7 Tips to Design Beautiful Menus

While good food is the prerequisite for successfully running any restaurant, the quality of menu is important as well. If your menus look visually attractive, they will generate more sales and revenue. Here are some tips for designing attractive menus.

1. Specials should be given a ‘special’ sheet

print menusUnique items boost sales. Listing specials on your main menu is not a viable solution because that will involve expensive reprints. Because of this, many restaurants are reluctant to update their specials. There is a simple solution to this dilemma. You can display your daily, weekly, and seasonal specials on an insert. This will minimize costs and maximize visibility.

2. Print separate sheets for upsell items

Every restaurant owner wants to generate more revenue by selling more desserts, drinks, and daily. But don’t include more than 7 items on the list.

3. Use photos

Images attract eyeballs. You can include a couple of pictures for the entrees on the menu. They will arouse customer interest. However, make sure you don’t add too many photos because they will clutter the menu. The right blend of images and text will create a magical and tempting effect.

4. Get them professionally printed by a printing company for menus

The number one selling tool for restaurants is their menu. A professionally printed menu will tell your customers that you want to enhance every aspect of their dining experience. While it is possible to print your menus at home, you will need to get the job done by a printing company for menus if you want to keep colors and resolution vibrant.

print menus5. Choose white cardstock

Print your menus on a nice white cardstock. You will be able to print your favorite background colors on it. Colored paper may be cheaper, but it will make your images, fonts, and colors look muddy.

6. Get a sample print

Before ordering the full quantity, get a sample copy printed. This simple step will let you see how the finished product will look. Also, this is a chance to check font size and copy. Make sure that your menu is legible in typical restaurant lighting conditions.

7. Get it laminated

Laminated menus last longer. They can be carried around easily. Also, they stay cleaner because they can be wiped off. This eliminates the need for getting replacements frequently.

Your menu is your biggest marketing tool. Maximize its potential by getting it printed by a quality printing company for menus. Contact us to schedule a meeting and we’ll help you come up with a spectacular menu.

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