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Creating a Product Catalog: Tips for Success

Creating a Product Catalog: Tips for SuccessToday, many companies think that a printed catalog does not make sense. That may be anything but true. When it comes to creating a catalog that is right for your company and needs, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your customers always have access to the very best finished product. What’s most important is to work with a trusted and experienced printing company in New York City that can create the visually stunning, useful, and reactive catalog your company needs. No matter if you are in the clothing business or selling parts to wholesalers, the details matter.

Tips for Success

Creating a Product Catalog: Tips for SuccessWhen creating a product catalog, think like the customer. The person buying the product from you needs to be able to easily find what they need. They need to see images in many cases. And, they need to have all of the information necessary to make a buying decision in one space. A well-designed product catalog can give this to them. When it comes to creating your own, here are a few things to keep in mind.

    • Avoid the technical speak. Get rid of any type of industry jargon. Ultimately, you’ll want to make sure the reader (who may not have a lot of experience with the actual product details) can understand what you are saying.
    • Organize it in a sensible way for the product you are selling. This may mean organizing it by product type, by product manufacturer, or just in alphabetical order. Determine what is going to be the most useful type of organization for your reader.
    • Make sure you invest wisely in visuals. That means spending some time adding graphics and photos to each of the pages you create. Even in technical manuals, this is what will help to keep people turning pages in the catalog to find more of what they need.
    • Provide directional signs and instructions to your readers. For example, they may need to find and buy part A. However, within the context, you may want to recommend part B to your reader. This can increase sales.
    • Create a professional layout. Don’t miss the mark here. Instead, focus on a quality layout that is professionally created. It makes a statement about your business.

Creating a Product Catalog: Tips for SuccessBy investing wisely in the right type of product catalog, you’ll get the results you want. If you work with a top-rated printing company in NYC, you can achieve this goal.

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How to Create a Custom Brochure for Your Marketing Plan

brochureBrochures are designed to provide a very specific message to your customer. When creating a brochure for your company’s next marketing effort, take a step back and consider what you wish to include. What is the message you want your customers to walk away with? It takes a few minutes to come up with this plan – but creating a brochure without a plan will create a situation in which your customers receive a jumbled message and fail to take action. When you work with one of the best printers in New York City, you’ll be able to achieve far more with your plan.

Communicate One Message

Brochures must provide a very specific message. Do not clutter it with numerous messages. For example, if you’re a construction company, create a brochure specifically for roofing projects. Create another brochure for your siding business. The key here is to allow the brochure to fully communicate your single message to the potential client to lure them in. Everyone wants to work with a specialized provider. Having numerous custom brochures makes sense.

Make It Personal

It is also important for companies to ensure their brochure isn’t a basic, formatted product. It needs to actually be personalized to your business.

  • Be sure to talks about your business’s experience and local licensing.brochure
  • Include photos of projects your company completed not stock images.
  • Be sure to use company or contractor names and provide specific guarantees and messages.

When you do this, you ensure your customers can truly embrace working with you. They get to know your company, not just someone selling a product or service.

Invest in Quality

A well-designed brochure can be used for many years. The key is to invest in the process from the beginning. Choose a fantastic template. Work with a customized printer who can help you to create a stellar looking finished product. Invest in higher quality paper and good images. By doing this, you’ll feel proud every time you hand out one of these brochures to a prospective client.

When creating a marketing plan for your business, you know it is important to give your customers something tangible to hang onto so that they remember to work with you and come back to you. A custom brochure can make that possible. The good news is that when you work with the best printer in New York City, you’ll get these types of results.

Using a Print Shop for Direct Mailers for Your New Campaign

printAs a small to medium business, every dollar matters to your company. When it comes to creating a marketing plan and campaign, it is very important to invest your budget wisely with a goal of being able to get a significant return on your investment. That is not always easy to do when you consider the many ways and types of marketing available to you. For many businesses where their customers are local, it helps to use a direct mailer campaign. But, it is just as important to turn to a qualified company who can help you to excel with those mailers.

How to Utilize Your Best Printer

A direct mailer campaign is one that is designed to provide a very straightforward advertisement to your local audience and customers. It is generally sent to customers that have bought from you previously or those who are in the most likely proximity to your location to buy from you. Targeting the right people is important, but it is also essential that you work closely with your local print shop to ensure the best possible outcome. These tips can help you to get the most out of this relationship as possible:

Communicate your specific goal with your print company if they are going to design your direct mailers for you. That means ensuring they know what you want your customers to do – come in, call you, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase. Be sure the theme is specific.

Talk about what’s going to stand out. When your ideal customer takes this mailer out of the mailbox, what is going to make him or her actually react to it? Colors, graphics, and details are important.

Discuss the materials closely. You may not need to pay for high end, glossy photos. The key here is to discuss the specifics relate to your marketing campaign. If this is a campaign that matters significantly to your company invest in the highest quality of materials possible.

When it comes to creating a direct mailing campaign, work with the best print shop in New York City and ensure that you have the best possible plan in place before the printers start working. To achieve this, you’ll need to be able to count on your printer to help you every step of the way from the creation to the actual mailing.

Planning a Tradeshow Event? Remember These Print Tips

tradeshowTradeshow events have become one of the most intense of all types of marketing events. They are also one of the most powerful tools you have to reach a large audience. The problem with these events is that there is a great deal of competition at any one of them. And, it does not matter how many people walk through the door, you need to make an impression on each one of them to get the outcome you desire. What steps can you take to ensure your next tradeshow actually delivers? Consider these printing and material tips.

#1: Make sure your graphics and trade show displays stand out

Simple, you need to stand out. That does not mean you have to have the largest display. It does not mean you have to have the most expensive one. What you do need to do, though, is to have a display that, in some way, stands out. If you are not working with your printer to create something that is one of a kind and truly attention grabbing, you will miss out.

#2: Give something away

While many businesses do not want to spend the extra money on this type of give away, it can be a very important tool. For example, printed magnets are simple and usually inexpensive, but they get put on the refrigerator of your customer and, when there is a need, they are likely to call you to talk about it. Find a way to give something back to those who stop and talk to you. That will work for you for many months to come.

#3: Let your promotional material sing

tradeshowVery few people will actually remember who they talked to or the name of the company they interacted with on the sales floor. Rather, to make these events successful, you need to provide your readers with a solid amount of information to take with them. That means full color promotional material and even product guides. You want them to have the information they need to take action and respond when they get home, after they have thought about everything else.

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Creating Custom Signage for Your Business

Custom Signage for Your BusinessAs a business, one of the biggest challenges you face is standing out from the competition. There are many ways you can do this including in the quality and type of service you offer, the overall experience your customer has or even your pricing. However, one way that you can always stand out is with your signage. Depending on the type of business you have, you may want to choose custom signage that helps to provide the right message at the right time.

How Frequently Do You Need Something New?

When it comes to creating exterior signage, choose hard, in-place signs whenever you are going to have the same image all of the time. For example, the name on the front of your building may be an important logo or name. You may not need to change that often. However, you can use exterior signage to communicate specials, important information, specific dates, or much more. When your message is changing or likely to change often, choose exterior signage.

Remember to Stand Out

When creating signage for your business, keep these tips in mind:

  • Custom Signage for Your BusinessUse lettering that can easily be seen from the street or from the traffic pattern that your customers take. You do not need something that is too large, but you also do not want to choose a sign that offers little detailing that’s hard to see.
  • Keep your message straight to the point and simple. These exterior signs are not the place for things like details. You want to use this signage to provide a very specific goal to your reader. What do you want them to do? Tell them now.
  • Use color. Use graphics. To stand out, you’ll want to ensure that your signage really does have something interesting to offer. The statement you make here is important, but so is the color, style of lettering, and even the location you place it in.

In addition to these factors, you also want to choose signage that really does last. Quality matters. If you purchase inexpensive products and the signs are damaged within a few days, that looks bad to your customers. And, you may need a specific size, shape, or style that fits your location. Do not overlook the value of creating a custom sign that really does fit your business.

Work with an area expert printer to ensure you get the details just right.

Give our NYC printer a call today at 646-205-3037.

How to Craft Wedding Invitations

wedding invitationsWhen it comes time to creating a wedding invitation, you may have a variety of things to consider. There are dozens of styles, numerous formatting options, and various details you need to communicate. How can you pull all of this together to create an effective and yet memorable message? Often times, it is very easy for people to get overwhelmed in the process of creating wedding invitations. However, with the help of an area printer who specializes in them, and with the support of a few examples, you can create the image you desire. These tips will help you.

Look for Examples

One of the best ways to get started is not necessarily to create your own invite, but to sit down and look at a variety of options available to you. Sometimes, your printer will have a variety of products on hand that can give you an idea of your options. For example, you can feel the different paper weights to learn which one feels right to you. Then, you can consider various lettering options to create a memorable event. And, you can also choose based on the design and details. Seeing examples is not necessarily the solution. Many people will take various components of invitations and meld them together to create their own incredible finished product.

Keep it Simple

wedding invitationsIt is a mistake to overload your wedding invitation with too many graphics, too much wording, or too much print. Instead, look for something that is simple and yet sophisticated. And, it is very important to match the tone and feel of your wedding invites to how formal your wedding will be. If you plan to have a very elegant ceremony, you’ll want to ensure your wedding invitation has a high value to it. This helps to set the tone for the entire experience.

But, how can you pull it off?

The best first step is to talk to your local printer. Work with them to consider a variety of options. Ask for a few mockup options to be printed so that you can see them. If you need help with wording, remember to turn to your printer for help here, too. At the same time, you’ll appreciate being able to get ideas from a professional who knows the vast number of options available. Give us a call or stop by to see the best printer in New York City.

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Send Postcard Announcements with These Tips

postcardPostcard announcements are a fantastic tool to get people into your establishment or at your event. What makes postcards so effective is that they are inexpensive and they provide all of the information your reader needs right on the outside – that means they do not have to open them up to get to the information. They can see and read it right away. To achieve the best possible result from postcard announcements, though, there are a few steps individuals should take to achieve their goals.

#1: Define your Goal

What do you want your customer or postcard reader to do? The most important message to get across is the action you want these individuals to take. That may be visiting you or it may be calling you. It may even be a reminder that you are stopping buy. Be sure that the message provides a specific set of directions to guide your readers where you want them to go or to do what you want them to do.

#2: Use color and graphics

Postcards do not and often should not be basic and boring. You do not want them to get lost in the other pieces of mail that your customers get. That means it is often ideal to:

  • Use a bright color
  • Use dark lettering that helps the message stand out
  • Use photos or other graphics on the postcard to help it to grab the reader’s attention.

#3: Make it simple

moving-announcemnet-postcard-design-2Postcards do not provide an incredible amount of room, but that is okay. When you minimize all of the messages you are sending to your readers through the postcard, you get more zeroed in results. They are better able to respond to you and they know specifically what you are going to do for them. Postcard announcements specifically, whether for marketing or any other purpose, should be very specific and provide very outlined information.


You can use postcard announcements within your business marketing. You can also use it as a way to remind people of an upcoming event. To achieve the goals you have for postcard announcements, it is very important for you to work with a quality, established New York City printer. You want the highest level of results every time and to achieve that, you need an expert helping you to create, modify, and print off these announcements right away.

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Letter Press Invitations

Letter Press Invitations

letter press invitationsAre you ready for your big day? This is your opportunity to show the world just how powerful your love is and what value this new relationship is adding to your life. When creating memorable invitations, especially for weddings, the details really do matter. And, in many cases, the creation of letter press invitations may be the ideal solution. You can use this type of method for the lettering on any type of invitation including weddings, showers, graduations, and much, much more. It is often used with wedding invitations because it is so impressive and beautifully done. Could it be the right option for your needs?

Why Use Letter Press Invitations?

This particular type of invitation creates an instant statement. It is a form of printing that is very formal and elegant. It adds to a significant level of uniqueness and special flare to the event planning, too. And, it is not necessarily a new technique having been used well back in the mid-1440s. This really can add some charm and character to it.

This method creates deep impressions on the paper. It is often done on cotton paper as well, creating an added level of interest and depth. The main reason to invest in this type of invitation, though, is because of the quality it adds to any invite. In short, the letter press invitation will create a deep impression that adds a layer of texture to the paper. Because this paper is much thicker to allow for the deep impression, it creates a significant amount of feel to the invite. When someone opens it up and holds it, they feel the weight of the paper, the perceived higher value, and the groves of the invite.

letter press invitationThe higher cost of this type of invite is due to the material involved in it. And, it also takes a bit more skill and expertise to create this type of invitation. Letter press invitations do make an impression, though, and for that many people are interested in this style of print than any other.

If you are going to invest in letter press invitations, though, you will want to turn to a local printer with ample experience. The success of this style of invite really does come from the quality workmanship provided. Choose our local New York City printer, one of the best in the area, for your project.


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Spot UV Gloss Treatment

UV glossHave you heard of spot UV gloss treatment? What is this type of printing method? If you have not heard of it, now is the time to learn how it can help you and your business. The goal of this and other specialized printing methods is simple. You want your item to stand out. To create this type of visibility and high impact, you can consider the popular option of spot UV printing. Though not truly a type of printing, it does provide an outstanding way for you to create an impressive finished product.

What Is UV Gloss Treatment?

The technique is not very complex but it does involve the coating on printed materials. The process uses UV light to cure a special type of varnish that your printer adds to the printed material, which can be anything from traditional paper to cardstock. The varnish can be applied to any coloring, including white but it is often applied to color printed paper products. By applying this product, it works to seal I the color. It also adds a bit of shine to the product, allowing it to stand out or glimmer a bit in the light. And, the process also protects the printed surface underneath the application from damage including moisture, allowing the product to last longer.

Why Use It?

There are various reasons to use spot UV gloss treatment on your marketing materials or really any other material you need to keep in good condition for the long term. This method offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Improving the overall look of the piece, creating a higher value image to the person holding it.
  • It adds durability to the printed material allowing them to last longer even with ongoing wear and tear.
  • Add some perceived added value to the piece. When your user is holding it, it seems to be heavier and more valuable overall, therefore encouraging users to maintain the item longer.

UV GlossTake a few minutes to consider the use of spot UV gloss treatment. Where can this application help you in your marketing materials or in creating longer lasting and more impressive looking finished products? If you are unsure if this process will work for you or how it can add value, turn to your local printer to find out how the process can help you. Whether the whole paper is treated or just a section and no matter if it is letter sized or just a business card, this method can be highly effective and our NYC printer can help you.

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Full Color Envelope Messaging

full color envelopeWhen you create an attractive and interesting envelope, you encourage people to open it. It is that simple. But, many times, businesses do not realize that the exterior of their envelopes should be used for marketing messages and great color. When you take advantage of this blank space, though, you can not only get it into the hands of your customer, but you can also get them to open it. Remember, any type of marketing you present to your client or customer has to be interesting enough that they want to open it. It needs to hold their attention and capture it in the first place.

How Can Full Color Envelope Messaging Help?

How often do you send correspondence to your customers that they never open up? Today, businesses often have to send paper statements, but they also provide online access. It is in this that creates the opportunity for the customer to never open the actual mail. But, you want them to open their mail because that’s where your sales messages are. That’s where you are offering something you know they will appreciate.

When you use full color envelope messaging, you get their attention. They do not have a boring piece of white mail in front of them, but rather an interesting, colorful statement or packaging to open up. This sparks their interest and they open it up.

You can do this type of lettering on many types of correspondence. You can include as many graphics and letters as you would like to. Or, you can keep things very simple and straightforward.

  • Use it to make a statement that you have a special offer for them inside.
  • Use it to communicate that special offer right on the exterior of the envelope.
  • Use color that helps the information to stand out or graphics that give them a great incentive to open up the mail.

Full Color EnvelopeEvery part of your envelope and your correspondence to your customer is a type of branding and marketing. The fact is, when you want to deliver a message to your customers, you need to grab their attention right away. And, when you have it, just as with color envelops or bright letters on it, you then need to hold onto their attention long enough to present your offer. Talk to the best local printer in New York City to learn more about how to use this tool.