Brochure Printing: What Are My Options?

commercial-brochure-printing-fold-types-info-01Brochure Printing is a lot more detailed than it may sound. Some individuals may think that brochure printing entails telling the printer to print a brochure with the information they provide and that’s it.

There are many different details which go into brochure printing. And, with these marketing products being so important in business, it’s vital to create top-notch brochures. So, with brochure printing, what are your options?

Type of Fold

When you order your brochure, you will be able to choose the type of fold you’d like for the marketing item to have. You can choose a bi-fold, tri-fold, or many different folding varieties. The type of brochure fold that you go with will depend on the style you like as well as the amount of information which you have to include with your brochure.

Material Used

There are many options with regard to materials as well. You can select from a wide array of brochure materials and select the one which works best for your company. Whether you like a heavy duty brochure material or one which has a soft exterior touch to it, your commercial printer will create the brochure you had envisioned from the very beginning.


design-brochure-layout-top-nyc-printer-02When you create your brochure with the help of a commercial printing company, you will also be able to choose your desired layout. Decide how you want your text and illustrations to be displayed and let your printer know which layout you would like from the ones offered.

Frequently, the overall layout will be depend on the size of the illustrations and the amount of text you need to have included. Rest easy knowing that your commercial printer will work with you to create the brochure you had in mind all along.


Embossing is a unique way to really make your brochure stand out amongst the competition. Embossing will give your brochure a three-dimensional feel and offer a raised design for that extra added feature.

Foil Stamping

In addition to embossing, foil stamping is another way to make your brochure stand out. Foil stamping offers a shiny and metallic visual which will reflect light and be an eye-catching detail overall. With foil stamping, you have that extra-added wow factor with your company’s brochure which will really make a statement.

Die Cut Brochures

best-die-cut-brochure-printer-ny-03You can also opt for a die cut brochure. When you order die cut brochures, the finished product is a brochure with an intricate design cut out on the front which allows the recipient to see information underneath. Using the die cut method for your brochures will add something extra to the finished product which will catch the eye of an individual more quickly than a basic brochure.

Custom Sizes and Inks

If you want to add your own personal touch to your brochure and make it like no other brochure, choose a custom size and ink. When you personalize your brochure with custom ink and choose an individual size, you are making the brochure your own and it will certainly stand out from the brochures of competitors.

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