What to Consider While Choosing Paper for Printing Your Wedding Invitations

When printing your wedding invitations, choosing the right paper is very important. Printable wedding invitations are popular with couples who want to trim their wedding budget. If you are printing your invites, it makes sense to look for a good printing company for invitations. They will offer modern stationery and a lot of fun options. You only have to select a design which suits your preferences and the event.printing

If your invite list is large, services like print-your-own invite can be very economical. Before choosing a printing company for invitations, make sure that they offer this service. You pay for the design only once and you will be able to print as many copies as you want.

Perhaps the most important thing while printing your own invitation cards is choosing the right paper. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The stock should be at least 80 lb. If you want, you can get better quality. For example, 110 lb is even better. But if you choose paper weighing over 160 lb, you may find it difficult to load it. If your invite consists of several pages of heavy stock, you will also have to pay more for postage. Before printing the invites, you need to ensure that you can get envelopes in the right size and color.

Comparing paper

Cotton paperGray-White-Letterpress-Wedding-Invitations-Sideshow-Press

100 percent cotton paper feels great in your hands. It takes ink very well, and is highly durable. On the flip side, the absorbent surface may consume more ink.

Kraft Cardstock

The Kraft Cardstock is available in a neutral color. Thanks to its texture, it looks visually interesting. It is a great option if you are planning a rustic or natural wedding. This stock tends to be very thick and hence it may not feed through many printers. Since it comes in dark colors, you will need darker inks for good contrast. This may restrict your design choices. On the bright side, Kraft Cardstock can be recycled.

Plain Cardstock

430afc3b0828d2a6af177ca3a5eac78cThis white paper is a practical choice because it is inexpensive and smooth. Since it is neutral, it is ideal for just about any invitation design. Also, it does not use too much ink. Perhaps the biggest downside is that it does not have any recycled content.
To conclude, the right paper for printing your invitation card depends on your project. All options have their pros and cons. A good printing company for invitations will help you make the right choices.
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