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What makes the best NYC brochure printing? You may have come across a brochure at a supermarket or a restaurant and wondered how cool it is that everything appears on one fold of paper. We use brochures in many ways, such as menus for restaurants, manuals on how to operate something, or even as a means to advertise a new business. Brochures come in many shapes and sizes and can be very eye-catching, but a lot of effort and technique are involved when it comes to printing brochures. To learn more about the different types of brochures and its printing process, go through this article to have a clearer conception about brochures.

Best NYC Brochure Printing 2020

Main Types of Brochures

Mentioned below are the different types of brochures and their layouts. Each type of brochure involves a different appearance and method of folding.

1.     Tri-Fold

Tri-fold brochures are one of the most commonly used brochures. These are folded into two halves of a paper and are used for many things from step to step guides to promotion. Tri-fold brochures are easier to make and fold, it doesn’t involve much technique, and it is also cheaper. The best thing about tri-fold brochures is that it has the ability to include a heap of information onto a small space of paper. Ti-fold brochures can fold up into three panels, and it falls easier for you to carry it around and also gives you the option of writing down information neatly into sections.

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2.     Gate Fold

Gate Fold brochures include an eight-panel structure and include an ample amount of space, which makes it easier for you to provide detailed information and full-sized images. This type of brochure is mostly used for high-end marketing and is popular for showcasing a large image inside with information on the side gate-like panels. However, gate fold brochures are not very popular in their usage as they are comparatively more expensive than the other types of brochures.

3.     Bi-Fold Brochures

Bi-Fold brochures are made using a single sheet of paper, which is folded into halves and forms four panels. These panels include the front cover, back cover, and two internal panels. These types of brochures are very common because of the many sections it provides and is fairly cheaper. If you want detailed advertising for your product or business, then you should definitely use this type of brochure.

4.     Z Fold Brochures

Z fold brochures are folded in opposite directions to give it a resemblance to the letter Z. It is basically a method that is used to fold a sheet of paper, and you can use this method for brochures. Z fold brochures have three panels, which give you the ability to include an ample amount of detailed information in sections.

How to Achieve High-Quality Brochure Printing?

Below is a small guide on how you can attain high-quality brochures for your respected business.

Target Audience

It is extremely important to first select your target audience before getting into the printing process. Your design, information, and tone should be in sync with the type of demographic  you target it to.

Size of the Brochure

It is important for you to choose the appropriate brochure size in accordance with the information and images you plan to include in your brochure. The standard size of a brochure is 8.5 x 11 however; you can choose any type of size according to your preference.

Select a Proper Layout

You select a proper layout that can be easily understood by your target market. Avoid using a layout that may get very confusing. The simpler you keep it, the easier it becomes to understand.

Choose the Right Quality of Paper

Your promotion will be useless if it’s not printed n the right type of paper. Chose a type of paper that aligns with how light or heavy you want your brochure to be. If you want to give a luxurious touch to your brochure, then it is advisable to use matte paper for an eye-catching look.


It is important to select the appropriate artwork with the right color scheme. Choose the proper printing services provider who will help you to achieve an eye-catching result.

Quality Proof

Carry out a proper final layout check of your brochure. It is best if you get your brochure checked by several advisors before it is sent to print, to prevent any mistakes in the layout or content.

Printing Process

The main part of the whole printing process is from where you get your brochure printed. You should look out for a provider that can manage your project properly and who has the latest good quality machinery. You should choose Best Printing  to achieve high-quality service and the exact image in your head. Communication is key so it also important to seek a provider who has good communication skills.

Save Money

You may have to spend a lot of money on printing brochures, but you should also make sure that the money you spend is worth it and that it covers the desired quality. Don’t go for a printing service that demands a low price as the quality of the print may turn out to be very low. It is best if you order in high quantities as you might have to pay a bit less. As long as the brochure is of good quality, you don’t need to worry about how much money you spend.

Final Words

It may get very difficult when it comes to getting something important printed out, and we’re sure you may have many questions for achieving the right quality. We at Best Quality know how to deal with our clients individually and ensure to provide you with the best quality services. So if you want to earn the best quality brochure, contact us immediately. We won’t disappoint you!

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