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With our advance printers we are able to provide short run digital printing in no time. We can fulfill any size job, budget and timeframe. This includes banners, large format prints, posters, brochures, bi-fold & tri-fold, black and white copies, color copies, invitations and just about any other jobs you can think of.

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Save the Date Cards: Should You Send Them?

Save the Date Cards Should You Send ThemA wedding or a baby shower is a big deal. Whether you are preparing for one of the biggest moments of your life or the new addition to your family, you want to share this special time with those you love. There is no doubt that these larger events take a lot of work and planning. You’ll likely be booking a hall and working with caterers months in advance. There’s no doubt, then, that you want to make sure all of your friends and family can make it to the event. One way to do that is by sending save the date cards to your intended guests.

Is It Worth It?

Save the date cards can be very simplistic. Often times, they can be a single piece of card stock with a specific message on it. It can be placed inside a simple envelope and sent to each of your would-be guests. Some designs are direct mailer-like, meaning they are designed to be more of a postcard that does not go inside of an envelope. These are even less expensive. When it comes to making a decision based on cost, remember that save the date cards are easy to create, cost effective, and definitely worthwhile.

The Benefits of Sending A Save the Date Card

Save the Date Cards Should You Send ThemWhy should you send this type of card to your guests? There are several key reasons they are worthwhile.

  • They can help your family and friends to block out the day of your event to ensure they can attend. Many people need a month or more notice of the event, but many others need several months’ notice to ensure they can make it.
  • Save the date announcements can work like announcements as well. They can help you to tell your extended family about your upcoming event. This can save you time on the phone with long distance relatives.
  • For those who may have to travel from out of state, planning for such an event takes months. With this type of card, they can begin doing so sooner.

Save the Date Cards Should You Send ThemAnd, when it comes down to it, you need to know if most people will be at your event. With save the date cards, you can get people talking to you about that event. That can give you an idea of what to expect. With the help of a trusted printer in NYC, these cards can be an easy benefit.

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Marketing for Trade Shows and Conventions

Innovative Marketing Materials for Trade Shows and Conventions

The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the past few years. The capability of commercial printers to help you take advantage of marketing opportunities by providing materials that were previously impossible, or prohibitively expensive, to produce has changed too.

Trade Show Booths

Quality display materials for trade show booths are now available from your local printer at very reasonable prices. Large format ink-jet technology can be used to create display items such as wall posters and pull-up banners, allowing your business to look as good as any other participant at the show. Coupling your display with quality “take away” items like brochures and business cards that have coordinated content and visuals will increase the impact of your installation.

Banners and Signs

Large sized print production used to be the domain of large corporations, who could afford to pay premium prices for production of billboard advertisements and big posters. Today, commercial printers can prepare many different types of material in large sizes, including signs and posters that can be placed outdoors in adverse weather.

Trade Show


Most of the time, presenters reach for the digital projector when they’re incorporating visuals into their talks. The problem with the “death by PowerPoint” method is that, when the lights are turned down, your potential customer’s mind will tend to wander. As an alternative, consider incorporating as many large-format print materials as you can for visual aids into your presentations. They look great, and have the advantage of being visible when the lights are on, which will keep the participant’s attention focused on the material you’re presenting.

Design Considerations

As a smaller business, you will be hard-pressed to compete with some of the companies you’re going to be sharing the venue with at conferences and trade shows. Many corporations will be able to outspend you, but with quality design work and judicious use of a good commercial printer, they won’t necessarily outclass you. The key to a good visual presence is to ensure you present a unified message to your consumer. If you don’t have a top-shelf in-house design department, outsource the work. Good design will unify all of your promotional materials, resulting in a better impression on your potential customer.

You’ll also need to enlist the services of a good printer. To work with the best printer in NYC, call today for a free, no-obligation quote on all your commercial printing needs.

Best Printing NYC

Commercial Printing for Events NYC

Event Materials Printing

Printing for Events NYC 01Planning a special event can be an extremely stressful time. Whether it is something large – like a campaign event; or something small – like a wedding; no event is less important than any other, and no event is any less stressful. A variety of printed event materials are needed for the lead-up to, during, and after the event. These materials need to be accurate and attractive, produced on time and to the specifications of the customer. So what materials does your event need?

We can handle any print job for special events, large or small.

Event Printing NYC 02Intimate events such as weddings, banquets, birthday parties, and graduation parties require invitations, programs, and place tags at the least. Other likely materials to be printed include announcements and save the date cards, while personalized photo books are good for sharing photos after the event. As intimate events, you want the materials to be of the highest quality, both in material used and composition. The limit of what you could have is purely in the imagination of the planner. With printers able to apply to their craft to all types of materials, a range of favors to commemorate the occasion are available to be personalized. These event materials can be tailored to the folks getting married, or to those attending the event.

We can print for large corporate events.

Event Printing NYC 04A larger event such as a campaign speech or fundraising event will require more printing, although the quality of the paper materials may not be as necessary. As the pool of invites will be much larger than with an intimate event, and much of the paperwork will not be held on to for posterity, the point is to get your message out as inexpensively as possible. These events will also need posters, banners, and leaflets printed out for the event itself. Thank-you notices for those who came should also be kept in mind, especially for large donors or other important attendees, and these notices should be printed on high-quality material.

We are an affordable printer for events.

Event Printing NYC 05Regardless of the size of an event, you will need a printer that is accurate and flexible, that can make changes on short notice and provide you with help should you get stuck in the creation process. Automation Graphics has been helping event planners fulfill their printed materials needs for over half of a century, and they pride themselves in turning out the best printed products to meet your needs. Event Printing NYC 06Contact us today for your next event printing needs!