Marketing for Trade Shows and Conventions

Innovative Marketing Materials for Trade Shows and Conventions

The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the past few years. The capability of commercial printers to help you take advantage of marketing opportunities by providing materials that were previously impossible, or prohibitively expensive, to produce has changed too.

Trade Show Booths

Quality display materials for trade show booths are now available from your local printer at very reasonable prices. Large format ink-jet technology can be used to create display items such as wall posters and pull-up banners, allowing your business to look as good as any other participant at the show. Coupling your display with quality “take away” items like brochures and business cards that have coordinated content and visuals will increase the impact of your installation.

Banners and Signs

Large sized print production used to be the domain of large corporations, who could afford to pay premium prices for production of billboard advertisements and big posters. Today, commercial printers can prepare many different types of material in large sizes, including signs and posters that can be placed outdoors in adverse weather.

Trade Show


Most of the time, presenters reach for the digital projector when they’re incorporating visuals into their talks. The problem with the “death by PowerPoint” method is that, when the lights are turned down, your potential customer’s mind will tend to wander. As an alternative, consider incorporating as many large-format print materials as you can for visual aids into your presentations. They look great, and have the advantage of being visible when the lights are on, which will keep the participant’s attention focused on the material you’re presenting.

Design Considerations

As a smaller business, you will be hard-pressed to compete with some of the companies you’re going to be sharing the venue with at conferences and trade shows. Many corporations will be able to outspend you, but with quality design work and judicious use of a good commercial printer, they won’t necessarily outclass you. The key to a good visual presence is to ensure you present a unified message to your consumer. If you don’t have a top-shelf in-house design department, outsource the work. Good design will unify all of your promotional materials, resulting in a better impression on your potential customer.

You’ll also need to enlist the services of a good printer. To work with the best printer in NYC, call today for a free, no-obligation quote on all your commercial printing needs.

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