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Brochure Printing: Your Comprehensive Marketing Tool

In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of brochure printing and how it serves as your comprehensive marketing tool. In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and communication, one traditional tool remains highly effective – the brochure. Brochures are versatile, tangible marketing materials that can deliver a wealth of information about your products and services in a compact, visually appealing format.

Brochure Printing marketing best nyc

The Power of Brochures

Brochures are a timeless marketing asset that continues to play a crucial role in various industries. Here’s why they matter:

  • Information Delivery: Brochures allow you to convey detailed information about your products, services, and company in an organized manner.
  • Versatility: They can be used in various settings, including trade shows, presentations, direct mail campaigns, and as part of your company’s marketing collateral.
  • Tangible Impact: The physical presence of a brochure provides a lasting impression. People can hold it, read it, and refer back to it at their convenience.

Key Elements of an Effective Brochure

Designing an effective brochure requires careful consideration of several key elements:

  • Engaging Content: Your content should be clear, concise, and tailored to your target audience. Use compelling language and storytelling techniques to capture readers’ interest.
  • Eye-catching Design: The design should be visually appealing and aligned with your brand’s identity. Use high-quality images and graphics.
  • Layout: Arrange content logically, with a clear hierarchy of information. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make the content easy to digest.
  • Call to Action: Include a strong and clear call to action that guides readers on the next steps they should take.

Types of Brochures

Brochures come in various formats, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Bi-Fold: A single sheet folded in half to create four panels. Ideal for simple presentations.
  2. Tri-Fold: A single sheet folded into thirds, creating six panels. Commonly used for informational brochures.
  3. Gate Fold: Two sides fold inward to create a unique presentation. Great for revealing a central image or message.
  4. Z-Fold: Accordion-style folding with multiple panels. Suitable for showcasing step-by-step processes or product catalogs.

Automation Graphics Inc.: Your Brochure Printing Partner

At Automation Graphics Inc., we understand the power of brochures as a comprehensive marketing tool. Our expertise in high-quality brochure printing ensures that your brochures effectively communicate your message and leave a lasting impact on your audience. We offer customization options for size, paper quality, and finishing touches, allowing you to create brochures that align perfectly with your brand.


In a digital world filled with information overload, brochures provide a tactile and focused way to engage your audience. They remain a vital part of any comprehensive marketing strategy.

Contact Automation Graphics Inc. in NYC today to explore our brochure printing services and elevate your marketing efforts with this versatile tool.

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Marketing Materials Printing


Marketing materials printing still has to be a part of the budget of any serious business. When it comes down to it, there is no substitute for brochures, business cards and other materials that allow you to make client contact. A good commercial printing service can work with you in many ways. They can produce a range of materials that can help you to market your business, from brochures to business reply postcards, and this gives the impression of a professional and capable business.

Materials and Marketing Printing

Marketing material printing sometimes has to be adapted to particular campaigns and products. For example, you may be going to a trade show and this requires business cards, folders and brochures printed up to advertise your products. In these cases, the printing company should be able to work with you by helping you get the right graphics with an in-house graphic designer or your own designs. Commercial printing firms with experience can usually adapt any existing designs you have in a way that makes them very attractive in a printed format. This is particularly important now that most designs are actually produced on a computer and oftentimes need to be worked on a little bit to get them to appear correctly in print.

Networking – Printing

Being able to hand out business cards is still an important part of networking among businesspeople. While e-mail addresses and Internet sites are used to advertise businesses to a great extent, they still do not take the place of being able to hand someone professionally printed business cards at events where people meet and greet other business owners. This is particularly true for business-to-business enterprises. A company that handles marketing material printing can generally make it affordable to get business cards printed up for all of the employees at a business so that they always have a company approved way to share their contact information.

Other Materials – Printing

Business reply postcards are still very much a part of direct mail campaigns. Folders and brochures are likely never going to be replaced at trade shows and other events where people show up to collect materials for a wide range of businesses that they can bring back to their own business to make them aware of potential new clients or vendors. A good commercial printing firm can make certain that your designs are represented accurately and attractively on a wide range of materials, including these and many others.

A good commercial printer can also use the work of an in-house graphic designer or your own designs to make sure that your corporate branding efforts are consistent across all the different media you use to advertise your business. This is a great way to ensure that your brand name is instantly recognizable wherever it is seen and to make certain that you don’t end up in a situation where every new advertising campaign has a slightly different representation of your corporate logo and other materials. This is imperative to making certain that you project the right corporate image.

Business Printing Services for Mailings

Quality business printing is still a big part of projecting the right corporate image. When something needs to be official, stationery and letterhead printing is still a service that business cannot do without. Even though a great deal of business correspondence is e-mailed these days, most businesses still have a need to have a large volume of letterhead and other materials produced so that they can reach clients effectively.

Mailing Materials

Label printing, envelope printing and letterhead printing are still vital parts of representing your business. Without these materials, a business tends to look sloppy and you cannot be sure that people will instantly recognize official mail when you send it to them. A commercial printing service can help you by providing the expertise to use in-house design or your own designed to create large quantity orders of stationery and letterhead printing that end up saving you money. Once you have established this letterhead as your official mailing format, it’s easy to make certain that other businesses recognize that something is genuinely from you.

Saving Money Business Printing

Because there still is a great deal of business done over the mail, having stationery and letterhead printing done by a company that allows you to make large volume orders is a great way to save money. These materials can be ordered far in advance of when they are needed, as there’s no expiration on them, obviously, and because the business will generally want to stick with the same stationery and letterhead design for a long periods of time. Commercial printing firms can usually turn these orders around very quickly and ensure that you always have enough materials to send out letters and other communications when you need them.

Other Large Orders Business Printing

Another area where large volume and quantity printing is beneficial is business card printing. Particularly for salespeople, business cards should be going out the door just about as quickly as they’re coming in the door. The more of them that go out the more contacts the person has made. By having a commercial printing firm handle your business card printing projects, you can make certain that you have them delivered in a timely fashion and that you always have a way to advertise in a face-to-face situation. Your employees will appreciate the fact that they have fast access to business cards whenever they need them.

Business printing is one of the most economical ways to advertise. A commercial printing firm can make certain that your stationery and letterhead printing, your business card printing and your other printing projects all match up. This ensures that you get a consistent corporate image across all of the communications that you send out and that you don’t have to worry about people wondering whether or not your business is made up of solid professionals. Combined with envelope printing and label printing, it becomes much easier to engage in branding enterprises that help to increase the visibility of your corporate image and to increase the quality of your corporate image in the eyes of your customers.

Using USPS Every Door Direct Mail

USPS Every Door Direct Mail is a new service from the US Post Office that makes it easy for businesses to get their message to customers through direct mail. Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tools available to businesses. Unlike Internet marketing, which only reaches those individuals who use the Internet extensively, direct mail has the potential to reach everybody with a mailbox. This makes it a useful tool for those who need a way to convey their business message to potential clients.

The System, Services, and Accounts

USPS Every Door Direct Mail has specific guidelines that need to be followed. Depending upon the size of the mailings that you are sending out, you may have to sign up for, and utilize different types of accounts. At Automation Graphics, we understand how the system works and how to ensure that the materials we produce work for your business. Automation Graphics makes certain that you are in compliance with the requirements of the type of entry you choose to have in the system.

USPS Every Door Direct Mail

The USPS Every Door Direct Mail service is designed to provide a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. For example, there is a Retail Entry account that allows you to send out mailings of 5,000 pieces or less. The mailings must also be Standard Mail flats and must have a combined weight of a maximum of 3.3 ounces. At Automation Graphics, we will produce materials that match these criteria exactly, to ensure that you have access to the right size of advertisements for the USPS Every Door Direct Mail service at this level.

There is another entry called the BMEU Entry. This allows you to send larger items and more of them. This is another instance where using Automation Graphics, who is familiar with the USPS Every Door Direct Mail system, is a tremendous advantage. Even though you have more flexibility with this entry, you still need to ensure that your mailings conform to the specifications that are specific to BMEU Entry users.

Direct mail has always been a popular option with marketers. USPS Every Door Direct Mail makes it even more useful by providing more flexible ways to take advantage of the system and by providing more affordable ways for small businesses to use direct mailing to market their businesses to individuals and other companies. Automation Graphics guarantees that the items you use to advertise meet the criteria for the entry that applies to your business. All you need to do is place the order and get started with the mailings, and see the business that they bring in.

Printing Materials for Events Part Two

Type Of Event

Depending on the type of event that you are planning, you will have varying printing needs. For a wedding, for instance, you have to choose just how elaborate you want your invitations to be. A baby christening event doesn’t need to be as elaborate as a business event. For a convention event or a 42796training session, you want to ensure that you are properly prepared and have all the promotional items that ensure a successful event and follow-up. Your attendees need to get all the required information to succeed at the event while you, at the same time, have the ability to promote your services and any upcoming events/training.

Printing materials for events can make or break the occasion, especially a corporate function. Visual perception by the participants is a key component. If you use cheap, unprofessional materials to promote or present your information, the perception will be that the event will be poorly and unprofessionally presented. Your best choice for your printing needs, regardless of the event, is a professional printing company.

Event dates are “Etched in Stone” so any materials that are delayed for any reason, can cause real headaches.

At Automation Graphics, our 50 + years of local service and knowledge can assist you with difficult CylinderPresstasks, especially with timing.

We are centrally located in Midtown near the Jacob Javitts Convention Center, Penn Station, and Times Square.

Our clients all receive prompt courteous and knowledgeable customer service and solutions to all printing situations.

With our access to state of the art equipment, each project is perfectly matched to your set of circumstances. Quick delivery, high end production, and less expensive pricing options, we‘ve got you covered.

Deal directly with experienced professionals who know how to make things happen, even when your requirements are challenging. printing_machines_01-s

So when you need a company to turn to for all of your printing needs for your next event, turn to Automation Graphics, your local NYC neighbor with over 50 years experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Printing Materials for Events Part One

You have an upcoming important event and you want everything to look just right. What you need is a company that can handle all your printing needs. Automation Graphics!

Event Printing

You want a company that can handle your printing needs for any event from start to finish. Automation Graphics can help you with:

  • Invitations
  • Save the date cards
  • Sign in sheets
  • Banners
  • Seating cards
  • Auction cards
  • Booklets
  • Gift bags
  • Brochures
  • Coupons
  • Fliers
  • Tent cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Follow up letters
  • Promotional posters
  • Tickets
  • Journals
  • And any other printed materials

You want the invitations to be classy and well-done and you want to have all the materials necessary to ensure that you can properly follow up with your attendees.product3-s

During the event, besides the perfect venue and audio visual equipment, you’ll need to ask yourself what types of activities and sub-activities you’ll be including in order to ensure that you have all the printed materials needed. We can help you plan ahead for all your needs.

In consultation with us, we can suggest what it takes for your event to run smoothly.

Questions to answer for proper planning:

  • Will I need seating/place cards and will I use tent cards or some other type of card?
  • Will I use sign-in sheets?
  • Do I need banners to display in the room?
  • Do I need booklets printed so the participants have access to all the required information to benefit the most from the event?
  • Will I be giving out door prizes in logo gift bags?
  • Does the event include a silent auction, necessitating the use of auction cards?
  • Will I need to distribute fliers prior to the event?
  • Will I have coupons made to offer a discount to attendees if they are interested in participating in another hosted event?
  • Will there be an information table with brochures containing information about other events?
  • Will I be mailing thank-you cards after the occasion?
  • Do I need tickets printed for a draw?
  • Will I be posting promotional posters before the event?viper-tx-softsign

We can help you will all of this and more. Let us take responsibility for all your printing needs so you can concentrate on putting on a fabulous event.