considered when using printed business documents.

1.    Paper

The quality of the paper that you use in your business document is very important. Business cards and such are the points of interaction between your customer and your quality standards. Using sturdy paper for business cards is necessary. There are many varieties that you can choose from such as the matte and the glossy stock.

Depending on your type of business you can opt for a more glossier or matte look. Use a print that will immediately have the desired effect on your potential clients or partners.

2.    Clarity

Why High-Quality Printing is necessary for Business Documents

Dealing with business and monetary negotiations is sensitive to the well-being of the business. Use the right font, paper texture, graphics and such, which will deliver your message clearly and without confusions.

Make sure the print is readable and can easily be understood. Use brighter, high-quality and eye-catching colours for the “call for action” narratives.

3.    Uniqueness

A well-designed and eye-catching flyer, business letter or business card will help attract more customers. Quality products are easily distinguishable from a sea of similar products. A good business card design and print implies that your company values quality and is willing to invest in it.

A colourfully impactful print is sure to stand-out and increases the chancing of attracting the customers.

4.    Accuracy and detail

Divulging valuable business-related information can become a tedious task. A well-detailed print makes it easier for the company to get its point across. Choosing the right dots per inch of the page, the correct combination of CMYK (colours), format and Pantone colours will produce a quality result.

Business documents that are part of negotiations such as contracts, tenders and such should reveal your standard of quality and emphasize the attention to detail.

Bottom Line

Why High-Quality Printing is necessary for Business DocumentsStreamlined printing is a valuable asset in today’s corporate environment. To leave a mark and have a solid impact – quality is the most effective tool.

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Why Outsourcing Your Printing Needs to a Print Shop is a Good Idea

Whether you have large scale business or a small firm, you must have printing needs. Sometimes you overlook the fact that fulfilling these needs on your own is costly, time-consuming, and stressful. And there may have been times when you were late with your prints. However, to save your resources, it is a wise decision to outsource all your printing requirements to a professional that can deliver on time and with the quality you are looking for. In light of this, mentioned below are some very important reasons why you must outsource your printing endeavors:

1.     A Print Shop Saves Time

One of the best reasons for outsourcing everything is that it will save you time and a lot of money in the long run. Partnering with printing companies and outsourcing work in bulk can lead to a good relationship between you and the printing business. Plus, it is also important to understand large-scale and reputable companies incorporate the use of state of the art technologies and resources to help churn out the best possible results, on time, never compromising on quality.

2.     A Print Shop Can Save Money

When you hand over all your printing jobs to a professional printing shop, your cost of buying equipment becomes zero. Even the standard budget printing machines are expensive and they need maintenance time after time. A professional printing shop has machines that are thousand times better than your standard office printer. You don’t have to worry about buying an endless supply of cartridges, papers, labels, toners and other expensive printing materials. You only pay to print shop for the job you want.

This can save so much of your cash in the long run. Printing shop also saves your money by making you free of hiring separate individuals for printing jobs. Your employees would not have to spend endless hours on printing, which results in the reduction of efficiency, which in turn reduces your business productivity.

3.     A Print Shop Assures Quality

Unlike most organizations, quality printing shops do not have standard printers. They have a different range of printers that produce a plethora of different qualities such as glossy, matte and others. Print shop guarantees a print to be vibrant, sharp and with the proper level of black and white balance, every print speaks for itself. By outsourcing your printing needs you also don’t have to worry about the finishing as all your prints will be properly binded, perforated, stapled and trimmed.

4.     A Print Shop Does Everything Professionally

Why Outsourcing Your Printing Needs to a Print Shop is a Good Idea Have you ever wondered whenever you print an image, the outcome is blurry, unevenly scaled and distorted. This is because when you print an image, you are not aware of black and white channels, PPI and DPI, and other printing factors and resolutions that need to be considered. A professional printing shop never prints an image without properly setting the images for printing; it’s the best idea to let the professionals do their job. Plus, they have the knowledge and are trained to make your mundane images into wonderful photos.

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