Using USPS Every Door Direct Mail

best printing services nyc USPS every door direct mail v.1USPS Every Door Direct Mail is a new service from the US Post Office that makes it easy for businesses to get their message to customers through direct mail. Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tools available to businesses. Unlike Internet marketing, which only reaches those individuals who use the Internet extensively, direct mail has the potential to reach everybody with a mailbox. This makes it a useful tool for those who need a way to convey their business message to potential clients.

The System, Services, and Accounts

USPS Every Door Direct Mail has specific guidelines that need to be followed. Depending upon the size of the mailings that you are sending out, you may have to sign up for, and utilize different types of accounts. At Automation Graphics, we understand how the system works and how to ensure that the materials we produce work for your business. Automation Graphics makes certain that you are in compliance with the requirements of the type of entry you choose to have in the system.

USPS Every Door Direct Mail

The USPS Every Door Direct Mail service is designed to provide a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. For example, there is a Retail Entry account that allows you to send out mailings of 5,000 pieces or less. The mailings must also be Standard Mail flats and must have a combined weight of a maximum of 3.3 ounces. At Automation Graphics, we will produce materials that match these criteria exactly, to ensure that you have access to the right size of advertisements for the USPS Every Door Direct Mail service at this level.

There is another entry called the BMEU Entry. This allows you to send larger items and more of them. This is another instance where using Automation Graphics, who is familiar with the USPS Every Door Direct Mail system, is a tremendous advantage. Even though you have more flexibility with this entry, you still need to ensure that your mailings conform to the specifications that are specific to BMEU Entry users.

Direct mail has always been a popular option with marketers. USPS Every Door Direct Mail makes it even more useful by providing more flexible ways to take advantage of the system and by providing more affordable ways for small businesses to use direct mailing to market their businesses to individuals and other companies. Automation Graphics guarantees that the items you use to advertise meet the criteria for the entry that applies to your business. All you need to do is place the order and get started with the mailings, and see the business that they bring in.

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